Autism Undone

A Little Boy with Autism Playing with Toys

Today just feels like the day that I needed to share this with you. This is autism — according to my experience and research. My beautiful son is recovering wonderfully from this disorder, and I am happy to share how we did it with anyone who needs help.

The Toxic Burden

The system says he’s autistic because that’s how they define environmental toxin overload: It’s not their fault — we must change the system! There are many causes of autism. To me, autism represents the overload of various toxins in an underdeveloped immune system.

This toxic burden eventually disrupts organ function and manifests itself as outward neurological, developmental, social and sensory disharmony. When the world labels an individual’s condition “autism” – the levels of toxicity and depths to which the body expresses this must be severe. This means that most of us are toxic to some degree. However, with autism, we are often dealing with immune systems that have been assaulted since pre-birth, rendering them virtually unable to naturally release these toxins like the body was designed to do.

Scientifically, toxins can build up through genetic predisposition; diet; bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral and yeast infections; heavy metal poisoning; pollution; and are often passed down from mother to child during pregnancy and birth. Spiritually, toxins can also build up through stress and negative energy. An immune system on toxic overload can suffer malnutrition (regardless of how much food is consumed), neurological malfunction, all kinds of allergies and autoimmune problems, sensory issues, and every other familiar trait that is regularly attributed to autism.

Autism Support is Available – but what about Cure?

Most sources will classify autism as a developmental disorder, where speech, socialization and perception are delayed or seriously impaired. I reject definitions that only speak to the outward symptoms of this condition. Such sources will also neglect to offer advice to cure autism.

Foundations are built on the principle of raising money to support families affected by autism – money that will help them pay for medicine and intervention; medicine and support to help them cope with the painful symptoms, strange behaviors, and society’s ignorant remarks about their children. But nothing that gets to the core and urges them to change significant things about their lives. Families need to be aware that coping can only go on for so long. Families deserve the hope that their affected children will not have autism forever!

A Spectrum of Poison

The level of toxic build-up is as unique as the individual – resulting in a spectrum disorder. What we know for certain is that inner imbalance equals outer chaos.

When we see an individual acting out autistic symptoms like hand flapping, head banging, spinning or tantruming, – it is often a sign that the body is struggling to ease the pain of these toxins. The body wants to heal itself and will continue to do so; in some cases, causing disease and disorder as a last resort. That is why, to me, autism also represents a final call for help – and a sign that positive change is on the way!

A person affected by autism often has great sensitivity to the unnatural (like foods that have been chemically sprayed or genetically modified and overly processed, air and water pollution, traditional western medications and vaccinations, electromagnetic fields from cell phones, WiFi, etc.). I have personally witnessed remarkable transition when these unnatural things have been replaced by healthier lifestyle choices.

‘Listen’ to Your Body

More children are diagnosed with autism as we continue to vaccinate them and add poisons to our planet. We have lost confidence in our own bodies’ abilities to heal ourselves and have let BIG PHARMA take control of how we medicate and prevent disease. This is why autism was given to us. We have forgotten how to listen to our bodies, and we have traded infectious disease for chronic and autoimmune DISSARAY.

Nature Gives us the Tools to Heal | Each Person’s Needs are Unique

The best scientists support a path toward natural healing and have reported on the dangers of such toxic build-up. However, it has taken epidemic rates of autism diagnosis (as well as other forms of toxic manifestations like allergies, ADD, and Alzheimer’s) for some of us to recognize that the way we’ve chosen to live in the last century has drastically depleted our collective health.

Conveniences like microwave ovens, and alleged safety regulations that have been placed on our food supply — like the homogenization of dairy and the irradiation of fruits and vegetables — are, by themselves alone, causing mass malnutrition. If our food is no longer food, how can we fuel our minds?

As a disorder, autism unravels when we embrace the healing power nature provides us. This includes diet change, emotional and spiritual practices, touch and sensory therapies, and methods that evoke positive energy. I welcome autism because it will not be cured with a pill. It will not be cured by a teacher or a doctor. In fact, it requires a complete paradigm shift from the modern frame of mind.

The Gift of Autism

In order to relieve the pain that autism brings, we must also honor its gift. Allowing these truly brilliant children to break through autism means that we are giving a new hope to the world. Hope that we can finally, truly, learn how to heal ourselves from whatever ails us. And, as these beautiful minds become clear, these children will be the teachers that lead us into a healthier, more conscious future.

Autism may just be a necessary step toward the collective detoxification of our species.

Your Gut, Your Immunity | A Key to Unraveling Autism

A child is born with a permeable gut which allows him to properly assimilate the good bacteria from his mother, and benefit from the Colostrum in her milk. Body Ecology refers to this as nature’s first vaccine.

This intestinal bacteria and nutrition from Mom sets the stage for the person’s immunity throughout life. This teaches the child’s body to properly respond to illness, by pushing illness out (TH1 immune response). But, when we consider drugs used during birth, C- sections, immunizations right after birth and the stress endured in the modern labor room, we are not setting the stage for a healthy life with most of our children.

Mercury is Not the Only Problem with Vaccines

Vaccines, besides being loaded with viruses and metals, teach the body the wrong immune response (TH2 response). This forces the body to internalize illness, thus creating autoimmune problems.

The vaccinated newborn’s gut is not allowed to develop. If the child is then put on powdered milk and soy formulas, they begin to form their first digestive problems. Parents may notice this as colic, restlessness and tantrums –or there may be no signs at all. Since our immune systems are primarily governed by our digestive tracts (colon, liver, kidneys), we find that many people on the autism spectrum begin to reject foods that cannot be easily digested and assimilated.

These foods will vary because we must consider severity and, of course, the individual’s uniqueness. Gluten, casein and sugar top the list of frequently rejected foods – all of which are unsurprisingly often overly-processed, over-eaten by the general population and farmed unnaturally. If a person’s system cannot digest these, which most of us consider to be food — imagine what happens when you add chemicals, fillers and whatever makes Twinkies last 50 years!

S.A.D Refers to the Standard American Diet

And, it is sad that so many of us are filling our bodies with “foods” that have no nutritional value.

The autistic digestive tract cannot take the overload. They don’t just get stomach aches, fatigue and pimples. They lose awareness of their surroundings, they suffer horrible frustration and physical pain. They lose their words and abilities to speak their minds. They may feel the need to bang their heads or rub their faces on the wall because their skin feels numb, and they yearn for some sensation. Many children also suffer seizures.

Toxic Behavior

We have discovered behavior patterns that are directly related to specific toxins; such as incessant spinning as a result of ammonia (from protein) overload. We have heard that some children walk on their toes because it relieves the pain of a heavy gut.

We know that often overload of toxins causes mal-absorption of necessary nutrition and this results in malnutrition. Any good scientist will tell you that malnutrition and indigestion are the basis of most diseases. When one organ is not getting what it needs to function, all organ function begins to dwindle.

When toxins thrive, the true individual cannot thrive.

Moving Beyond the Label

When I hear that there is no definite cause or cure for autism – I hear fear and laziness. I envision a collective ego that thrives on illness and disorder. I envision a system that does not want these children to break free because it would jeopardize their jobs, their beliefs, their reputations and of course THEIR MONEY.

If families identify with autism, they will be offered sympathy, statistics and half-hearted research that will inspire them to hang in there. This frame of thinking allows disease to prosper. Modern medicine profits on illness. By subscribing to the “there is no cure” bandwagon — we are keeping the negativity alive.

We are made to believe that milk does a body good and immunizations protect us. I continuously read about the dispute over vaccinations and how we are still really unsure. I am not unsure. Injecting poison into a baby is a bad thing. A bad thing! And if that poison doesn’t manifest itself as autism, it is likely to trigger allergies and chronic illness.

How long do we really want to keep playing Russian Roulette with vaccinations, processed foods, and artificially flavored lifestyles? One out of six children born today will be affected by this in childhood. And what happens when they grow up? Where do you think cancer comes from? How about Alzheimer’s?

Look Beyond the Obvious

Well, my family doesn’t want sympathy from those who refuse to research beyond the obvious. We are blessed beyond belief to even be in the same world as these children. We just want you to stay out of our healing journey, unless you are going to acknowledge that we are here. We want you to stop lying to our friends who are just discovering that their baby has a disorder which you call autism.

Parents must not be made to believe that there is some mystery behind why their beautiful little one regressed from bubbly to dazed in a matter of months! They deserve to know that their children will function properly in society! We must no longer portray children who are drastically affected by the many poisons that we have created, as some kind of idiot savants with weird behaviors!

If their little bodies were only allowed to thrive in a non toxic world, we would see more of the genius and less behavior. And, that’s why they are going to break through because at the core, they are smarter than this system. They have the key to the continuation of humanity.

Much More Needs to be Done

We know that there have been great scientific attempts to find a cure. And quite frankly, I am grateful for all that science has done to lead me to my answers. But, there is too much miscommunication about what to do with those answers. The CDC suggests that parents discuss vaccinations amongst each other and with their pediatricians. Well, when they advertise for immunizations on the radio, what’s a parent supposed to believe?

We have plenty of great schools and programs that help. Thank you. We have tried them and we love our wonderful teachers. But, nobody has taught the teachers that there are reasons behind this. If teachers were aware of the gut/brain connection and how environmental toxins trigger autism, these teachers would be much better equipped.

American parents should be able to rely on their government for the most up-to-date information on illnesses like this. But, our CDC’s list of recommended physicians isn’t very well rounded. DAN Doctors are changing things! Real medical doctors, who advocate proper nutrition and detoxification as a means of actually RECOVERING autism, are making huge strides!

We are not merely interested in helping these kids, we are interested in completely recovering them. I know that it’s a system, and I place no blame on individuals in the system who have just been doing their jobs with good intentions. But, if those individuals are not planning to step up for the better of my baby – then I ask them to simply step down. We are here creating positive changes, and our words deserve to be heard. We deserve to be able to reveal the truth.

Their Autism Does Not Exist

I will not prepare my son for a lifetime of not being “right” inside himself. My son is thriving and will continue to emerge from the mask created by the toxins in his body. His recovery from autism has everything to do with eating food that provides real nutrition and heals the gut from early assaults. He is healing because his parents will not allow his little body to be attacked by vaccines any longer. And, we are not afraid of the so-called consequences.

We know that we are building his immune system to a point where he can prevent disease on his own. Geez, if everyone knew this then we wouldn’t need many vaccines, would we? Because, after all, it is quite likely that disease will spread if everyone just stops vaccinating, right? That is unless they all begin eating real food, and looking into their own unique nutritional and spiritual needs for balance. If we did that, we wouldn’t need so much medicine. Because disease would be something we would read about only in history books.

Okay, so I understand the system’s need to keep us sick. But, I’m not buying those little pills any more!

We are moving toward a greater awareness of the consequences of our past actions. We have been given a chance to change things, and I am confident that our children will experience a healthier world!

Author’s Note: Since autism is a serious medical condition, before following any advice given above, please consult with your health professional, especially when it involves little children. That said, I personally firmly believe in what I’ve written and practice it with all my heart.

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Gina LaverdeGina Laverde is a Chicago-based writer and researcher whose expertise in natural health stems from her experiences with Body Ecology Diet, Blood Type Diet and homeopathic remedies. Gina believes that we’re in the midst of a serious world health crisis, and that the key to survival lies within our guts.



  1. Eddy9000 says

    Hi Gina, I came to your website looking for a natural alternative to antibiotics, but as a member of the British autistic society I felt I must comment on this story.

    I think for legal reasons Gina you should mention that there is no evidence for a link between vaccinations and autism, that the majority of evidence points towards it being a developmental disorder, that there is no evidence of a cure (or indeed that this is a curable condition) although with the right advice and practices the effects of autism can be reduced, and that there is no documented evidence of detoxifying diets ‘curing’ the condition.

    There is a real risk that parents of autistic children might follow your unproven nutritional advice in the hope for a cure, neglecting researched behavioural interventions that have been demonstrated to help and feeling dissapointed when they cannot ‘cure’ their child.

    My advice would be that if you have ‘cured’ your son as you claim, and demonstrated a link between nutrition and autism then please write it up and publish it in a peer reviewed journal, because if your beliefs and interventions stand up to scientific scrutiny then they represent the first documented evidence for a cure for autism and a major breakthrough in our understanding of the condition, and they should be shared with the wider scientific community.

    Until then I think it would be more responsible for you to include disclaimers in writing like this that you are giving opinion that has absolutely no evidence base (and is entirely unreferenced), and it may be dangerous to neglect researched interventions in favour of this.

  2. Jack 11 says

    Hello Gina, I have a 10 year old son with Autism and I believe his is genetic because he has a 30 year old cousin With Autsim. Even though they have the same diagnosis they are vey different. My son is non-verbal obsessive compulsive , his behaviors are so bad that we cant take him in public and he wants to be around us all the time. His cousin is verbal can go in public places but prefers to stay in his room and be left alone. I believe that most “Autism” is a genetic disorder. Diet and Vitamin pills are’nt going to cure it. If not for Resperidone and Clonidine my son would be completely out of control. You mention “Big Pharma” in your article, If not for big Pharma our quality of life in the modern age would be sorely diminished not to mention shorter life spans. Your so called research is nothing more than web surfing. Drug companies spend years and billions to bring medicines to the market. Of course they are about profits to get back their time and billions in research, more power to them! Big business is being demonized more and more these days. As far as Autism being and epidemic, I have read that there are 500,000 people in the US with Autism and there are over 300,000,000 people in the US seems like a small percentage to me. It’ HYPE. But if it helps my son I am all for the HYPE. It is sad that most of the HYPE is merely to fund grants for research some serious some not. Some of the serious researchers are studying individual cells and searching for genetic pathways what homeopathics are doing that? My guess is none. When you go by anicdotal evidence there isnt much science involved. I would say there is a zero percent chance of any herb or diet improving a child’s out come. Children with Autism grow and develop diferently than a typical child. Chances are what ever improvements are made is coincidental and nothing to do with vitamins or whatever. We just need accept our children the way they are and love them.

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