Cow’s Milk is a White Poison — It’ll KILL You and Your Family

Milk Carton with a Poison Sign on Cover“Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, and he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.”
— George Orwell

Maneka Gandhi, the daughter-in-law of the late Indian Prime minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and India’s famous animal rights activist, stirred up a hornet’s nest by speaking out against the consumption of cow’s milk. Her beliefs deeply irritated the sentiments of several hardcore veggies in India.

The real truth about milk:

Human bodies are not designed to drink the milk from other animal species. Dr. Benjamin Spock, America’s leading authority on childcare, was one of the first to warn the world against the dangers of consuming cow’s milk.

Consider these cold facts:

  • Dairy products contain no fiber or complex carbohydrates
  • Milk is saturated with fat and cholesterol
  • Milk is contaminated with cow’s blood, pus, pesticides, and hormones
  • Dairy is linked with allergies, constipation, obesity, heart disease and cancer
  • Cow’s milk can cause anemia in children
  • Dairy can result in insulin-dependent diabetes in the later years of life
  • Diary products actually cause osteoporosis. Chinese women who consume calcium from plant sources have lesser incidents of bone fractures in old age
  • Milk has no iron; however, it also blocks its absorption
  • Milk has less protein than most vegetables
  • Milk does not cure peptic ulcer disease. It only offers temporary relief of pain. In the long run milk causes acidity and further destroys the stomach lining
  • Milk is carcinogenic. It contains a factor called as IGF-1. All cancer studies show that when IGF-1 rises in the body, one gets cancer.

The cows pay a heavy price:

  • Cows live for about 25 years and produce milk for about nine years. The stress of the factory farm leads to disease, lameness and reproductive problems and most cows die or are sent to the slaughterhouse in four years.
  • In the farm, the cows are hooked by their udders to electronic machines and cows are subject to constant electric shocks. This leads to mastitis.
  • They spend their entire lives standing on concrete floors and their living conditions are abysmal.
  • Cows are genetically manipulated, given antibiotics and hormones, so that their milk yield increases.
  • To see that cows produce milk, they are impregnated. Female calves are either slaughtered or added to the dairy herd. The male calves are killed for veal, which is considered to be a meat delicacy.

We need not be slavishly dependent on milk:

There are so many vegan alternatives to dairy products and they are available in all health food stores and supermarkets. There are milk substitutes like Soy, almond and rice milk that are equally tasty and nutritious. There are frozen desserts like Soy Delicious, Tofutti, Rice Dream and fruit sorbets.

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Dr. Rajesh VishwanathanDr. Rajesh Vishwanathan, MBBS, became disillusioned with the impersonal and aggressive allopathic system and trained and qualified in Yoga, meditation, Naturopathy and Homeopathy. He dreams of Integrating Allopathic medicine with the Alternative systems of healing.


  1. t-bone jones says

    damn hippies. people eat lots of other things that are not healthy. that is why our country is so fat. animals are delicious. that is why we eat them. besides, if we aren’t supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?

  2. Khwai says

    according to t-bone jonse’s logic we should eat other human beings as well because after all people are made of meat too…

    but honestly do you think the cows would be happily roaming the fields if they weren’t used for milk or meat production? why would we continue to raise them if they no longer benefited us?

  3. says

    we are not “raising” cows, we are “manufacturing” them as if we were manufacturing steel. Without human interference, they would be able to roam the land just as kangaroos do in Australian. And if we felt the need to really benefit for them (even though animals don’t exist to “benefit” humans).. we could use their fecal matter for fertilizer / energy. Cows just want to live. Let’s let them live :)

  4. Jim Damare says

    Soy milk is a great alternative for those addicted to milk. Soy and veggie proteins are a great alternative to meat. Whatever happened to “live and let live”?

  5. hungry says

    Alright, I think everyone should switch over to sodas and whatnot, because according to this, they’re way more healthy. Let my kids grow up to be fat and stupid I say!

    Can I get a hand count on how many people in here eat steak? If you don’t, I suggest a marinade with worchestershire sauce, soy sauce, olive oil, garlic, and montreal steak seasononing. YUM

  6. Juho says

    Oh come on people. The consumption of dairy products is good for you. Look it up on pubmed or something before you start whining about it online.

    …and let’s not forget about vitamin B12, the only source of which is meat. Vegans have to take B12 in order not to get pernicious anemia, which is potentially deadly. B12 is always and without exception from an animal source. Sure, you can eat it as a pill or get it from a fortified cereal, but it still comes from animals. We are not meant to be herbivores, that’s why we have incisors.

    I have no qualms with people who choose to disagree and choose a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. In fact, I applaud you. You have principles and the backbone to live by them. However it’s annoying when I find myself the subject of attempted conversion. Especially so when people try to convince me with tripe like this… it underestimates my intelligence and is quite frankly offending.

  7. Erik says

    In one cup (250ml) of skim milk there is 9grams of protein. It would take 10oz of broccoli to get 8grams of protein, 7.5 cups of raw shredded carrots, or 11 kiwis. I think that milk is a fine source of calcium, compared to vegetables. Also, there seems to be a lot of “cans” and “mays”, is there any other concrete damning evidence against cow’s milk. And as for the Chinese women experiencing less fractures in old age, there could be a genetic reason behind that. thank you.
    p.s. “Milk-anything goes”

  8. says

    I’m currently going through an internal debate over the health benefits of raw milk. I completely agree with the adverse findings from drinking homogenized milk. But milk, in its raw state has been known to provide humans with brain-building nutrition. This is specifically true in cases of autism, Mnay children thrive on raw milk and raw colostrum. For some, it seems to be a kwy in healing.

    I will be attending a conference in Chicago next weekend that will demonstrate the powers of raw dairy.
    I think, ultimately — our bodies may react differently to foods, as we are not all carbom copies of each other. We can stand by some rules of thum, but then again — there’s always an exception.

    Thanks for writing this you really sparked my mind this morning!!


  9. Nicole says

    Honestly i think if we didn’t have any need for cows, they would have the same fate as the buffalo. and how many buffalo do you see roaming around in the wild? thats right, not very many… instead of fighting to get rid of using cows, how about fighting to change their living conditions and to stop the use of hormones.

  10. says

    There has been considerable research into proposed plant sources of vitamin B12. Fermented soya products, seaweeds, and algae such as spirulina have all been suggested as containing significant B12.

  11. says

    I just read this:

    “Human faeces can contain significant B12. A study has shown that a group of Iranian vegans obtained adequate B12 from unwashed vegetables which had been fertilised with human manure. Faecal contamination of vegetables and other plant foods can make a significant contribution to dietary needs, particularly in areas where hygiene standards may be low. This may be responsible for the lack of aneamia due to B12 deficiency in vegan communities in developing countries.” (source)

  12. Pais Lo says

    In the future, we may well experience the reverse dynamic. Even if we don’t choose to get ahead of the curve, population and price pressures will eventually force us reluctantly into the greater health that comes from eating lower on the food chain. As our supply of grain grows more precarious and prices increase, we may resort to actually eating our food instead of feeding it to livestock and then find our health bills going down and our longevity increasing.

    People often hear conflicting nutritional advice, shrug their shoulders, and decide they might as well eat what they want, or what they’re used to, since the experts can’t seem to agree on anything anyway. That reaction, of course, is exactly what meat and dairy industries are praying for. Just as the tobacco industry survives by keeping millions of people addicted to it’s murderous product, which it until recently claimed was harmless, so the meat and dairy industries thrive by keeping the general population too confused or misinformed to change their destructive eating habits. But the case for the health benefits of a vegetarian diet is at least as clear. And established in at least as many scientific studies, as the case for not smoking. The human body was simply not designed to accommodate tar and nicotine-nor was it designed to process dead animals or products derived from the lactation of other mammals. Of course, just as some people willingly accept the risk of lung cancer because they profess to enjoy their cigarettes, others may look, if not gladly, then at least with resignation, upon the prospect of heart disease or stroke because they so love their hamburgers. And I suppose we all have the right to kill ourselves if we want to. If only it were that simple. Because we DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to kill the planet, the animal-based diet has proven to be as toxic to Earth as it is to ourselves.

    Finally, there is what I consider the argument of last resort against vegetarianism. It is an argument that dismisses the facts in favor of supposition. Never mind the statistics about heart attacks and cancer, never mind that vegetarians tend to live longer than meat-eaters,
    Never mind the obesity that is the common results of an animal-based diet, never mind all the environmental reasons for diet that is plant-based—–(humans were meant to be meat eaters, some plead. We evolved as hunters. We have canine teeth, you can’t fight nature we have blood lust.) The reality, thankfully, is otherwise. We are not inexplicably doomed by nature to a diet that destroys our bodies. Evolution created many carnivores, such as the lion, dog, wolf, and cat. They all have a short digestive system, roughly three times the length of their bodies, to facilitate the speedy removal of decaying flesh, which can poison the bloodstream if it lingers too long in the body. Carnivores also differ from herbivores in having acidic saliva and stomachs with large amounts of hydrochloric acid-useful in digesting flesh and bones. Animals that hunt at night and sleep by day don’t need sweat glands and so don’t perspire through their skin; instead they sweat through their tongues. And carnivores of course have claws, powerful jaws, and long sharp “canine” teeth to tear lining flesh. They do not posses molars needed for grinding their food, or the enzyme ptyalin for predigesting grain.

    How do humans compare in these regards? The answer is not new to science; it was given long ago by Plutarch, who pointed out that man “has no curved beak. No sharp talons or claws, no pointed teeth …on the contrary, by the smoothness of his tongue and the sluggishness of his digestive apparatus, nature sternly forbids him to feed on flesh.” Plutarch was right. Like our cousins the anthropoid apes, whose diet consist mostly of fruit and nuts, our digestive system is twelve times the length of out bodies (it takes meat 5-6 days to take this voyage and pass out of the body; vegetarian food, 1-2 days), our skin has pores for evaporation, and our stomach acid has roughly 5 percent the strength of the carnivores; obviously, we have neither claws nor powerful carnivores jaws, but have molars for grinding and predigesting our grain. Like herbivores animals, we have alkaline saliva and the enzyme ptyalin to predigest grain. The teeth we call “canines” have only the name in common with the long, sharp, piercing teeth of dogs or tigers. If you don’t believe me, try using your “canines” to tear into the living flesh of a deer or moose. I have challenged many people to do so, and not one has come back with a deer or moose in his mouth.

    The question we must ask ourselves as a culture is whether we want to embrace the change that must come, or resist it. Are we so attached to the dietary fallacies with which we were raised, so afraid to counter the arbitrary laws of eating taught to us in childhood by our misinformed parents, that we cannot alter the course they set us on, even if it leads to our own ruin? Does the prospect of standing apart or encountering ridicule scare us even from saving ourselves? I can no longer fathom what there is to be afraid of, except the status quo. How do we want, in the end, to measure the lives we have led? We could measure them, of course, according to how much money and how many material possessions we’ve accumulated. But, in the words made famous by a great American play, you can’t take it with you. Or we could ask ourselves; have we done all that we could for the generation to come? Are there more trees now than there were when we were born? Is the air fresher? Is the water cleaner? Is there more good, rich farmland? Are there more birds in the sky, more fish in the sea? Are there more animals in the wild? Are people leading longer, healthier lives? Is there less hunger? Is there less disease and suffering? Is the world a more peaceful place? When you can’t take it with you, all that really matters is what you leave behind.

    Now I know what most of you are probably thinking. “If this guy’s telling me not to eat meat or chicken or fish or eggs or cheese, what the hell’s left to eat?? The answer my friend is a plant-based diet 😉

    Howard Lyman* Love Paris Lo….

  13. says

    Hey Pais Lo,

    Thank you so much for that wonderful, moving, inspiring, and enlightening comment. What you said was extremely powerful and it totally reinforced by health-conscious, vegan, green, and peaceful lifestyle. I care so much about this Earth and really hate to see what we’re doing to it. It’s saddening and sickening, really. People could make such a HUGE difference, just by “reducing” their meat intake, but no. People are caught up in their “I’ll do whatever I want to do” way of thinking, even at the expense of killing themselves, killing our planet, inadvertently killing those people in need of the grains and water that we’re using to feed the manufactured cows and chickens. When will we wake up? When will we connect the dots of our diets and the destruction? When will we appreciate our Earth and recognize that this is the only place, as on now, that we are able to live and thrive? When will we understand that animals have feelings and emotions just as we do? I hope soon that later.

  14. Avid "diary" consumer says

    First of all, who are you to decide what it is that cows do and do not want in their lives?

    Secondly, your position on “diary” and its dangers is not only ridiculous, but poorly cited, and entirely non-scientific.

    Just because you have access to the internet wasteland of .coms, .orgs, etc, does not mean you are a scientist.

    In summation, go fuck yourself.

    Avid “diary” consumer

  15. Paris Lo says

    dear Avid:

    The ubiquitous “milk moustache” ads have made us believe we need milk to get enough calcium. The milk industry is trying to imply that calcium intake from milk will lower the risk of osteoporosis and high blood pressure, that it helps women have stronger bones and help bone growth in among growing children. These are misleading claims, because many studies have linked the intake of animal protein to bone loss (animal protein is present in dairy), and showing a worse calcium balance with increased dairy consumption. These studies have shown that the more animal protein we eat, the more calcium we lose.
     In an effort to prove their claims that milk helps prevent bone loss, the National Dairy Council funded a study where post-menopausal women drank three additional 8-ounce glasses of skim milk compared to the control group of post-menopausal women. The results, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that women who drank the extra milk actually lost more calcium from their bones than the control group of women who did not drink it. —”The Effect of Milk Supplements on Calcium Metabolism…” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

  16. sunil kumar says

    though you tried to point out the disadvantages of consuming the milk, i would preferably say that when a substitute is being taken like that of soy milk. i am sure even the soy milk is produced out of the pesticides usage. then there is a possibility that even in taking the soy milk it does affect the intakers. but in over all, the diseases and the causes that we receive from the soy mik and other types of milk are more than that of the cow”s milk.

    thank you
    sunil kumar

  17. says

    I have a lot of life experience and a fair bit of education related to animal agriculture. I don’t feel compelled to trash your article, but I have to say that you have compiled worst case situations and worded them to sound like the only situations.

  18. says

    Ahh, the land of Good vs. Evil. Meat-eating vs. non-meat-eating. Milk or no milk. Etc…

    Another war, another fight.

    Which is good, which is bad? Surely, one must be right, and one must be wrong, huh?

    Perhaps that which is “wrong” is the NOTION that something is “wrong.”

    Perhaps, as Einstein illustrated with Relativity, there is no such thing as an absolute (which, paradoxically, is the only absolute). What is “healthy” for one person may or may not be “healthy” for another. Perhaps each individual person is able to know for him/herself.

    Perhaps, all the externalities don’t matter, maybe it’s the value we individually put on things that ultimately matters.

    Who am I to know what is best for another? Just making a blanket statement is short-sighted, no matter which direction it’s in.

    Everything is relative, just ask the bug on the bolt of lightning how fast he’s moving. He’d accurately tell you he’s not moving at all, but most folks would fight him to the death, insisting he’s moving at the speed of light.

    Personally, I think what we eat is irrelevant (seriously, does adding or subtracting a few years to a human life, in the scope of ZILLIONS of years, or more, really amount to much worth arguing over?). Is not the force of Love much more influential?

    I find the only determining factor in Life to be tapping into and releasing the energy within our hearts. That is the universe’s only eternal, unlimited energy.

  19. Gina says

    Very well said Eric, and its definitely something that I wonder each day. I do not eat meat. But my husband does. It makes him happy. I definitely agree that love is much more important. I also feel that if enough people make positive changes for health and environment.. Our children will have a clean place to live. I believe that our choices do affect future generations. I also believe that we can provide much more love and commitment to the ones we love if we are healthy. Its about making the most of our time here, and not being selfish. Because my own diet (which wasn’t even really unhealthy )caused me to get very ill and caused my son to slip into autism, I’m pretty passionate about making the world healthier and happier. However, it is just one part of my purpose.

    Thanks for responding, by the way. You are a great writer. And, your words ring very true to me.


  20. says

    Hello Again Eric,
    Thank you again for your powerful words. I completely agree with you. There was a point where I got very wrapped up in the tangible aspects of what was going wrong with our health (studying food, preparing food, scrutinizing every bite I took). The fear of getting sick made me sicker. While diet did play a key role in waking me up and changing my perception, there was some deep emotional strain that kept me ill — no matter what I ate. I’ve come to realize this more in the new year, ironically as I focussed more on meditation and doing good unto others — more-so than remaining on a strict diet. For me, proper nutrition was simply a vehicle that allowed me to heal and find emotional happiness and inner love and peace. I’ve always had love, lots of it, but at times I ignored it. I am going to look up your recommendations. I am very interested. One of my favorite college courses was entitled “philosophy of love…”

    I do strongly feel that what we put into our bodies is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. If we eat burgers because we love them and they really remind us of childhood and baseball (or something), and we never get bloated or tired afterward — then maybe burgers are okay for people. But,I really don’t know people who eat processed food and don’t feel some form of sick afterward. I feel like eating is sort of ritualistic, and can be a loving experience — as can preparing food. So taking care to feed ourselves in healthy ways just reflects our love for ourselves and our responsibility to the world…. pretty long thought, huh?

  21. says


    So nice to meet you! You are in great company there, with Askaripour.

    I was pondering this more yesterday, and your words “it’s about not being selfish… and making the world healthier and happier…”

    Those are bee-you-tee-ful words!!! And I can definitely feel the vibes from your words. You have a genuine, unending passion, without question. It makes me proud to know you!

    I also read that maybe this blog is about finding natural ways of healing our bodies.

    To that note, and per your personal story of your son, I’d encourage y’all to research energy healing and other documented cases of Love actually, physically healing people.

    From a physical science point of view, underneath the atom with its protons, etc… all matter is comprised of nearly invisible, vibrating strings of energy. (see Brian Greene’s Elegant Universe and Barry Parker’s Einsten’s Dream)

    There are also tons of documented cases of emotional energy determining bodily health (refer to Dr. Alice Miller’s work, among others).

    Trying to be brief, I’ve definitely discovered that all of Life originates from within (whether we’re talking “strings,” or Love, or emotions, etc…)

    The seed determines the fruit.

    I love you beyond all words, so when I say this, I only mean it with undying devotion — if I had a child with physical ailments, I would do what I do when I myself have physical ailments. I ask myself, “Where am I not being true to My Self? Where am I not being the real Me? Where am I holding MySelf back? What is that I want to be, or want to do, that I’m not being or doing?”

    Then I fix that internal ailment, and my external ailments have been fixed 100% of the time.

    Because within MySelf I have the power to heal MySelf. The energy that created Me certainly has the power to continually create Me.

    Does that make sense?

    So if it was my child, or my friend, or my spouse, or whatever — I’d only create the environment where they can manifest their insides fully, and that “seed of Life” within them does all the rest.

    It’s simple, it’s beyond do’s and don’ts, it’s beyond right and wrong.

    As Rumi said, “Out beyond the idea of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

    That field (the environment) is where we all can find our wholeness.

    Much love to you, your husband, and your son.
    Eric Patrick Marr

  22. says

    Sorry for the grammatical error, that one line was supposed to read:

    “What is it that I want to be, or want to do, that I’m not being or doing?”

    (With the underlying correlation that what you WANT to be is actually who you ARE.)

  23. says

    I know one thing for sure.

    Gina, you are an amazing find! A beautiful soul! Your husband and child(ren) are in great hands! (And compared to many of my thoughts over the years, your thought ain’t long at all, girl! Keep ’em coming, I reckon that’s why Dave gave you Skrewtips to begin with!!!)

    Your ability to think new thoughts, on an unending basis, is the most beautiful thing on the planet.

    That is all that matters. We all go through processes of change (or should, at least!) — a 1980 Camry looks nothing like a 2008 Camry, but without 1980, there would be no 2008.

    One quote I heard recently —

    “If you are 50, and still think like you did when you were 20, you wasted 30 years of your life.”

    Perhaps that is the relativity we all experience!?!?

    And per food, specifically, I definitely think there is a connection between our dietary choices and our emotional well-being. I guess it’s a question of which is the fundamental determinant…

    In business, the question is “can money make a business great, or does passion and genius create greatness, which then creates money?”

    Studies like in Good to Great, by Jim Collins, clearly show that values, identity awareness, passion, genius and those intagible factors like Level 5 Leadership, over the long haul, are the pivotal factors of business “health.”

    I reckon it’s the same principle as with our bodies, an organ-ism, not an organ-ization.

    You rock, Gina!

  24. says

    G and E, awesome commentary! Wow, I went for an amazing ride reading your back-and-forths. Sweet thoughts. ‘ “As Rumi said, “Out beyond the idea of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. ‘ — that quote is right on! We all need to meet-up in person some day soon!! Now, that would be great, eh.

  25. says

    G & E.

    History has shown that GE has been a great, not merely good, company over the years.

    I think G & E & D has the makings of an even better team!

    The passion, the love, the energy! The infinite possibilities!

    And it’s definitely in my heart to come up to NYC soon. I feel it bubbling inside me.


  26. Phillippa Silverlock says

    I didn’t think diet could cause autism, I was under the impression one was born autistic or not autistic, much like being born with dyslexia or dyspraxia.

  27. says

    It is my understanding from experience with a real autistic child that a child is born with the opportunity to become autistic. (I hear Eric’s POV — and very much think that it is intertwined into this whole thing, but for me to explain how my son became autistic using also this spirtual realm is very hard for me to do right now:)
    But, I will come back to it… probably in an article, book or movie.

    That said… a child is born with a permeable gut this is so that he/she can accept colestrum/breast milk from the mother. the bacteria from mom and milk help seal up the gut and prepare for proper digestion. proper digestion means assimilation of nutrients, growth, being able to think, relate etc….My child came into this world with a mom who had a severe infection (candida) I can expand more on this later. then my child was given a shot on his 2nd day of life. shots (vaccines) contain virus plus mercury. mercury is not only used as preservative but to help cause a reaction within the immune system. this reaction sparks a T1 reaction, which tells the body to internalize the reaction. for example: if a virus happened naturally (through nose, mouth etc) then a kid would get a flu — push it out and be done with it.(that is a T2 response) vaccines are designed to prevent the spread of disease and they do so by making the patient hold in the disease. well, this is just too much for a young permeable gut to handler– especially having had candida in his system
    add on top of that the epidural and the patosin (just more for the baby to deal with)
    so, my child (and many like him) suffered an immune assault and had to recover, but was not given full potential to recover. Many children with autism do not have candida, but other allergies/digestive probs that can be traced back to a similar story. many moms of autistic kids have fatigue, depression, fibromayagia… all of which can be helped with a digestive nurturing diet.

    diet was not the cause. there is not one cause. his immune system set the stage and each sugar laden food spiked candida and sent him into a dazed stupor, each vaccine sent him deeper into a regression of skills.

    If we trace a child’s history we can often find clues that will help recover their autism. So many times it has to do eith the parents as well.

    a gluten free casein free diet has been popular with some including Jenny McCartthy — but so many are sooo disappointed by it. One reason is because they do not focus on healing gut and getting rid of candida, pathogenic yeast, virus, parasites, allergies. I have built our diet and tahts all a parent can do because wach situation is different. I started with Body ecology, then blood type, then raw. I ahve combines them now. I find that young coconut kefir and fermented foods are amazing.
    I would love to discuss more…. pls contact me if you need any help at all

  28. says


    regarding autism and spirituality…. it is such a heavy subject that I cannot find the words. its more than words — and thats hard for a writer to admit. what I am experiencing right now with my son is magical on so many levels. I even hesitate to say I am curing him — although his skills, behavior, level of understanding is becoming much more “typical” his autism is a gift. as a parent I have to fish out the crappy parts of the gift. like if your mother in law gave you a gift basket with your fave perfume at the bottom and stale cheese on top :) (don’t know ehere that one cam from) anyway, his gifts, and those of many children with autism are far beyond desribable. I feel like this is a lesson, a sign of what wonder the world could hold — or how we can die off as a species. I have felth this for so long. as if autism is a messenger. anyway, the diet is really helping both of us and has provided me with a much more open soul — to accept and keep going through this awesome journey.

  29. says

    Phillippa raises a great point — what does “cause” things???

    ALL THINGS, for that matter.

    This is really the question we as a human race must answer — do things “just happen” or do we cause them, somehow?

    I’d say 99% of people think “things just happen,” whether it is autism coming into existence, or someone getting into a car accident, or the economy going up or down, or our physical health issues.

    The debate has raged on for eons, but really, down below it all, what “causes” EVERYTHING under the sun?

    Is there some mysterious, inexplicable force out there that just does things that we are perpetually forced to react to, or are WE actually that “creative force?”

  30. says

    Tolle rocks. It is my observation that life’s most insightful people have been to hell and back themselves, and Tolle certainly has resided in hell, himself.

    I think it’s that way because the only way to know Truth is to find it yourself, and that might mean being stripped of every external thing, and every external idea and voice, so you are left only with YOUR voice, with YOUR Self.

    A very hard and difficult thing to find, without question. Einstein alluded to this as well, and his genius also speaks for itself.

    The only thing I would say regarding autism or those things, is that I no longer view it as a “spiritual” thing. It’s wholly physics and biology, and even psychology (emotional energy gets stored within our bodily cells.)

    It’s the most profound scientific discovery in history, without question.

    And it “makes sense” from a “spiritual” POV, which I also find fascinating, as usually science and “spirituality” have opposed each other, but now they are unified.

    Physicists even call it “Unified Theory” or the “Theory of Everything.”

    It is seeing the invisible, because something inside Us just intuitively knows the invisible exists, and is fundamental, by definition.

    With so much love, my heart is heavy.

  31. Nomsa Bukhulele says

    It’s all fine and well telling people what is good and what is not good. Drinking milk may be bad but some cannot afford to buy soy milk let alone all these other magnificent health products on the market.

    In South Africa the cost of soy milk is so expensive that the average person cannot afford to buy it on a daily basis. Most of these alternative health foods which are apparently much better for us are also much much more expensive. As it is we
    work the whole month to have food for two weeks, and as for milk. Well thats for drinking in tea and coffee.

  32. arjuna108 says

    Seriously, if you want to educate people, CHECK FACTS from sources other than other true believers in the fantasy. Anyone who can use google can easily find good sources to realize what bullsh*t you are peddling. Apparently you aren’t opposed to all bovine products. A better subtitle for your blog might be Fresh Bullsh*t Daily! Easily Debunked, But It Smells So Sweet!
    * Diary products contain no fiber or complex carbohydrates – So what. Anything without fiber and complex carbs is bad? Let’s see some support for that conclusion. In the meantime everyone avoid water! Oh my god, it has no fiber or complex carbs!
    * Milk is saturated with fat and cholesterol – Saturated? 3% fat is saturated? Whole milk is about 3% fat. Can you tell us how you conclude that 3% fat represents some state of saturation?
    * Milk is contaminated with cow’s blood, pus, pesticides, and hormones – and is pasteurized and safe. Can you point to any source that has objectively demonstrated harm from any of these facts. Most “natural” living people favor mothers continuing to breastfeed when they have mastitis. The baby will receive significantly more pus without any sterilization. Why is this good?
    Organic products are “contaminated” with insects, insect parts, their feces, their blood. This is of no health consequence to the ingestor of such food but you would consider it fair if I turned the tables and tried to get people to stop eating organic food by grossing them out with the insect story even though it as inconsequential as your story?
    * Dairy is linked with allergies, constipation, obesity, heart disease and cancer
    Allergies, so are nuts, which frequently result in fatal allergy, unlike milk. What does this say about nuts as a food source. Your logic says nuts would be one of the worst foods you could eat. Is that what you believe? Many foods can cause allergies. Just about every food has caused a reaction in someone. So what do we conclude from your logic? All food is bad? Stop eating altogether?
    Constipation, many foods can be associated with constipation in susceptible people. That makes all those foods evil? You are really narrowing down the list of foods people can eat pretty quickly.
    Obesity, as with many foods overconsumption can lead to obesity. However, studies indicate that obese people with high dairy intake have fewer signs of Insulin Resistance Syndrome, and a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease. But this is a bad thing, right?
    Heart disease, depends on what you read. Current science says the opposite. Anti-milk sites say the science must be wrong. Maybe you should let people know that this is not accepted outside the anti-milk religion nor is it supported by the current science?
    Cancer, usually the relationship of dairy to increased prostate cancer is what is cited. We know this is related to calcium intake and is the same no matter what the source of calcium is. So I see many men who read bogus claims like yours, stop drinking milk, but take a big calcium supplement to be sure they get enough! In many cases you have helped them to increase their risk by misrepresenting the facts. Good work on promoting health. All men should be aware of their total calcium intake, not just dairy consumption. Don’t take calcium supplements if you take significant dairy.
    * Cow’s milk can cause anemia in children
    Any child who is not breast fed may develop anemia as may some who are breast fed. Non breast fed babies need extra iron. They should have their hemoglobin checked at 12 and 24 months. Breast is best! But if a woman is unable to do this then the baby must still be fed. This is a breastfeeding issue and not a milk problem.
    RARELY, cow’s milk will cause an enteritis with blood in the stools. If your child has bloody stools take them to a doctor right away. This rare cause of blood loss is easily treated by stopping cow’s milk for that child. Again, because nuts kill some children we don’t need to demonize nuts. Because cow’s milk irritates the gut of some children we don’t need to demonize milk.
    * Dairy can result in insulin-dependent diabetes in the later years of life
    This is a statement that should be qualified. If your belief in the anti-milk religion is very strong, this could happen. Current science indicates that the truth is that milk consumption is slightly protective (reduces your risk) of developing diabetes.
    * Diary products actually cause osteoporosis. Chinese women who consume calcium from plant sources have lesser incidents of bone fractures in old age
    And we all know the only difference between Chinese women and western women is the source of their calcium. Actually, my current wife is from China and my first wife was not. There are a few other differences that I won’t detail here. Chinese women are more likely to have lifetime exercise habit. Chinese people eat very small servings of meat. In fact, at least one study at Cornell University demonstrated that the difference was attributable to lower protein intake by Chinese women and NOT to differences in calcium intake or calcium source. But facts are so inconvenient when you have a point of view to sell, right?
    You can’t just pick any difference between the groups and ascribe causality to it. It would be equally valid to ascribe casuality in this instance to eye shape. Get a clue or stop misinterpreting science.
    * Milk has no iron, however it also blocks its absorption
    Milk has iron, so the first part of the sentence is a bald-faced lie. The iron is harder to absorb but can be absorbed in small amounts by humans. Again if a baby isn’t breast fed they should have an alternate source of iron. But I wonder, do you read your own stuff to see if it makes sense? You complained that the milk contains blood! Then you claimed it has no iron. Do you have Vulcan cows? I suspected you might be from another planet but this confirms it! Your cows have no iron in their blood! Welcome to our planet! In your world what element substitutes for Iron in cow’s blood? Does it bother you to make claims that are mutually exclusive? Tell us how it could contain blood but not iron, please (if you are an earthling).
    * Milk has less protein than most vegetables
    I think this was handled by another commenter and is just so ridiculous on its face that hopefully anyone reading this sh*t was hysterical by the time this claim was made.
    * Milk does not cure peptic ulcer disease. It only offers temporary relief of pain. In the long run milk causes acidity and further destroys the stomach lining
    The first part suggests that a medical practice that was used to relieve discomfort before effective meds were available for ulcers and that was abandoned almost HALF A CENTURY AGO, is somehow relevent to whether someone should drink milk? Are you serious? Do you know some 120 year old physician who still practices this way? Or do they still use this practice on your planet?
    The second part is total bull. Milk has a pH that is close to neutral, 6.4 to 6.8. Water is 7. The stomach ph is generally between 2 and 4. That means that the stomach contents have thousands of times more hydrogen ions than milk. A liquid with a pH of 2 will burn a hole in fabric. A liquid with a ph of 6.8 is like pouring water on the fabric. So you are actually suggesting that the stomach does just fine protecting itself from a pH of 2 (and even 1 at times in some people) but then adding something with a pH just slightly more acidic than water overwhelms the whole thing and “eats away” the stomach lining? How are you able to make enough sense of the world to use a computer? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more absurd assertion, even on the internets!
    Let’s do this experiment. We’ll put a drop of hydrochloric acid on the back of your hand with a pH of 2. It will immediately start to burn through your hand, painfully. We should immediately try to rinse that off with water (pH 7) but I will say we only have milk with a pH of 6.8! We couldn’t possibly use that to rinse your hand! It will eat your hand away! So tell us, will you settle for washing it off with the milk?
    * Milk is carcinogenic. It contains a factor called as IGF-1. All cancer studies show that when IGF-1 rises in the body one gets cancer.
    OK, OK! I give! I found a more absurd assertion. What is IGF-1? It is a peptide (protein). What happens to proteins when you put them in the stomach? They are digested. If you orally ingest IGF-1, how much intact IGF-1 will appear in your blood? Absolutely NONE, you dope! Your level will change not an iota! How stupid do you assume your readers are?
    This substance is also known as Somatamedin-C and we use it to treat certain endocrine imbalances and some types of dwarfism. It is inconvenient because YOU HAVE TO INJECT IT to get any in your blood!
    Have you any knowledge of logic or ability to check what people tell you?
    IGF-1 elevation in cancers is related to tumors producing IGF-1. Some tumors may produce IGF-1 before we can detect them in other ways. You can’t elevate your IGF-1 by ingesting it orally and this is another totally bogus statement that, had you had any interest in knowing whether you were telling the truth or a sack of lies, you could have easily checked.
    You could have searched the internet for unbiased sources. You could have asked people who understand science better than you obviously do to help. A fifth grader maybe?
    Don’t pretend that your ideology is supported by science when it is in fact not at all supported.
    By the way, even your George Orwell quote…female humans don’t produce milk? Since when?

  33. BigB says

    Thank you Pais Lo,  It was a pleasure to read your thoughts. It reminded me of my favorite saying. “People are not that smart.” If more people understood what it was you were saying, we might not be so destuctive to or bodies, planet and it’s natural resources we’ve been blessed with. My case in point, Avid “Diary” User. It’s Dairy, not diary. Dipshit.

  34. says

    Yo Juho,

    If you’re “so offended” by this article then I suggest you and the others who seem to fight this “alternative view” get off this website NOW and go read FOX NEWS or something more on your LEVEL.

    BB – the real deal

  35. Steve Thompson says

    Soy Milk Is like $10.00 (not Including shipping) a gallon, Cow Milk Is like $4.00 a gallon. Cow Milk Is sold at the local stores Soy Milk Is Not, Do You understand? Everyone has written books about what good Nutrition Is but Not Anyone has written a book about Where to get good Nutrition at an affordable price.

  36. says

    Good point Steve. It is so hard to find available and affordable health food. I live in a big city and still have to walk miles or order some things online. what winds up happening is that I don’t spend money on meat, make-up, doctor appointments, alcohol, no microwave dinners etc.. so we save that way. when it comes down to it — it takes a while to transition. but eating healthier doesn’t really cost more.just takes time and creativity in the beginning. plus you learn where to buy for better deals. has great deals on herbs. trader joes has great deals on avocados,nuts/ seeds soy milk, packaged foods that are healthier, whole foods makes great shampoo and conditioner that are only 2 bucks each, and has a great bulk food aisle that sells teas, spices, popcorn, grains like quinoa and millet, oats and wheat….. so u have to do some hunting.

    great point about writing a book on that. you are right. so many people think that this kind of life is too hard or some kind of trendy fad. but anyone can do it.

    cow milk is going up in price where I live too. I actually make my own nut and grain milks because we eat super healthy due to allergies. My point is … you can do anything you put your mind to. if it is important to u — u will accomplish it.

    thanks for commenting! valid points for sure!

  37. Marek says

    Soy products also interfere with your thyroid, and thus your metabolism. Also the protein content in milk is a slow digesting protein making it a great source of amino acids essential to the growth and repair of muscles. many people’s bodies and microbial flora are adapted to digest milk, some are not. IGF-1 is also being tested as a great way to help people with problems like diabetes, in huge quantities it might be bad, but you’re blowing it out of proportion. This article is unsubstantiated rubbish perpetrated by the weak minded. Oh and your P.E.T.A. pictures have nothing to do with the subject matter.

  38. Gina Laverde says

    This article was written by an accomplished medical doctor who also wrote a piece regarding the ill effects of soy on thyroid. The protein in milk, Casein, in its homogenized state (as we drink it in the U.S) causes allergies and is not bio-available. I agree that soy protein is not the best choice. Undenatured whey protein (from dairy milk) may be more suitable — if you need a protein supplement. You are right — some people digest milk, or seem to digest milk better than others. and this would be due to microflora in the gut. Lactic acid, found in cultured foods and kefir allow the body to assimilate nutrition form milk. But pasteurizing and homogenizing the milk changes the chemical make-up of the product and makes that nutrition less available to us. so yes, there may be nutrition in the milk (under the hormones, mucous, by-products etc — but most humans can get better nutrition from plant sources — and also experience less side effects.

    many thanks for your comment.

  39. says

    For those of you who are questioning why anyone would thing dairy was bad for you, I challenge you to stop eating dairy for a month. Be sure to eat your leafy greens for the calcium.

    After the first week, check in with yourself and write in your journal about anything and everything you observe about how you are feeling–physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically.

    Do the same after the second week. And the third. And finally, the fourth.

    Then, add dairy back in full steam, just as you had always eaten it before.

    After one week, check in with yourself again. Document in writing how you are feeling, just as before. Do this again for three more weeks.

    Experiment. Decide for yourself.

    That is the only way you will know how dairy affects you. We can read and read and read articles and opinions till the cows come home (no pun intended)–and debate until our brains explode–but none of us, not me, nor you–can truly know anything unless we experience it.

    • says

      I do agree with you. People should test it out for themselves but raw cows milk is actually great for you. I have drank it ever since I was little and I love to use it in just about everything. Raw goats milk is great for people that can not normally drink milk. I have never had some one say they couldn’t drink the goats milk.

      Now pasturized milk is a totaly different story. Many people have been led to believe that raw milk is bad and will kill you but they are actually wrong. The reason people were getting sick from raw milk was because sick people were milking or they were not caring for and washing off the cow. If the cows udder is not clean then bacteria can spread BUT it was very rare for people to get sick.

      People used to actually take blood from the people that were sick and then they would inject the cows teat with the blood. They cows body would then make the antibodies for that sickness and everyone that drank that milk would get better. Now it is illegal to do this for humans but where I live we are able to use this for animals.

      I am just a farm girl that is just sharing what she has learned through other farmers. But I know my family does not get sick nearly as often as the other families in the area and I truly believe it is because of two things , 1. We do things naturally, 2. We serve a awesome God that cares for our every need (even our health).

      I enjoyed hearing what you had to say and I hope my comment does not offend you at all.

      • Delta says

        Beth, cow’s milk is poison in MHO. You say you are downing this glass of fat and that it is “good for you”. I just don’t think you ever would have come up with that without all the brainwashing by the dairy industry and the fact that fat tastes yummy.
        I mean, you know Beth that the dairy industry spends a fortune every year to tell us how good milk is for us, don’t you? You have noticed that broccoli does not need an advertising campaign to convince us that it is healthy for us. That is because it is OBVIOUS that broccoli is healthy.

  40. says

    Raw, unpasteurized milk from various animal sources has been used as a healthy food source by many of our ancestors. In his groundbreaking book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” 1939, Weston A. Price studied and clearly identified that the healthiest primitive, non industrialized peoples consumed a diet primarily or exclusively of raw foods including raw animal fats, proteins and dairy. It is perhaps the only book of its kind that conducted such studies before most of these cultures had industrialized.

    Saturated fat is one of the 3 most vital substances in the body. The other two are protein and cholesterol. Contrary to absurd Western Medical paranoia that surfaced as a result of bogus studies conducted in the mid 1950’s, saturated fat, in its raw state is a highly available and necessary nutrient. Cholesterol is a vital substance which is produced in the liver and makes up every cell of your body. Like saturated fat it becomes problematic when it oxidizes (cooked or heated).

    Raw dairy, though not a necessary food source for most adults, has many healing properties that are utilized by the body. This includes a very highly active acidopholous, which is the gut’s primary healthy bacteria. Many people have and do benefit from the ingestion of raw dairy as a medicinal remedy.

    Each person’s biochemical individuality is quite different. Many people’s metabolisms need higher concentrations of saturated fats and proteins, others need quite the opposite.

    Soy on the other hand is not a health food. In its non-fermented state soy is very high in phytic acid, which inhibits enzyme and nutrient reactions. Soy also contains nitrosamines which are toxic to the liver. Soy often is processed, genetically modified and contains rancid fatty acids, which will do more harm to your body than oxidized cholesterol. I was a vegan for 5 years and my digestion was never worse when eating non-fermented soy.

  41. says

    Hi Michael,

    While I am not a milk drinker…. I couldn’t agree with you more. Weston A Price is one of my most used sources when determining how to continue my healing journey. I have read and witnessed many recovery stories that incorporate the use of raw dairy. I do not consume dairy at all anymore. I am a type A blood type and really just didn’t do well on it. However, I think its pretty sick that we can’t buy milk in its purest form legally in this city. We’ve got to go pick it up in someone’s garage, like its a drug deal or something.

    I think its sick that we homogenize and pasteurize and add hormones to this potentially life saving food.. just for longer shelf life and to allow farmers to feed their cows poorly so they can save and make more cash!!!

    It seems to me that raw dairy can be used (particularly raw butter) as a healing food — to line the gut. But I do not see it as a staple or necessity for healthy people.

    Please see our articles “Should we legalize the sale of raw dairy?” and “Oh Soy Bad” you may have something to add to those as well.

    I’d ask if you consume raw dairy, but that could get you arrested in this city :)

  42. JT Simon says

    Wow I don’t know that I’ve seen an article before so full of obvious lies and misinformation. The so called “alternative medicine” people are no better than big oil or big tobacco companies with their lies, misinformation, and misleading of naive people.

  43. Dawn says

    True. dairy is cruel and full of crap. People need to wake up. It’s for COWS not people. That’s why COWS produce it. It’s for their babies so they can grow up healthy . People are retarded!

    • Marc says

      They are all mad arnt they. I mean the dairy industry tells us that we need it fir strong bones but cows bones are bigger than ours and do they drink milk? no they eat grass. WAKE UP PEOPLE. DAiry is what’s making eveyone sick.

  44. Jan says

    Thousands of years ago, in Buddism, the teaching to all the Chinese human race is already to be grateful to cows. And not eat or beat it. No other animals were mentioned with such privilege. They are the earliest beast to help human beings plough land for rice production.

  45. C. Wallace says

    This makes complete sense, its just not natural. We dont drink milk from our own mothers as adults, so we shouldnt drink it from another species.

  46. Frank Carroll says

    Cows should be exterminated. All they do is eat grass and create methane. They are the largest contributors to global warming by far.

    • D.C. says

      That is the most retarded thing I’ve heard this week Frank. If you think cows have anything at all to do with “global warming”, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  47. says

    I don’t raise cows but I do raise dairy goats and use a milking machine. Milking machines do *not* shock the udder. Anyone wanting to test this can come try mine out (-: They gently suck the milk out of the udder. And also most dairies not only don’t use concrete alone because it causes leg stress and lowered production, they use expensive footing material like rubber mats one uses at work to stand on to ease leg strain. Living conditions are optimal as they can be to cut down on mastitis which is costly for the farmer to treat. Animals that produce milk are usually very well cared for because bad conditions/management equals no milk or less milk. Antibiotics are screened for in such stringent tests that even if the residue of antibiotics from one quarter of a treated cow get into the tank of milk holding milk from 1000 cows the tests will detect it and the entire batch of milk is lost.

  48. brad says

    And they milk cows with robots!Ban the robotic millking now! They do it in Europe and they are coming here!Do not belive the dairy industrys propaganda that the robotic milking is “voluntary” and the cows “milk themselves”.

  49. Anita Karenina says

    I wonder how much is a cow’s life worth? When people come here to state that cow’s milk is affordable and soy milk is less, i wonder what is a life worth to them? When cows are deprived from a life that is theirs, as precious to them as it is ours to us, during which they have to endure the most vicious tortures including rape, for the sake of human palate, i fail to understand how do we call such practices humane. What is it that is humane about expoliting other beings, that are at our mercy, only because they are seen as inferior since they do not speak our language and walk on their fours. Humane is a variant of human, and means to be kind, compassionate, sympathetic. I see none of it in the dairy industry, i see none of it in the animal flesh industry. I see none of it in most humans so the term should not be used as it is ambiguous and ultimately obsolete.

    Some say cows “Cows should be exterminated. All they do is eat grass and create methane. They are the largest contributors to global warming by far.” It is true that cows create methane that is lethal for our beloved environment but the great harm comes from over farming them. There would be harmony in nature if not for human’s practices which are moved by greed and lust for power. I blame not the cows, bless them!, i blame the unconsciousness, the ignorance of the human race that seems to be moving more and more towards the dark ages.

    It is very detrimental for non human animals to be seen as a product, means to an end. An end that is so pathetic for it is only money, a pretence. Without wisdom and kindness true happiness is unattainable. “Those without wealth may one day prosper, but those without kindness are utterly and incurably poor. ” Old Hindu verse written by Tiruvalluvar

    ERIK, i was so very moved by your thoughts. They were a true reflection of my own, only you put them together so harmoniously. They are well worth of appreciation. Your lovable being is admirable and i am with you. We, as conscious individuals must show due respect to our home – nature and its inhabitants, all of them – for all it gives to us, utter gifts, and remind ourselves that karma exists, what we plant will grow…and will be collected by us alone.

    As i wrote on the other thread “We are the only species that consume milk after infancy. We do not need milk after this period hence why our breasts stop producing it. To drink cow’s milk is utterly unnatural and it supports a sick barbaric industry that deprives the cows and their offspring from their basic needs, and please do not be fooled by their Organic free range standards. Cows will have continuously reproduce, most of the time artificially which in my point of you qualifies for rape. Milk is for babies and Cow’s milk is designed for calves to grow fast and strong in a short period of time so saturated with hormones which are harmful to us. Not to mention the billions of pus and blood cells that are found in milk due to factory farming these loving beings.”

    I find it appaling humans refuse to widen their horizons therefore live their lives confined in cages. They refuse knowledge because it may bring changes and the fear of change challenges them. So they keep on living enslaving others, and themselves. Sacrifing nature and our fellow earthlings. “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”- Winston Churchill

    Anita Karenina

  50. Anita Karenina says

    Sorry for my error. I meant PAIS LO, not ERIK as i was referring to the words PAIS LO Wrote. Apologies.

  51. Starr says

    While beans and such do provide protein for humans, animal meat is the best digested protein for humans yielding the highest amounts of USEABLE protein for the body. Also, someone made a comment earlier about meat consumption being the cause of obesity, which I fully disagree with. Fried foods (including fries and other veggies as well as meat)which are usually fried in vegetable oils and high carb foods (bread, pasta, rice,potatoes,cereal) have alot to do with this. Let’s just stick with the facts here and say that ANY diet can cause obesity except maybe the anorexic diet.

  52. Starr says

    Some other things I wanted to point out…milk is not the cause of iron malabsorption…calcium is. Calcium is a chelating agent for iron, binding with iron so that neither is absorbed. This can be caused by any calcium agent…not just milk. This is the reason that multivitamins with iron contain minimal to no calcium. Also, organic foods have a higher incidence of e. coli contamination. For those unfamiliar, this is the bacteria found in and around the feces and back doors of humans and animals…the reason women wipe front to back and why we are SUPPOSED to wash our hands after going to the bathroom. With that noted I’m not sure that it would be any healthier to risk that over possible side effects of pesticides.

  53. drpaul says

    calcium is not an iron chelator. Ever heard of CaFe (ferric chloride)- impossible. That’s ridiculous iron in fact is absorbed through the excretion of intrinsic factor. Calcium may substitute in the channel as both have a +2 charge (if Ferric). calcium absorption is also dependent on vitamin D so eat up and get your sunlight. Drink milk also, because it is good for you. Forget hippy propaganda and remember that it has been a staple of human diets since the beginning of agriculture

  54. Damien says

    Excuse me, but this article looks like a PR crafted by companies selling Soy products.
    And I agree with Starr on the protein usability, so true. I am a bodybuilder myself so I know things from real life.

  55. says

    I know from real life too… I was a milk drinking/cheese consuming vegetarian for 5 years. I found out about the cruelty (and unhealthieness) in dairy industry and eliminated it from my diet a year ago. Ever since then, my arthritic knees and hands have stopped hurting… My nails are literally unbreakable – and my digestive system has improved 100%. I’ve also lost some 20 unwanted pounds.

    It’s true – dairy is a poison as well as being an inhumane industry.
    Choose compassion – Go Vegan

  56. Anita Karenina says

    I do not eat soya. I speak for myself neither i would reccomend soya as it is not good for you unless is fermented. The protein on cow’s milk leeches the calcium off your body. No wonder you see so many people who have drank milk all their lives having so many bone related problems.

    But the main thing about Milk ladies and gentlemen is that cow’s milk is for calves. And ultimately, not for grown up humans to drink. It is pretty pathetic to think of an adult man or woman drinking the milk of a cow. Just take the cow and put a human mother providing milk to a grown up. WOuld anyone be up for it? Just because they have a middle man fiddling with the cow’s udders, one does not see himself sucking the udder of a cow. But i do, and i see it clearly. And it is just not right, not meant to be, not ethical, morally wrong.

    I know vegan body builders, there are lots of famous athlets who are healthy vegans and bless them. For they are on a truthful path. A path of well being at peace with nature and our fellow earthlings.

  57. says

    You guys bring up some really interesting points. I had not heard of these negative properties of milk before, and if your sources are to be trusted this is truly alarming. On the other hand, I believe many studies have shown the positive properties of milk too, as many have mentioned in the comments. I have also read and heard only good things about soy milk, but people in the comments have mentioned that soy is also unhealthy. Looks like more research will have to be done. -Ben

  58. says

    Hi Ben… great that you’ve got an open mind – there’s so many things about (animal) food production that needs to be examined closer. The dairy industry really does have many questionable practices and questionable issues regarding their “wholesome” products.

    I’m not a fancier of soy beverages either… my preference is RiceDream… and Almond Milk. Both are fortified (just like cow’s milk) – and the taste is quite pleasant, without the negative effects to the dairy animals or to human health.

  59. Born Vegan says

    A 5000 year old tribe of pure vegans (all are 100 years old) exists in the Himalayas.
    They are all 100% vegan from birth and are built like Samsons. (they do not know what is B12 .
    to them B12 is a medical myth invented by trolls

  60. Naresh Kadyan, Chairman, PFA Haryana says

    Here in India, peoples thinks about animals are for their food as livestock, to get milk & use them to get work to earn bread / butter but they do not think about their rights…..Hindu culture / mentality allows milk for good health but they do not know the merit….demerits of the milk.

  61. Susan says

    Igorant fucks. Do you see calves sucking down pigs milk? It’s a natural born instinct to drink only our mothers milk only until were ready for the real thing. Humans go against whats natural. You are what you eat. So for all you fat, sloppy bovines out there how about this fun fact… it takes only two tablespoons of black sesame seeds to get the exact same amount of calcium from one cup of nasty cows milk. There are fruits and vegetables that completely eliminate any need for the shit. We were intended to live off the LAND that mother nature provided us not slaughter and use the creatures who are just trying to live like us. Oh and Starr, have you ever seen an obese vegan? Not ANY diet will make you obese, only those rich in animal fat, maybe you should try it out and you wouldn’t be so angry that you’re so unhealthy and can’t figure out why…hmm maybe the animal hormones? Yummy cow mucus? Ever wonder why when your cold is gone and your cough lingers? It’s that excess mucus that doesn’t belong in your body. I’d rather smoke a cigarette that drink a glass of milk anyday. Why would people who don’t support a healthy lifestyle by choosing to consume animals be reading this anyways? I cant believe you retards can even read, go suck on a fucking cow udder.

  62. Susan says

    Oh i almost forgot to make a comment on that idoitic statement…well only one of many made by arjuna180..yeah females produce milk FOR OUR BABIES TO SUCK IT OUT OF OUR BREASTS. We don’t share it with cows or pigs or goats. Wells is saying that we take take take but what do we give back? Are you gonna hook a pump to your breast and put it into a bottle for a litter of puppies? no you selfish human.

    • Kat says

      You realize that by you flying off the handle with insults and vulgarities, you have likely turned off many people who stumbled across this article in search of knowledge from joining your oh-so-esteemed and enlightened ranks, right? This is two years after the fact, but being a ill-spoken … female dog… is not going to win over anyone to your cause.

  63. Lem says

    I prefer my bovine medium, cooked over a charcol flame…ummmm smotherd in mushrooms and onions. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  64. says

    Lem… of course you have to smother it – to cover up what you’re actually eating. If that were on my plate I too would have to disguise it… with “real” food.

  65. Starr says

    Susan…I have no health problems actually. However, your ignorance problem is well stated. Go to college and get educated so you can argue without sounding like an angry teenager. If you think that animal fat is the only way to get fat you’re even stupider than you sound.

  66. Susan says

    Well big college girl I’d much rather be blissfully ignorant and very healthy and lean, eating up my vegetables than even start to think that animal fat doesn’t cause obesity and health problems. Sure there’s other diets that can make you large, but never as unhealthy as putting animals and their byproducts into your body.

    • Witt says

      But consuming the bodies of subjugated animals makes me more powerful! I like to think I have entire ecosystems powering my dark intentions.

      Meh, it’s all solar power in the end anyhow.

  67. Starr says

    So much hostility, so many assumptions, Susan. And you say I’m angry. LOL It’s cool. I’m rather humored by your “blissful ignorance.” Almost as much as I am by your pride in stating that you’re lean and vegan. Did you used to be an obese carnivore, with a very productive cough caused by milk?
    I never said animal fat didn’t cause obesity and health problems. I merely stated that it wasn’t the only cause. A vegan could easily be obese from eating too much peanut butter or tofu, or too much rice and beans. Obesity is caused by overeating and lack of activity, not “ONLY those [diets] rich in animal fat.” I’ve personally never seen peanut butter with animal fat in it, but what do I know, right? It’s funny that someone so obsessed with health would rather smoke cyanide than drink milk and still have the audacity to call anyone else a retard.

  68. Lyle says

    For me milk is a white poison because it contains the toxic sugar lactose, which I cannot digest at all. Also, I have not eaten any dead, rotting cow carcuses for about thirty years. That is really what beef is.
    There is nothing positive about cow’s milk at all and I am pretty sure that it causes osteoporosis along with refined sugars and consuming dead four legged animals.

  69. Ann says

    As a member of the agriculture community I’m here to tell you that we love our cows and treat them with the upmost respect. Cattle are not forced to stand on concrete all day, they are given beds made of mattresses from sand, straw, wood shavings, or other comfortable material. Mastitis does occur, but is caught early because cows are milked regularly and is treated immediately. Electric shocking is not part of any daily routine and is false material. Furthermore, milk from cows treated for things such as mastitis is discarded ensuring no antibiotic or “puss,” as you said, is in the consumers milk.
    The dairy industry is one of the most regulated areas in agriculture and farms are permitted and checked regularly to meet USDA standards. Beyond this, each time milk is picked up from the farm by a bulk tank truck, the milk is tested. Before the milk is ever bottled for the consumer is goes on to be tested by the processor and the department of agriculture, just to name a few.


  70. says

    Oh gosh… yet another reiteration from the animal ag community: “We love our animals. We treat them well. They are well cared for.” (blah, blah, blah). The animal ag industry does what it does because it protects their investment. These animals are commodities – after they serve their purpose they are butchered quicker than you can say hamburger meat. They “care” for these animals only as long as their is financial gain and profit. And the reality throughout is… we don’t even need their darn product – It’s unhealthy and inhumane.
    Go Vegan :)

  71. Ana Karenina says

    Bea, i am with you. Really am. When cows are exploited for pathetic grown ups to feed from, makes me shiver and have so little faith on our race. To deny it to calves for the sick pleasure of drinking their mummy’s milk…how on earth!!!

  72. vickie says

    the cows are poisoned yeah i guess so…
    but they are not the only ones…
    soybeans are also…
    and what else after…
    take a look if you wish…
    if you have a strong heart

  73. Concerned Citizen says

    Hello, how retarded can you get. First of all for those of you calling humans stupid, WHAT THE HELL do you think you are. Maybe you have some how become superior to all others and have reclassed yourselves if thats the case stay the hell out of human concerns! Second milk is proven to be health and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity just to name a few. YES, PREVENT YOU IDIOT NOT CAUSE! Third cultures that have developed without ready access to milk are generally intolerant to it and thus can’t be generalized to the rest of the world, and while were on the topic some cultures consider milk be it form a cow or other animals sacred. In addition you biased and obviously radical objection to milk stems from a noble attempt to prevent to suffering of cows, even though your spread of misinformation only breeds poorly informed activists who will be attacked for their clear ignorance. Please refrain from posting information that sparks useless debate.

  74. says

    Concerned Citizen – Perhaps you should read The China Study by T Colin Campbell – This 30 year research confirms all the ills of dairy that are mentioned in this post. Human milk is meant for human babies — Cows milk is meant for calves… very simple. We don’t need anything from dairy – And there are dozens of fine beverages that can substitute for cows milk, in cooking, baking, cereals, etc.

  75. Lynn says

    I believe through personal trial and error dairy doesn’t agree with my physiology. My personal morals would rather ingest fruits, veggies and such. though I am not a vegitarian. Both sides seem to have evidence of their own cause. How about if you are sick or unhappy with your health you try diet and exercise and find what works for you and your family. Hostility and self rightous behavior will not convince others to entertain a different way of thought.

    How could we get so confused as to what is healthy for us to eat-Consumerism! MONEY MONEY MONEY

  76. zanna says

    Certainly veganism has not improved Susan’s humour nor her command of the English language. Perhaps she is vitamin or mineral deficient. And her blood pressure must certainly be up. I gather this is an American site as wit, humour and an ability to think laterally seem to be in short supply.
    Onto Cow’s milk – I have spent time considerable time living in Asia where I ate no dairy products because they weren’t available and also time in Australia where I do consume dairy products. I am a fit, healthy active, lean 47 year old woman. The only real difference in my health living in those two countries was the lack of food hygiene in Asia which caused inevitable problems. When I was careful about food hygiene (not eating randomly on the streets) there was no discernable difference to my health regarding eating dairy or not eating it. So from my own perspective, the trial of no dairy suggested by a poster above did not apply to me. In fact milllions of Indians eat dairy and it doesn’t seem to do them any harm. I think like all things it has more to do with moderation and a sensible, non stressed approach to life.

  77. says

    Daniel Murphey & Hannah Bobanna – Apparently you’ve never had Almond Breeze or Rice Dream… Or oat & coconut milk – All these are just as tasty (if not more so) than cow’s milk. Had these products been as readily available a decade ago I would have ditched dairy then… Great for cooking and baking, cookie dunking and cereal eating —Minus the fat – But no cost to flavor. On to the next “issue” please…

  78. Kensho says

    I see that Susan is very aggressive, I won’t make any comments on her attitude & language, but I’m interested in connections between diet and agresivity, If anyone can help me with some relevant articles, please send me a mail at
    Thank you.

  79. Witt says

    I’ve found in most cases, that you can replace milk with beer (yes, even with cereal). Though this might sound crazy, it’s probably the Busch Brewing Co’s fault-too much shitty beer on the shelves. Once you’ve had good beer, you’ll understand. And I think three beers a week is a little over the top to call someone an alcoholic.

    Oh, and though I’m all but done with milk, I don’t think I could EVER give up cheese. Nacho Wednesdays forever!!

  80. Carla M. says

    Uuugh! You had me at “milk contains blood and pus from cows”. I’m not a big milk drinker – I only ever have it with cereal and the occasional pastry treat, but I am thoroughly grossed out now. It’s Almond Milk all the way for me, now…

  81. JONNY BOY says




  82. Nebuchadnezzar says

    I found that I was lactose intolerant when I was very young. My mother took me to the doctor who said, “keep drinking it”. What?. “Yeah, keep drinking it, just buy 2% and your body willget used to it”.

    I did not realize that milk was constipating me and causing abdominal discomfort until I stopped drinking it altogether. Almond milk, Rice and soy milk are better anyway. I HIGHLY recommend almond milk by any company, all of them taste great and BETTER than the hormone-pumped sludge that comes from tortured cows.

    The only thing I have trouble weening out is cheese, creams and sauces that use dairy. I am tempted to buy soy alternatives, but I am not sure if that is any better for me.

    What do you think?

  83. dea dea says

    This is nothing more than a scare tactic. I grew up on raw cows milk and wasn’t sick a single day until we were no longer able to purchase our milk because the coupled died. I wish I could go back to drinking raw milk. The milk we purchase in the stores today is so full of chemicals that are worse for you than anything that raw milk could do to you. The process of homogenizing and pasturizing removes all the important nutrients that we need so drinking that won’t help you, but raw milk will provide many valuable nutrients.

  84. John says

    I love you idiots. Humans do A LOT of things that no other creature does! And you’re criticizing milk drinking?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!

    I don’t see any other creatures going through 50 year process to make a bottle of wine! Or any alcohol, of course. Hmm.

    Humans have been drinking milk for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Guess what?! They’re still alive today. Great logic there, you blasted retards.

    Oh, and people have been drinking pasteurized milk for 200 years. They’ve survived that too.

  85. Jose Amormino says

    Baby cows drink cow’s milk from momma
    grown up cows don’t drink milk. they eat grasses and herbs.
    cow’s milk has inorganic calcium- not good for us
    herbs have organic calcium, and there’s plenty of green herbs loaded with this wonderful calcium.
    don’t believe all the hype you see on the billboards strewn all over our country about how milk has something for everybody. Well, they do have something- something very bad for we grown ups.

  86. Rachael says

    I don’t agree with this. Mostly.

    Raw milk has many beneficial properties and benefits! When purchased from a local dairy farmer who’s cows are grass fed- on pasture, thier lives are not at all what you describe here! These dairy farmers love and humanely for their animals.

    The pasteurization and homogenization of milk is what makes it so dangerous, as well as skim milk. Skim milk is actually fed to hogs in factory farming to fatten them up!

    Please, do some research on raw milk and the myriad of health benefits of consuming raw milk and raw milk that has been traditionally cultured.

    • Brenda Whitney says

      You are ignorant. I’m not being mean, just factual. Read up and maybe visit a dairy farm…where are the babies? They are not with their mama’s…ALL dairy farms…every single one, separate the mothers from their babies within a few days of birth. Males are either slaughtered, thrown behind the barn to slowly starve to death or freeze and the female’s are usually crated until they are old enough to go through the cruel cycle of being impregnated and producing milk.
      In order for animals to produce milk they must be impregnated. When farmers give hormones to cows it’s to make the milk production greater and last longer between pregnancies.
      People like you think that somehow magically cows can just produce milk. It’s not because you are stupid tho, it’s because this cruel fact is hidden from the public.
      I can’t believe how many intelligent people I know that don’t know this fact about dairy. I am having to constantly tell people this and say “google” it because they just don’t believe it!

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