Hillary and Barack on Health Care

Hillary Clinton & Barack ObamaPhoto Courtesy: Stijn Vogels

We are fortunate enough to be given a choice between some of the most inspiring presidential candidates of our generation. Sure, nobody’s perfect, and politics often pushes the public airing of dirty laundry. But, I think many of us would agree that our options in this election far exceed the quality of choices we’ve had in the past. As an alternative health publication, Skrewtips urges you to know each candidate’s view on health care.

Furthermore, consider if in fact any of their plans affect our choices to receive alternative health care. Presidents obviously don’t make all of these decisions alone – but, who do you feel is best suited to be the final judge on how you will fund your own health in the future?

Listen to the Candidates

Who Funds Alternative Health?

As a mother, and a citizen without medical insurance – I have danced along that bankruptcy line. I know how it feels to spend each penny I earn on caring for a sick family. My issues go somewhat beyond what these candidates are discussing, because my husband and I have chosen doctors who don’t even accept insurance.

Our doctors, our wonderful doctors, who have been curing us of our ailments in an alternative way, cannot be bogged down by insurance company politics when deciding how to best care for their patients. I have experienced insurance companies blocking necessary testing and care for reasons that didn’t make sense. I have experienced public health insurance – who had doctors who only wanted to vaccinate and medicate my son.

Where is the Better Answer?

It is up to us to make the changes we need to see in the world. Even If we elect the best candidate, we still have a responsibility to do our part. If your family is not getting what you need/deserve – do something about it. My husband and I dropped insurance all-together. And, you’d be surprised how many doctors offer discounts and payment plans for people in our situation. Especially, alternative docs.

But, some of us NEED insurance. So, know your candidate. Do the research. This is an important election.

Be Well!


This post was first published in 2008 and now, in 2014, President Obama is heading towards the completion of his second term in office. In these recent years, there has been a lot of debate and attention directed towards his health care policy called ‘Obamacare’ by many.

I’m curious to know how many of you have benefited from it and your general views on the policy. Has it made any difference to your personal health care standards and to your financial plans? Since I’m always concerned about the healthcare and well being of my family and loved ones, including you, the readers, it would be wonderful to know if your medical and related needs have been met under these new health care guidelines.

Again, be well!


Gina Laverde is a Chicago-based writer and researcher whose expertise in natural health stems from her experiences with Body Ecology Diet, Blood Type Diet and homeopathic remedies. Gina believes that we’re in the midst of a serious world health crisis, and that the key to survival lies within our guts.



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