Cancer is NOT a Disease

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Book Dispels every Belief You ever had about Cancer

Cancer. Even the word evokes terror in most people’s mind and heart. According to a 2003 book by renowned integrative health expert, Andreas MoritzCancer is not a disease. The malignant demon that we all fear is instead the human body’s final cry for help. Cancer is a survival mechanism. It’s the body’s last attempt to heal itself from stressors and live for as long as possible.

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If you read widely on the topic of natural health, it’s a pretty basic concept. We know the causes of the most common Cancers. We now know how to prevent colon and liver Cancers. And, the idea that we can balance and strengthen our own immune systems through diet, exercise and stress management is not far fetched.

In his book, Moritz explains that many Cancers pop up and leave our bodies with no help from meds at all, and that trying to cure them artificially inhibits our natural healing ability. He also points to the emotional, mental and subconscious Cancer triggers.

Do We Cause our own Cancers?

If you’re like me, and you know people who are currently battling the Cancer Monster, it’s very hard to wrap your head around the idea that they may have caused their own demise. This is especially true in the case of children, who could not have even walked this planet long enough to ask for such a trauma. BUT, if you also consider the state of our ecological system, the consequences of what we decide to consume, how we manage work, stress and relationships – you would have to conclude that our planet is under major distress. And, what we’ve done to our inner Eco systems is in direct relation to the state of our world.

Learn from Example

So, perhaps our Cancer surviving friends are examples to us. They teach us what can happen if we don’t make some huge changes. Andreas Moritz has a website dedicated to procedures for natural healing, and he focuses directly on cleansing the colon, liver and digestive system.

You can beat Cancer and you can prevent Cancer with lifestyle changes.

An excerpt from a review by Lisa Harris, a reviewer on Amazon, of the book “Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism”:

The author explains the conditions that promote cancer and the physiological mechanisms by which it develops; he provides valuable insight on possible causes and discusses non-toxic health options targeted to reducing/eliminating the conditions that promote cancer, thereby creating a physical, emotional and energetic environment conducive to healing. The language is clear and accessible, the data is presented in a organized and logical fashion, aided by visual sketches to help the reader conceptually understand and absorb the information.

What I loved about this book was that it tackles cancer by heading toward the root cause–the most effective and time-saving (and cheapest) way to solve any problem–championing a healing approach as opposed to the conventional treatment of symptoms (which in my experience tends to produce side effects, inconsistent efficacy and shorter-term results). When you want to kill a weed, you don’t just hack off the branches and spray it, you rip it out at the root. No other articles or books on cancer that I have read before or since this one has employed this very simple, fundamental logic.


Gina LaverdeGina Laverde is a Chicago-based writer and researcher whose expertise in natural health stems from her experiences with Body Ecology Diet, Blood Type Diet and homeopathic remedies. Gina believes that we’re in the midst of a serious world health crisis, and that the key to survival lies within our guts.


  1. Next Dimensions says

    Moritz is an amazing writer and has been sought after by many people with terminally ill diseases. I have been involved in alternative medicine for my family for over 35 years. We do not have any health care costs, other than quality food and the lifestyle we live within. It is time for people to open up about what disease really is, and why the body uses it as an expression for a need of change. I wholeheartedly recommend Andreas Moritz to anyone that wants to finally learn about what creates true health. I also recommend John Sarno very highly.

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