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  1. Heather Herington
    September 24, 2007

    This article is really needed. The LA Times printed today the story about Oprah and her thyroid and made it seem like radiation was the way to go. I healed myself from Graves in three months and I am not convinced this is a disease I will have for the rest of my life. There are so many natural routes that can heal the thyroid.

    • K.A.
      December 14, 2010

      Hi Heather! I am intruigued by your statement “I healed myself from Graves in three months.” Do you mind sharing hiw you did this? I was receltly diagnksed with a Goiter after and uktrasound through my regukar doctor but hafento waith 3 months to see the Endocrinologist. I dont know if its hypo or hyper for sure but my symptoms match hypertthyroidism.
      Thanks for any help!

  2. Elnita Thacker
    October 16, 2007

    I also suffer with hypothyroid disease and have been taking synthroid for about six years. I want to know if I can try armour or Oprah’s regime for my hypothyroidism? I am so tired of feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. Plese Help!!!!!!!

  3. Kerry Lauria
    October 17, 2007

    I just heard that Oprah Winfrey has disclosed that she has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. God bless her for allowing the public to once again know her as a real human being with real issues. My hope is that more people will become familiar with this disease, its symptoms and treatment. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism almost 2 years ago. For years I was told that my thyroid was fine even though I had many documented blood tests for hypothyroidism. It wasn’t until I hit a brick wall with my health that I was actually diagnosed. Sadly my General Practitioner, my GI Specialist and my OB/GYN treated me as though I was crazy. My symptoms went from nothing…to just about everything you could imagine in a matter of weeks…sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, losing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, heart pounding, arthritis, GI difficulties, extreme fatigue and forgetfulness. My adrenal glands were severely affected as well. Although I was only 45 at the time, I thought I must be going through menopause. Thankfully I found a wonderful naturopathic M.D. in Cumming, Georgia, Dr. Michael Milton who treats my thyroid with Armour thyroid (a more natural replacement), as well as daily supplements. After two years, I would say that I am now 80% to normal. You are the best physician. You know your body better than anyone! Please do not allow a physican to make you feel like you are going crazy. If you are not feeling well…seek out another specialist to help you on your journey.

  4. Ann-marie McCarthy
    October 18, 2007

    I am really sorry to hear of Oprah’s illness. However, I am encouraging her to get plenty of rest. As this is why our bodies sometime develop rare diseases because of lack of rest. She needs get take a break from her over extensive activities -NOTHING BEATS REST.

    I also encourage to pray to God for healing. She can recover totally. Miracles do happen.

  5. Michelle Wagner
    October 19, 2007

    Supplementing w/the mineral selenium can also be helpful – I went off natural thyroid a couple of years ago and recently started supplementing w/selenium and feel a definite improvement. Thank you for addressing this all-too-common and all-too-commonly-overlooked disease which affects mostly women:)

  6. Lara
    November 4, 2007


    Do you have more info about Dr. Michael Milton in Georgia? I am in Atlanta and am very curious about him? I really need a doctor to treat what I think are serious thyroid problems… any info you can provide would be helpful. Thanks!

  7. Gina Laverde
    November 5, 2007

    I also want to add that with thyroid issues, you wil lwant to avoid foods/chemicals that suppress throid function. You may not have known that cruciferous veggies, like cauliflour, kale, cabbage, broccoli, and collards can suppress the thyrod unless they are cooked or cultured.

    you can read more herehttp://bodyecology.com/07/03/29/suppress_hormone_production.php

    This diet has changed my life (combined with 90%raw), and I highly recommend it and can answer any questions you may have about it.


    Lara: Living in Atlanta, you have access to many qualified Body Ecology Coaches http://bodyecology.com/bedecologists.php#stgeo who can meet with you and help you with a personalized plan. They usually only charge $60 for a session. Combining this with a good naturopath should be really helpful. Best wishes and be well.


  8. Kerry Lauria
    November 5, 2007

    Dear Lara,

    Here is some information from the web on Dr. Milton. I have read previously that folks have traveled from as far as Japan to receive treatment from him. Hope this information helps.

    Georgia Top Doctors — Best Thyroid Doctors in the World as …Dr. Michael Milton, Family Practice, Advanced Medicine and Longevity Center 6030 Bethelview Road, Suite 403 Cumming, GA, 30040 “I have been suffering with …

  9. Gina Laverde
    November 5, 2007

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for your insighgtful comments. I’m a huge advocate of the Body Ecology Diet, and its power to nourish the thyroid and adrenals. You can greatly improve even the worst symptoms by working insode/out with diet.

    Here’s some more info regarding thyroid issues and Body Ecology http://bodyecology.com/articles/tired_all_the_time.php

  10. Lara
    November 7, 2007


    Thanks! I called his office and get the voicemail everytime and so far no one has called me back about an appt, but I will keep trying!

  11. Kerry Lauria
    November 7, 2007


    Do keep trying. It took me several tries to get in & get an appointment, but was definitely worth the wait. Dr. Milton is the only doctor that I have seen over the past 8-10 years who understood all that I was dealing with. My thyroid stopped functioning and my adrenals suffered significantly because of the stress on my entire system. I would say that I am now 85-90% to normal. It takes time & tweeking of medication, but based on my experience, he is a health care professional that listens and designs a care plan just for you.

  12. Lara
    November 19, 2007


    I STILL haven’t even been able to get ahold of someone to make an appointment after leaving 3 messages!! I imagine there is some wait list too… Do you know how long it usually takes to get an appt., assuming someone will eventually call me back?


  13. Kerry Lauria
    November 19, 2007

    Lara, It took me about 6 weeks before I could get an appointment — and it took me several tries to get someone “live” to answer the phone. This week may be difficult due to the holiday, but the office is generally open on Mondays…so I would try after Thanksgiving and would try calling earlier in the morning. Sorry for your frustration as I know how desperate I was for his help. I am prayerful that you will get in touch & get on the list as soon as possible. Good luck!

  14. Amy Williams
    December 8, 2007

    I am wondering if the suppliments I’m taking are healing my thyroid gland at a cellular level.
    I’m on a juice with glyconutrients as well as suppliments. As far as I understand, and I’ve done extensive research on both glycosylation and glycobiology…these glycans help with cell communication. Where there is increased cell communication there is healing…is this true? does anyone else know about glyconutrients??

  15. Laureen Raftopulos
    January 2, 2008

    Glyconutrients have done wonders for so many people with so many ailments or diseases. My mom being one of them with her glaucoma within just a few weeks. I am going to start taking them for hypothyroidism as soon as I get my supply. I hope you are aware though that the dosage for hypothyroidism is extremely high i.e. in my case about 12 teaspoons daily. You should also go and have your levels checked regularly and in this way you will be able to tell what improvements take place.

  16. Amelia Williams
    January 2, 2008

    Yes and this juice of which I speak is more easily assimilated by the body than the powder form of glyconutrients. Although I am still on the glyconutritionals.

    I have already reduced my ARMOUR from 180 mg a day to 90 mg.

    I have found that we all need to be our own best advocate.

    I am under going a heavy metal mercury test. A Naturopath I am working with says it is now in the food chain in the United States and can be the cause of all my thyroid issues. This is exciting news for me because I have a direction.

    Please visit my blog spot and follow my progress to health! I’m not going to stay sick! I have too much to do in my life :-)

    Be well!

  17. susan
    January 27, 2008

    I too was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and I am trying to self heal thru all I learned online. Taking kelp, mutlivitamins and mineral supplement, taking raw adrenaline and raw thyroid. and prayer, for I feel prayer helped me more than anything. I hope to avoid a dead thyroid or dead adrenal glands. I am convinced that many times the thyroid is at the base of ALL diseases, for it affects EVERYTHING below the neck. I am wondering if it is the cause of my cousins MS and other muscular degenerative diseases. Many people suffer needlessly becasue of a faulty thyroid or adrenal glands. I sffered 11 years before I was even disgbosed. I am not a betting person but after being put thru all I have been thru, I dont trust Drs any more for mine kept avoiding helping me until I mentioned it to my gynecologist. She was the one that finally sent me for a sonogram and it showed three nodules on my thyroid. I believe it is also the cause of my sleep apnea, fatigue, and colds and being COLD all the time. All these symptoms, my Dr avoided hearing, are all listed as symptoms of thyroid condition but the Dr continued to ignore me deny me the help I needed. WHY I ask dont Drs listen to their patients? Before my Dr said it was, “all in my head” then said it was, anxiety and then called it PTSD; and I thought all along it was my thyroid for I have siblings, all of whom suffer with different degrees ofa malfunctioning thyroid conditons. My one brother went crazy and was placed in a mental imstitution before they learned it was due to his thyroid NOT functioning. So I do know how serious this condition can get. I hope Oprah at least gets the word out that many people these days have this condition and many die sometimes without even knowing they even had it. Many Drs. are blind to the symptoms, many dont weigh past results against present blood test results of the TSH and other test. I feel many suffer needlessly. I have for 11 years, and finally one Dr listened to me and that was how I learned I too had a Thyroid condition. What gets me, the Drs dont always diagnose a condition right away. And many times almost too late. And many are sent to a psychiatrist or psychologist before they are even sent for a sonogram Many Medical Dr know of the conditon, but miss diagnosing it; and ruin lives further; causing many to commit suicide to get relief. Been there!! Glad someone spoke up for all those who are suffering! Thansk OPRAH you did one good things for the many who are suffering, needelessly. All because of the stress of today. I blame mine on a car accident which pushed me past my tolerant level and over the edge! Stress kills, believe it!! Thyroid testing should be an utmost first test when people seem anxious. For that was my first sympton, and that started when I had kids! And I had a stroke when Iw as 28. I was overstressed. I believe it is why many have heart attacsk and strokes and other diseases that kill! You would think Drs would realize that at one point in their careers? You’d think!! But I wonder if they neglect diagnosing such simple ills so you the patient will pay them , for I paid my Dr a small fortune because I would see him at least once a month. Just think of it, being misdiagnsoed all these years on purpose to gain a monetary stipned? I wonder if it is a good reason to sue? susan

  18. Amelia Williams
    January 27, 2008

    I have set up a board in yahoo called TotalHealth 2008
    please join if you’re interested in gaining support for your TOTAL HEALTH in 2008.
    We will discuss the body, mind, spirit connection. Look at CORE issues that cause the body to fail, such as our food supply, suppliments, mental attitude etc.

    Here’s to your TOTAL health and mine!
    in Missouri

  19. susan
    January 28, 2008

    I have found a Glandular supplement helps if you have low thyroid or a goiter. and I have tried kelp, and my Dr said that Kelp can actually cause a thyroid to grow into a goiter. But I do find that thyroid supplement helps a lot, because I have been able to lower my a adrenaline amounts. I found ” Natural Sources” at the VitaminShoppe.com has a good supplement:In it is Raw Thyroid, with thyroid tissue, adrenal tissue, pituitary tissue, thymus , spleen, kelp, and rice bran. And I take two capsules a day. And lowered my adrenaline to one capsule a day. Used to take 4 capsules a day of the adrenaline. Now one. Hope this helps anyone who does not want to have their thyroid surgically removed due to goiter.Or has low thyroid.It may not be everyone but it does help those who have low thyroid production. Many time people get a goiter when they do NOT have sufficient amounts of the glandular amounts. This has helped me so far. I just wish I had learned of this 11 years ago!

  20. Cheryl
    April 30, 2008

    For seven years, I suffered what can only be described as ‘hell’ due to hyperthyroidism. Like many with this problem, I tried to live my life while my body was falling apart. I tried to appear ‘normal’ but it got to the point where I could no longer function. It started with extreme exhaustion and aches all over my body. I stopped working, slept all day and even developed a gluten allergy which has been linked to thyroidism. But it didn’t stop there…soon afterwards, I noticed that I felt ‘crazy.’ I snapped at people I loved, developed agoraphobia, got irritated at the slightest thing, argued and became aggressive. I have always been a soft spoken, caring person and couldn’t understand who this ‘person’ was… I asked myself – Do I have a split personality or something? – am I possessed – what’s happening to me? Then came the horrible gritty feeling all over my body. It’s hard to explain it… it is like fatigue inside your tissues, nerves and cells. I experienced trembling, shaking with an awful sensation that cannot be described like my nerves were inflamed or something. My temperature was always above normal and I wanted to commit suicide – not something I would have considered otherwise but the overwhelming sensations I felt were forcing me towards it.

    Then I started remembering that when I was about 15, I watched my mother change from a bright, energetic person into an unhappy, snappy and sometimes loopy person. She was on antidepressants most of the time and life around her wasn’t very pleasant. She always had a look of suffering on her face. I now know what she was going through. My siblings have also shown signs of one form of thyroidism or another but I think from my seven year, can’t get up, feeling crazy experience, mine has been the worst.

    As some people have mentioned here…doctors did NOTHING to help except recommend a psychologist which made me angrier. I had to spend hours researching to find out what was wrong with me… Now I know and am treating myself self naturally with various herbal supplements such as lemon balm and bugleweed which suppresses the thyroid and am changing my diet. I am one of those people who could eat tons of food and never gain an inch which is also a symptom of hyperthyroidism …not nice when you’re super thin…

    I’d love any further suggestions…

  21. Amy
    April 30, 2008

    HI Cheryl,
    I suggest joining my Total Health group in yahoo. Website is above. We begin a weight management program tomorrow and I am offering my Life Coaching services for free to anyone from May 1-Aug.31 on this board dealing with weight management..you may be wanting to gain weight…lose weight or just maintain…GREAT opportunity to learn a lot of alternative ways to treat health and wellness.

    I was diagnosed with Hypo. 7 years ago and diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last Nov. I’ve actually been able to reduce my auto immune antibodies WITHOUT increasing my medication, I’m actually decreasing medication ( Armour)..medical profession treat almost all autoimmune disease with MORE meds.

    Come join us and see if we can’t be of some support while you try and figure out your body.


    Master Life Coach

  22. Gina
    May 1, 2008

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for sharing your story. My mother too had hyperthyroid and passed it on to me. It is my belief that anything can be cured. what we put into our bodies is a major part of it, but there are many complimentary therapies I would consider, EFT, cranio-sacral, chi gong, breathing exercises like done in yoga. . I know how it is when your emotions seem intertwined with your physical health and you don’t know which is causing what.

    I began following the studies of Donna Gates of the Body ecology diet and still consider her one of the best authorities on gland issues.
    check out her site and info on thyroid. look into the other treatments I mentioned.

    I believe that everything is connected, so I would assume your thyroid is not all that has been affected. The thyroid of course rules metabolism, hormones, etc. You need to look at all areas of your life and decide where u could use more balance.

    I have heard great things about EFT emotional freedom technique. you can do this to yourself for free. I used the the body ecology diet, combined with a mostly raw vegetarian lifestyle and I feel great! it didn’t take long after implementing this lifestyle change before I found AMAZING results.

    all the best,

    If u would like personalized help, please e-mail me at ginalaverde@hotmail.com

  23. Amy
    May 1, 2008

    Great Post Gina, I am looking into Donna Gates stuff tonight. I too believe there is a connection between all parts of us, body, mind and spirit. The longer I am off gluten the better I feel. I recommend to everyone to get off of it…the reason is two fold..for one there is NO dietary reason to eat it for anyone ( and it won’t hurt you in the least if you don’t ever eat it again) and two it causes you to eat a more FRESH healthy diet…because a lot of what we eat WITH gluten is not so good…but I don’t think people really understand the physical impact that gluten has on the INSIDE of our bodies. OVER TIME it is devastating! The longer I’m alive the more I KNOW food is HUGE with regards to our health. And the way in which food is grown in the United States is actually really scary if you ask me. Ever see the DVD The Future of Food? watch that and we’ll talk :-)

    Have a great evening.

  24. Gina
    May 3, 2008

    I’d love to talk more about this with u. I am beginning to hold small classes now, at this point mostly for women. I feel the same way as you. do u grow any of your own food? community gardens, farm shares etc. this is a way to beat the GM revolution. yeah, who needs gluten? not me!


  25. Amy
    May 3, 2008

    e-mail me at lakotasiouxgrizzly2006@yahoo.com
    I do grow a lot of my own food..and we’re putting up greenhouses this year.
    We also are opening an Organic Cafe , hopefully by Sept.
    I am a member of the American Community Gardeners Association too! :-)
    Write me, sounds like we have a lot to talk about.

  26. Becky
    May 5, 2008

    Thanks Cheryl for you post, my symptoms are identical , i went through everything you did for 11 years. Thought i was the only one that went through this, thought i was going crazy, snappy , absolutely exhausted. I am on some fantastic vitamin and amino acids for mood and energy by a company called extend life, made a massive difference. Also had a hair analysis and have very high levels of heavy metal. There is a lot of research that heavy metals are linked to thyroid disorders so am in the process of detoxing through raw foods and a natural heavy metal detoxer called modifilan. I take this on alternatite days as this can make me feel weak as it is pulling out metals. Am confident that i am on the mend and believe that this can be total reversed through good nutrition… Good luck to you in your healing!!

  27. Cheryl
    May 6, 2008

    I just want to thank you for all your responses. I think this forum is really important because dealing with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism is quite an ordeal! From the comments here, many people have suffered for years like myself. Since my last post, I have been taking bugleweed, lemon balm (melissa leaf)and motherwort compound. These natural herbs are for HYPERthyroidism and the changes are quite significant.

    Anxiety – Gone. Occasional Trembling – Gone. Short Attention Span – Gone. Exhaustion – Going slowly. Depressed Feeling – Going. Hardened lumps under skin(symptom of hyperthyroidism) – going very slowly. Breathing – Getting Better. Aches And Pains – Still there but less. Chronic thinness – CHANGING and I’m gaining weight!

    Becky, I noticed you said you were on modifilan for metal detoxing. I believe that I may also have high levels of metals in my body and am arranging a hair analysis test. Eating healthy, organic foods is extremely important. I believe there are many illnesses out there including hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism that are due to toxic foods and substances. Flouride and other chemicals cause thyroid problems. More importantly, I’m convinced that both of these disorders develop from stress.

    Thanks again…

  28. Amy
    May 6, 2008

    You must get the book The Autoimmune Epidemic by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
    She goes through what you need to be doing to heal. There are pages upon pages about the WHY, and pages about how we can correct what’s gone wrong, and more pages about mercury poisoning.

    ALSO go to Mercout.com and get a heavy metal test for mercury. That’s how I first tested for mercury.
    It’s a simple urine test you do at home, send it in, doctors read results and send back to you via e-mail. I had high levels at that time. I started on the juice, had a hair analysis ( which tested for 33 things) after that and my levels are now at “trace amounts”. The sterified fatty acids in this juice is what my Naturopath said is helping me detox. Since then I’ve decided to have my fillings out, and have found a dentist who does it strictly to CODE and regulations…here in Missouri.

    I am feeling fantastic. Just can’t believe the change in just 4 months. I’m doing a lot of different things..or doing a lot of things differently. ;-) I’m still learning…and this book has shed so much light on why I am sick/was sick.

    Be well,
    Master Spirit Life Coach

  29. Becky
    May 8, 2008

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for you feedback. I would be interested to know how you get on with your heavy metal tests.

    I am due to be re-tested in a couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see the results after taking the modifilan. I beleive i have improved a lot since taking this. I am 38 and my hair was starting to go grey a lot. I have totally got my hair colour back without any more greys which I attribute to the modifilan. I have more energy and better memory, also due to some good vitamins that i have been taking. I also agree with your comments on stress and I attribute the life i was living in my early 20’s, long hours , poor nutrition, stressful job etc. all lead to a break down in my endocrine system. I also, if it helps anyone else have noticed a big difference from taking a natural compound progesterone cream. This has helped my energy levels a lot. I also take an adrenal formula as last test, along with low thyroid i also had extremely high cortisol levels.
    Another thing that i occasionally take when i am feeling stressed is L-tryptophan. This stuff is amazing, it calms me down instantly and promotes a feeling of well being and confidence. Is also is good for concentration.

    I beleive that hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are linked. Although most of the time I am hypo, I have had stages where i am hyper. I discussed this with my specialist and he agrees that this is quite common.

    In summary after 11 years of hell after taking the above supplements and following a good nutritional diet, I have cleared up just about all my symptoms inluding depression, brain fog, shocking memory(am still working on this), anger, irritibility , stress, weight gain,aching muscles and most of all exhaustion. I will continue to work on cleaning out the heavy metals from my system and continue with good nutrition and I am looking forward to having the next heavy metal test (although they say it takes at least a year to significantly decrease.) I also am interested to see how my next thyroid test shows up.

    Love hearing the feedback on what you’ve been taking Cheryl. Please keep me udated and also on the heavy metal.

    Glad your feeling better Amy after your fillings have been removed. I had mine done a few years back.

    Thanks again for sharing your stories.

  30. Amy
    May 8, 2008

    HI Becky,
    In the beginning of all my health stuff I wanted so bad to find the “magic pill”. Now 8 years in…it has been a blessing to find the doctors I have found that have guided me to all kinds of answers. It is truly a miracle body when given what it needs it does what it’s suppose to do. We’re all such intricate beings, with such diverse issues. Illness and dis-ease manifest in each body so differently, it’s like a huge puzzle. Thank goodness I LOVE puzzles LOL.

    I too am on a natural progesterone cream I put on my face at night. I’m also on Homeopathic Remedies for a variety of things. I was muscle tested to the Bach remedy that best suits me ( this I find absolutely fascinating). I am currently using Medi Pads to clear/detox some of the energy meridians in my face that are linked to my digestion. Scars on the body interrupt the energy meridians due to the hardening of the scar tissue. When energy is blocked, healing cannot take place. I am on a iodine supplement, I’ve reduced my Armour by half ( was 180 mg a day and on 90 mg a day), take a trace mineral, fish oil, metagest for digestion, cherry juice for constipation,a green tea extract thingy that tastes HORRIBLE but I mix it in with my MonaVie so I don’t gag LOL…and a Natural Mouthwash that has been beneficial for cutting bacteria growth in my mouth.

    I will have my fillings out, I just have to make the appointment. In this book, The Autoimmune Epidemic, I am reading about the immune response. The fillings are a constant DRAW on my immune system, thus causing everything else to have a draw on it…if the immune system is constantly working on the mercury then when there are other issues in the body, it’s not going to be able to cover all the bases. The immune system over time gets worn out. In the book they mention how EVERYTHING now causes free radicals in our bodies, which then cause cellular damage and leads to illness dis-ease and body breakdown. From the food we eat, to the air we breath to the supplements we take and the water we drink.

    The book also GIVES solutions…and a diet that all autoimmune people should be on and anyone wanting to avoid an autoimmune diagnosis.

    Just rambling on a rainy morning here in Missouri.
    Thanks to everyone here for sharing…
    Life is good, finally. I feel great, I’ve lost 10 pounds since Nov. and I have the energy again that I use to have to be able to do the things I want to do of a day. YIPPY!!!! :-)

    It takes time, and patience, but the body can heal.

    Be well everyone,

  31. Micaela,RN
    May 11, 2008

    I have been mis-treated/undertreated for hypothyroid for too many years and now seem to be experiencing much more widespread autoimmune effects, although still trying to r/o Lyme or possible viral triggers. This latest flare has lasted almost 5 mos now with few signs of abating any time soon, although the intensity is now down to a dull roar. I have been focused on detox, probiotics, supportive herbs, elimination diet for allergies, vitamin regimen, kefir, kombucha, natural progesterone cream, but I am very interested in learning more about heavy metal contamination and parasites. I’ll keep watching these postings; it looks like I can learn a lot here. -M.
    P.S. Hey Raj, you might remember me from Beloit?

  32. Becky
    May 12, 2008

    Thanks Amy for your feedback, sounds like your on a lot of good supplements. Be interesting to see how you go after you have your fillings out. Have heard of people recovering within a few weeks after having there fillings removed.


  33. Mariann
    May 14, 2008

    Hello to all,
    I hope there is something in the following that will help one of you in your healing.

    I have been dealing with Hypothyroidism for over 20 years and have finally found a physician who is willing to look beyond synthroid for healing. She has been switching me off synthroid and onto NATURAL THYROID, and she has me taking IODORAL (iodine), and she told me to go on a GLUTEN FREE DIET. I know about all the food to avoid and this is important too. She has just put me on DHEA as my testosterone is low. I am really excited because already I am reducing my thyroid medication and starting to feel so much better. I have more energy and am sleeping better.

    Interestingly, I have also researched and found that the Thyroid is metaphysically represented with feelings of being overwhlemed and also not being fast enough” in something. I definitely feel overwhelmed in my day and will be addressing this. I don’t have a clue about the other statement, but as a Christian I will be praying for clarification so this can be healed spiritually as well.

    Blessings to all of you who are dealing with this, and I do pray for your healing.

  34. fartun
    December 24, 2008

    me to

  35. Christine
    May 13, 2009

    I discovered a webpage http://www.greenlife-herbal.com from Hong Kong features thyroid expert using TCM. I also have friends in my country have tried these products and it work wonder for them and had healed of their thyroid disorders. It seems it is good for almost all kind of thyroid diseases. No harm trying. I hope Oprah would have a look at this webpage and learn of natural chinese medicine, it may works for her as well. Wish her good health.

  36. Cheryl Meril
    September 12, 2010

    About the FDA – it has totally lost all credibility by claiming mercury is okay for humans, including fetus development. The EPA that claimed mercury as a dangerous toxin (that causes autism in children and other ailments) was all dropped jawed when the FDA approved merucry as okay. The reason for the FDA’s cowardice is legal since amalgam is used by dentists and people are afraid of lawsuits of after the fact disclosure of the dangers of muercyry.

    The FDA’s been hijacked by corporate interests and is no longer a protective arm on behalf of the people it was created for. So whatever the FDA says, instantly disregard it! For instance, raw milk is very good for you! The FDA disagrees. The FDA can’t be trusted whatsoever.
    .-= Cheryl Meril´s last blog ..Soft Killing Populations with Genetically Modified Foods GMOs =-.

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