Oh Soy Bad: How We are Misled about the Benefits of Soy

Soy Tofu with VegetablesSoy Tofu with Vegetables – Image Courtesy: Jennie Li

Why is Soy Bad for You – The Soy Problems

What’s bad about soy? Doctor Mercola confirms what I discovered about a year ago. All of those soy alternatives that we vegetarians have long been consuming with the intention of better health are NOT healthy for us. Mercola blames the miscommunication of the true value of soy on the massive public relations done by the soy industry. However, the largely genetically modified crop can inhibit thyroid function, increase estrogen levels in babies using soy formula, and screw up our digestion.

Dangers of soy: The Negative Soy Side Effects

So the real question is: is soy bad for you? Soy is loaded with trypsin inhibitors that prevent proper protein digestion; goitrogen which inhibits thyroid function; phytic acid, a fiber that impairs absorption of minerals; and phytoestrogens which dangerously increase the estrogen hormone.

What Then? A Soy Alternative?

Fermented soy is best

Mercola, advocates the use of fermented organic soy which would include tempeh, natto and miso – but not tofu. Fermented foodsoffer predigested nutrition, which gives our intestinal track a big break. Fermenting food also manipulates the chemical make-up of the product, in order to turn potential poisons into viable nutrients.

What Foods Are Rich in Soy?

No more soy nuggets or soy corn dogs

My family and I have been guilty of consuming soy nuggets, soy protein powder, soy eggnog around the holidays – not to mention the soy based vitamin E which is hidden in supplements like cod liver oil. Surprisingly enough, after going soy-free for about a year, I did have a reaction to a soy-based skin cream. We now use it sparingly, and seem to be okay with it.

I find raw almond or cashew milk to be a good alternative for making shakes or adding to coffee or tea.

Hidden sources of soy

  • Oil used to fry packaged chips and crackers
  • Commercial nut or hemp milks
  • Packaged organic meals

What’s a Consumer to Do?

I figure that we can either feel dooped by the health food industry, or we can strap on our thinking caps and realize that every industry needs to profit. That profit may be at the expense of our health, of course. All we can do is continue to educate ourselves. And, of course – READ LABELS!

How Much Soy Do You Think was Consumed in Historical Asia?
Dr. Mercola has a report that may surprise you. It surprised me. Here is a small excerpt from the same article about infant feeding:

Ever heard the industry line that ‘soy formulas must be safe because Asian infants have been eating soy for centuries’? Just another piece of false advertising, a little like the claims that ‘soy formulas are better than breast milk’ that many parents that have fed soy formulas testify to. And to set the record straight, soy was seldom used in infant feeding in Asia.

from: Learn the Truth About Soy. Just How Much Soy Do Asians Eat?


Gina LaverdeGina Laverde is a Chicago-based writer and researcher whose expertise in natural health stems from her experiences with Body Ecology Diet, Blood Type Diet and homeopathic remedies. Gina believes that we’re in the midst of a serious world health crisis, and that the key to survival lies within our guts.


  1. says

    This is definitely interesting information, thanks Gina. I’ve been consuming soy for 4 years now — soy milk, tofu, soy burgers, texurized soy protein (tsp)products, et al. And to be honest, I’ve never felt healthier. My immune system is like a rock and based upon my research of soy, which begun with people like John Robbins, author of “The Food Revolution” — soy is healthy (for my body). But like many foods there’s always two sides… so it’s great to learn more about soy from you.

  2. says

    Here are my 2 major probs with soy:
    1. its so mass produced and genetically modified that we cannot be sure of its actual nutrition value or if our bodies can accept it.
    2. soy based packaged foods are so overly processed (like burgers, cheese,) that our bodies don’t recognize them as food
    3. when consuming soy milk, if organic and pure — you are stil consuming far more soy (think of how many beans it takes to make a whole pint of soy milk)
    I say if its organic and non gmo then in moderation it probably won’t hurt someone with a strong constitution. But, in some ways, I see it like eating white rice…. one day it’ll creap up on you. There is a way to find out if its inhibiing your digestion or affecting you negatively — go have a colonic (if you dare :) )
    they can find out so much about what our food does to us.

    have you ever had tempeh? I haven’t, but I do like miso.

    I used to be addicted to luna bars. Now I just make myown dehydrated snack bars and they are very good. So, there’s usually a tasty replacement for everything.

    have a good weekend,

    • G says

      Thank u G 4 the TRUTH! I wrote Kashi about there roll in all this and the response is that they DO KNOW SOY is bad for u in high levels, and my reply to them was how much is TOO MUCH????? well as u can guess I never recieved a reply. If so is in EVERTHING from bread to meat then REALLY we are being overDOSED with this poison, because as we know it has PHTIESTROGEN that mimicks female estrogen and if we feed this to our kids especiall bos then what exactl is it doing to them????????? There was a blind test done where men were fed a High so protien diet and found hat within 2weeks it DECREASED their TESTOSTERONE LEVELS by 14 % im shocked the lie needs to stop here and we wont even mention how it promotes HYPERTHROIDISM! Thank you again!

  3. says

    another note: although soy contains goitrogens (thyroid inhibitors) these can also inhibit cancer growth. hence, the idea that soy prevents cancer. you will find goitrogens in kale, cabbage, broccoli, caulifower, mustard greens, millet. If u have a weak thyroid you may either want to culture these veggies, cook them lightly or marinate them with enzymes overnight, to decrease the mal affects on the thyroid.

    • G says

      So right G! but we arent being fed deriveratives of these foods in EVEYTHING, the phytic acid in so beans cant be lessened or eliminated by cooking,high heat or with mixing with other acids the only way is thru fermentation which the asian culture has been doing for centuries, and b4 that the wouldnt even touch it only as fertilizer.

  4. Hanna says

    The “Soy Industry” has applied for and received GRAS status (Generally recognized as safe) by the FDA which means it is not necessary to identify the soy in any product on its food label. So many foods may have soy in it and you would never know. Many people are becoming allergic to soy as well so it has now become a hidden danger to some people.

  5. John M. says

    All you people are knocking soy and true it’s not good to consume one thing as your main source of protein but listen..where is the average person getting their protein from? Animal flesh of course. Now you’re going to tell me thats better? Safer? Stop over analyzing everything and take it for what it’s worth. It’s the dairy/cattle industry thats giving soy a bad rap. You can dig up and find negativity on anything in life if you try hard enough.

    • says

      The soy industry is bigger than the dairy/cattle industry and its propaganda more widespread.

      And yes, animal protein is far better — and safer — both for human health and the environment than soy. What’s so hard to believe about that?
      .-= Igor´s last blog ..The Take Charge Beauty Book =-.

      • Ethan says

        It’s hard to believe because it’s just not true, people complain that those who eat soy don’t do their research but I almost never meet anyone who loves meat who has done any research into the multitude of diseases, cancers and other negative health effects directly related to a high meat based diet.

        The key to healthy eating is balance.

  6. Kelly says

    So true John. It’s the evil dairy industry that gives soy a bad rap and people actually believe them. They will do anything to get people to drink their cruel dairy.

  7. Deb says

    I, too, have been researching soy, because both my husband and I have an intolerance to milk … plus milk is proven to be rather unhealthy for people (creates a slime and creates a very acidic environment in the body).
    What I can contribute from my research is that fermented soy is safe … that is, natto, tempeh, or miso. Natto can be taken in capsules at 100 mg per day for the benefits. However, that doesn’t solve my problem for a dairy substitute. I’ve tried almond milk and rice milk on my cereal (ick). Liquid Coffee Mate works, but that is full of corn syrup which is a whole different subject of why corn syrup is bad.

    I figure if we follow what the Japanese have routinely consumed for the last 1,000 years without ill affects, we’ll be o.k. I know that natural natto as a food is highly consumed. As far as the regular soy products, it is probably true that overconsuming it isn’t a good idea.

    Hope at least a little of this helps.

    • G says

      Hi Deb I have switched from dair to Almond its great and provies more protien then milk, kids love it and no slime!

  8. Amy says

    I have been eating soy as an alternative to meat for several years now. Occassionally, I feel nauseous and have been getting digestive problems. I am healthy and fit and have never had trouble like this before – I really believe its the soy causing this. My son who eats soy on regular basis has also lately complained of the same type of feeling I have been getting, it seems to be worse after eating soy burgers. I have decided to cut soy out of our diet and see how it goes.

    • Sol says

      Yes, eating soy can make you very sick. I was vegetarian for 17 years and this effect gradually built up. If I eat a little soy now, I’m seriously sick for one day.
      The stuff is nasty. Notice when you feel bad and then look for the ingredients you just ate. Look for lecitin or soy oil or powder.

    • npang says

      Vegetarians of the past ate real vegetables. People choose vegetarianism today more as a sort of philosophy and belief in lifestyle improvement–but ironically must still enjoy the taste of meat and so eat “vegetarian meat” products made of soy.

      It is not soy per se that causes illness but the additives used to make soy taste like meat. Soy is a plant and when consumed in moderation, will more likely bring about benefits than not.

      Asian people consume soy in many forms and tofu is very commonly consumed–perhaps more so than even miso, even by the Japanese. Yet they have not come to any harm.

      Is it not possible that non-asian ethnics have problems breaking down soy proteins like how many asians have problems breaking down alcohol?

      • Ostara8 says

        They’ve just finished showing the studies up above, scientific studies, that soy plant contains too much estrogen and is bad for us.

    • G says

      Hi Amy, The long term or short term effects of SOY is still not known, I do know that our Asian culture NEVER ate soy the way we do in our society, its in EVERTHING! Soy is also used as a filler, have you noticed the obese reports that are coming up from all over? Look up Phytic acid.

    • G says

      Soy lowers males testosterone levels, the harm it does is still unknown for the long haul. I read labels all the time and WILL NOT feed my fam anything SOY!

  9. nancy hulbert says

    So what are we to believe anymore? The meat and dairy folks scream soy is bad for you, the meatless folks tell us meat and dairy is bad for you! what makes me think either one is not out for my money? Everyone wants our money, soy wants it, milk wants it. so how does one research any product without it being biased? No wonder I eat most things only once in awhile, I’m tired of trying to figure out who is lying about what. I prefer non soy foods anyway and I don’t eat meat!

  10. gracie says

    For the people that think dairy is bad. Yes, pasteurized milk is very bad for you, but raw milk isn’t. People drank raw milk for centuries before the govt stepped in back in the early 1900’s and required dairy to be pastuerized. We’ve been fed a bunch of lies from the govt b/c it’s all about money. Consumers are the ones that control our bank accounts and we have the power to stop buying certain products. When we stop buying, manufacturers will start taking notice. Soy is very bad for you and 80% of soy is now genetically modifided. All you have to do is read up on some of things to become knowledgeable about what’s really happening. We need to wake up so that this doesn’t continue to affect our kids. Think of how many kids have allergies to soy, wheat, corn. How many kids have gotten autism b/c people thought it was from the mercury in vaccinations. How about the mercury that’s in high fructose corn syrup. HFCS is in most processed foods that are kids eat both at home and at school. How about the alarming rates of ADD and ADHD in our kids now. ADD and ADHD can be corrected by the foods our kids eat. Genetically modifided soy, corn, byproducts of soy and corn, canola oil, cottonseed oil, is in many of our foods now. The school lunches our kids eat are loaded with GMO foods. The FDA does not regulate or require labeling of GMO foods here in the USA. Many countries in the world have banned GMO foods b/c of the terrible side effects from eating these foods. We as consumers need to do our part here in the US, and demand the FDA require labeling of GMO foods and foods that are non-GMO. We need to do our part in not buying foods that are GMO, but buy foods that are organic. Support your local organic farmers. This is serious stuff people. Our kids are suffering from these foods as well as us adults, and we need to step up and start doing something about it.

    • Xencat says

      Drinking raw milk is a highly risky venture, especially when from cows that are not treated with antibiotics. TB is coming back because of people drinking raw milk and it’s antibiotic resistant this time around.

      • G says

        Xencat one word RBST! look up Monsanto. Rbst is a hormone that is given to cows which have been shown to promote problems with cows and there offspring for generations, then we drink this milk and have problems for generations thru our offspring, Rbst messes up the repoductive system of these animals FOR GENERATIONS!

  11. gracie says

    BTW…the Asians have NEVER eaten soy the way we do in this country. Do some research on that and ask people that live over there and you will find out the truth. The FDA has even labeled all soy plants as poisonous, but b/c it’s a cheap alternative…it’s still used in most of our packaged foods.

    • Ethan says

      I live “over there” and they eat tons of soy just like the West does. The problem is just hte highly processed soy, that’s what Asia doesn’t eat so much of, but most veggies who want to be healthy don’t either, it’s the lazy man’s food.

  12. gracie says

    one other thing…the reason so many people are lactose intolerant and can’t drink cow’s milk is b/c u are drinking “dead” milk. When milk is homogenized and pasteurized, all the good enzymes that your body needs to digest it is killed off. When you drink raw milk, you are drinking “live” milk. All the good enzymes are still there. Any body that is lactose intolerant and drinks raw milk will be cured b/c of the digestive enzymes. Raw milk is an amazing whole food. It keeps you from getting sick and it also helps cure many problems within the body. Read up on it..you will be surprised.

    • Mr. Lasse says

      I am sure you are right. But theres reason behind pasteurizing foods. ‘Pasteurizing’ might sound a bit clinic, but it just comes down to heating the foods so potential bacteri, vira and bugs are killed. Unpasteurized foods might give you Listeria, and a whole array of deadly or cruel diseases. I just wanted to point that out.

      For the confused: nothing beats a good education in science. If you give that a little more attention, you will be well of, in regards to see through all the media-stuff on foods etc. But we all needs to educate ourselves through all our lives, even scientists.

      ok bye bye :-)

  13. Anita Karenina says

    We are the only species that consume milk after infancy. We do not need milk after this period hence why our brests stop producing it. To drink cow’s milk is utterly unnatural and it supports a sick barbaric industry that deprives the cows and their offspring from their basic needs, and please do not be fooled by their Organic free range standards. Cows will have to be continuously reproducing, most of the time artificially which in my point of you qualifies for rape. Milk is for babies and Cow’ milk is designed for calves to grow fast and strong in a short period of time so saturated with hormones which are harmful to us. Not to mention the billions of pus and blood cells that are found in milk due to factory farming these loving beings.

    I would go for Raw almond milk or any alternative that is soy and gluten free. We ned to not to exploit our fellow earthlings.

    • Bushido Code says

      I agree completely! We were not meant to consume milk after infancy. The reason many adults become lactose intolerant is because our bodies are not producing the lactase, enzyme necessary to break down the lactose in dairy products. We needed the enzyme as infants to help us digest our mother’s milk. We don’t need it now because we no longer require milk and shouldn’t be consuming it.

      It’s just another way we are being manipulated by the multi-billion dollar food industry. The bottom line is these products are about making money, not about our health.

    • says

      “To drink cow’s milk is utterly unnatural…”

      Unnatural as compared to what? Eating textured soy protein?

      The reason we’re the only species to drink milk into adulthood is because we’re the only species that breeds animals in order to eat them.

      If you want to get right down to it, there’s nothing “natural” about agriculture. The only diet that would really be “natural” would be one of wild fruit and raw meat.
      .-= Igor´s last blog ..The Take Charge Beauty Book =-.

  14. says

    Interesting new information about soy. I had always thought that it’s quite healthy, but I guess as David said there are two sides to most foods. Where can we find fermented soy products?

  15. Judy says

    February 26th, 2009 at 8:25 am

    BTW…the Asians have NEVER eaten soy the way we do in this country. Do some research on that and ask people that live over there and you will find out the truth.

    I find this very funny but true. I myself am Asian and have eaten soy products all my life, it is an essential ingredient in my diet. Maybe the problem is that in America, everything is so processed that you essentially lose all nutritional value. I for one have never eaten a soy burger or drank soy milk from the grocery store. I make my own soy drink which is much healthier and surprisingly easy to do. Also as a note to others whom have supplemented soy into their diet, MODERATION!! I have been on a vegetarian diet before and have discovered endless dishes, you are not limited in what you eat.

    • Kali says

      Most Asians don’t make their own soy milk. It’s a fairly long process. But I do agree that it is consumed differently. It’s drank more like a treat. Maybe a small 250 ml carton. Most people here drink tea, juice, or water instead. Soymilk isn’t even available in restaurants in hong kong. Soy is consumed as tofu more often then not and not every day. The diet here is completely different then north America. I think that japan eats a bit more soy then here tho.

  16. A.H. says

    Would rice milk be a better substitute than soymilk? I’m not sure I know any grocers in the area that would provide almond/cashew milk. Thanks!

    • G says

      In most stores in the milk section I dont give my fam anything else! and the love it my son wont touch animal milk, animal milk is for animals!

  17. Liz says

    SOY milk being a health alternative is the biggest CON on the market.

    Not only it’s the most genetically modified of all plants, but it contains phyto chemicals that mimic estrogen hormones and may overload your system if you are not a menopausal woman.

    These hormones cause cellulite on your legs and buttocks. Ever wonder why men don’t really suffer from cellulite? Well it’s because they produce very little if at all female hormones. It has nothing to do with being fat, as men get fat too. (fat of course make cellulite look worse)
    So, if you want cellulite and tender sore breasts, eat SOY !!!

    I know that, as I experienced it first hand when I developed a taste for soy milkshakes. Within a week of drinking the stuff, I had all of the above symptoms,and I never had them before. When I stopped drinking it, it all went away.

    I tried it several times just to be sure, and everytime my suspicion was confirmed.

    So do yourself a favour and ditch the Soy.

    • Lucy says

      I can totally relate! I had similar bad experiences to Soy, I think its a plant that was never supposed to become mainstream food.

      • Lauren says

        I totally agree, same thing happened to me and I had to go on the pill just to have a period! Had the worst pimples all over my chin. Didn’t realize it was soy until I stopped it for 6 months, and then went off the pill, and finally had a period with no help from the pill! Cellulite and pimples are gone too. Definately doesn’t agree with my body..

  18. Bushido Code says

    Hi Gina,

    I have been eating soy as a meat alternative. I am very physically active and I’m concerned about my amino acid intake. Do you have any suggestions as to an alternative to soy?

    It’s like Jack Lalanne says: “If man makes it, don’t eat it!”

  19. Yum says

    So we’re all “dooped”, eh? I wonder what that means. You don’t think that maybe, instead, we might be “duped”? Nah, couldn’t be that.

    I’m not sure which is more bogus: the spelling on the site or the content.

  20. Fleece says

    Yes, soy is overrated. Using purely soy to make up most of one’s diet is very bad. Do you know how soy milk that’s sold in stores is really made? I’m sure most of you would lose your taste for it. Besides, soy production is starting to level with the amount of problems that meat production has- (like depletion of the Amazon rainforest- YES! They’re making room for soy there too!) So please, put the soy to rest. It would make a nice sunday night dinner, but not every night’s dinner.

  21. Ryan says

    “Any body that is lactose intolerant and drinks raw milk will be cured b/c of the digestive enzymes”

    That’s not true, being lactose intolerant is normal, humans as well as any other milk drinking
    mammal loses it’s ability to digest lactose in childhood. This is normal because your not supposed
    to be breast fed when your an adult! It’s child rearing food!

    The only reason Europeans are Lactose tolerant which is an abnormality in the animal kingdom, is
    thanks to European farmers thousands of years ago drinking cows milk.

    The human biology evolved to support that, however we are not designed to be consuming cows
    milk, it’s for cows not humans. It’s quite obvious really.

    Your digestive system was evolved from foods naturally occurring in the world that your ancestors
    over millions of years ate, cow’s milk was not one of them.

    You can choose to eat what your biology has evolved to digest and live a long healthy life, or you can eat things your body is not evolved to digesting and live a shorter and possibly heath troubled life.

    Up to you!

      • Ostara8 says

        thats disgusting. do you think people would eat soy if they ate meat (unless its an aLlergy thing?) we are VEGETARIANS.

  22. Theodore says

    Hey i’ve seen taking a soy based protein powder after the gym to help with my work regiment. I just found out about soy and estrogen levels!

    Should i be concerned? What other products would you recommend to supplemnt the soy protein? Unfortunately, I can’t do eggs because I have a severe allergy, but i would love some input

    thanks Theo

  23. sarah says

    this reply is completely untrue! more toxins are poured and injected into animals for our consumption (antibiotics, hormones, unnatural feed for the animals) and they are not treated humanely. the ENTIRE agricultural system is run by big business and that is the problem. not soy. look up the fact people. the entire soy smear was a smokescreen. YES, GMO is bad. GMO anything is bad. Soy is no exception to that.But if you find organic unprocessed soy you are ok.

    • Lucy says

      Anyone with any brains knows that EVERYTHING we eat is tampered with, …but what most ppl are trying to do is tell their story of how soy negatively impacted their lives and I am ONE OF THEM!!! I was a big consumer of soy for many years because I believed the propaganda that “big business” has been touting. Well I am here to tell you that it has nearly ruined my life!! I was feeling perfectly fine before I added it to my diet….fast forward a few years later and now I cannot control my weight because my thyroid is out of wack, my hormones are all over the place, and I get sick and fatigued every time I consume it. I have to avoid it at all costs. I know within minutes if I have eaten something that contains it because my body reacts terrible to it. I can eat a steak and know that its probably not as good for me as a salad but at least I know I am not going throw my body into a tailspin like soy does.

  24. me says

    people will have to believe what they feel is right I know that i drank at least three cups of chocolate soymilk a day for about 6 months because i gave up dairy. After reading alot about the dangers of soy I realized alot of my recent troubles matched up with the findings like gas, headaches, possible thyroid problems, memory problems. Before I started reading about soy i thought these were all natural things that were going to fix themselves eventually but I realized I was causing the problems by drinking soy milk. I am glad i realized so soon But mad that I just blindly trusted the whole soy fad. the truth is we have minds for a reason so use it to ferment the soy. Also I’m not from any dairy company I think dairy is for baby cows only, im not from any other competing cow milk alternative company i think they all taste bad

  25. Yoshi says

    Google, “Joseph Mercola Wiki” (Person in the video)

    Excerpt, “A 2006 BusinessWeek editorial criticized Mercola’s marketing practices as “relying on slick promotion, clever use of information, and scare tactics.”

    Person advocates the danger of soy foods is also a subject of controversy.
    Go figure.

  26. says

    I agree strongly with those who have realized that today’s vegetarians and vegans are more like ideological cultists than seekers of truth. They will ignore and try to discount any scientific evidence which takes down THEIR “sacred cows” such as tofu and soy milk. The claim that it is the dairy and cattle industries (themselves huge consumers of soy) that are spreading misinformation about soy in order to protect their own products is typically baseless (um, evidence please?). In fact it is obvious that the human digestive system is going to be most compatible with those foodstuffs that have been consumed the longest (taking into account matters of geography and ethnicity). It is equally obvious that highly processed stuff like tofu and soy milk has been only relatively recently part of the human diet, and in the West, extremely recently. I do believe that in contrast, human consumption of animal products like eggs, meat, and milk, goes back just a tad further into the mists of time! Further, it is completely true that un-fermented soy products have many unhealthy properties. I have known this for years and would just shake my head and laugh at all the people I used to know in California who were chugging litres of soy milk, turning up their nose at my organic real cow milk and deluding themselves that they were making the healthier choice. It’s true that some people are lacto-intolerant (and personally I think this has a lot to do with genetic make-up and what your ancestors ate) but soy is way higher on the allergen scale. I use miso and tamari sauce and occasionally have some edamame beans as a treat at a sushi restaurant. But I have no use for tofu or soy milk or any of the other products made from it. If people wish to follow a diet based on an ideology then that is their choice. But it’s absurd to pretend that what they are doing is healthier than the balanced diet that humans developed over tens of thousands of years. One of my best friends is a rabid vegan who believes that diet is the key to health and yet is in denial about, or finds other excuses to explain, her constant state of poor health. All her symptoms correspond to problems I’ve seen linked to excessive soy consumption by narrative account as well as research. I have given up on getting her to consume natural whole foods like honey and live yoghurt but hopefully I have convinced her to give up tofu and soy milk for a few weeks and see if her insomnia/stomach upset/foggy brain/headaches etcetera go away.

  27. says

    p.s. I just have to add that I find the argument that “cow’s milk is for baby cows” to be especially silly. I’ve heard it a lot and it needs to be shot down. This is an example of attempting to use logic to establish a point – and failing. Think of it this way people: the reproductive bits of flowers are “for flowers” – but that doesn’t stop bees and hummingbirds from finding them quite tasty, and helping along various biological processes at the same time. My point is that nothing in nature is in isolation and that all living creatures consume things that are “for” something else and this is as true of nuts and seeds as it is of eggs. So although “cow’s milk is for baby cows” is a true statement, it does not logically follow that “therefore it is wrong and unnatural and unhealthy for anything other than baby cows to consume cow milk”. See? The second bit is just an assumption. I also found it extra-amusing that one of the people using this exact (tired) protestation on here, failed to grasp that their own supporting facts (about the length of time humans have been consuming a particular food) were in fact more supportive of the anti-soy position! Yes, Europeans have been consuming dairy products for a long time and assimilate them well. Not true of soy products however.

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