Why Social Media Can Save You From The Pain Of Sore Feet!

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You may not think it, but social media may well be the key to saving you from your very sore feet! Those that suffer from bunions, joint problems and in-growing toenails know just how difficult it is to get out and about. Some people are even housebound because of their injuries, and this can be a very lonely existence.

When you have problems with your feet, you need to avoid using them as much as possible so that you can help them to heal, and the good news is that with the advent of online services, this has never been so easy. Of course, there is also the option to do your shopping online which is a brilliant way of saving your poor feet from extra work, but had you thought about just how much social media could save your tired feet too? We will tell you a little more about it here.

Get On Facebook

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Having a presence on social media is a great way to boost your social life without getting out of your chair. When your feet are too tired to take you anywhere, you can still enjoy a social evening chatting and bantering with your friends from the comfort of your sitting room. There are plenty of other people that will be at home wanting company too, so why not keep each other company online?

By getting on Facebook, you will be able to see what all of your friends are up to, flicking through photos, commenting on statuses and generally keeping in touch with people. This is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the world when your feet may not be up to taking you out and about.

Find Foot Doctor Recommendations

Foot Doctor's Chart Depicting Various Sore Feet Conditions

Facebook and Twitter are very useful for getting top tips and recommendations from your friends – so if you’re having problems with your feet then it’s always worth asking your friends what they would recommend. Perhaps they may be able to recommend a foot clinic that you haven’t yet tried, or maybe they know of an alternative home remedy that may alleviate some of your pain.

By letting your friends know that you’re suffering, you may well find that you are given advice which can change everything for you. The online community is a very supportive one, and you will find a lot of help and relief from your friends. When you are housebound because of your injuries, online support can be a lifeline.

Support Networks

Tree Structure of Internet Social Media Networks

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If you dig around a little, you will find that there are plenty of Facebook groups set up specifically with the intention of supporting people with problems similar to yours. Joining these groups will not only increase your network of friends, but it will also offer you some empathy, sympathy and tips for relieving the pain.

Social media is a great way of staying in touch with people when you are unable to get out and about. Many people rely upon it for much-needed company, and the more you delve into the world of Facebook and Twitter, the less alone you will feel.


Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for Walk’N Comfort, leaders in diabetic orthotics in Toronto. She enjoys playing badminton and is pretty good at bowling.  You can reach Nancy @Nancy_Baker_.


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