Top 5 Tips for Kicking Your Sugar Habit

Sugar Cubes

Sugar is one of the most addictive and worst stuffs in the latest diet. On the other hand, it’s one of the most loved tastes on earth. However, remember that sugar is not too sweet with your bodily functions and your health.

Keeping sugar cravings and consumptions in check is essential to live hale and hearty. It’s an ingredient that kills your metabolism in the long run and provides you the calories without any beneficial nutrients. Sugar increases the harmful fats in blood and consuming a lot of sugar is linked with obesity, diabetes and even cardiac ailments. It’s also damaging for the brain and kidneys.

Sugar is an addictive substance and I am sure you have noticed that the more you eat sweets, the more you crave. The releasing of dopamine in the brain after eating anything sweet makes it pleasurable for you and you long for more sweet. The compulsion of sweet makes people lose control over the consumption. The only solution of this addiction is to avoid sugar wholly. No cheating and no just-one-bite self-quarrels. Complete restraint is the only way for the addicts to overcome their habit.

Below are top 5 tips for kicking your sugar habit:

1. Go Natural

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fruit rather than your favorite chocolate bar. Consuming fruits is the most advised method to restrain sugar cravings, and it is healthy too. Fruits are not only sweet enough to satisfy your cravings but they also offer multiple vitamins and minerals with the added benefits of fiber. Fiber keeps you full for longer and aids in digestion and maintaining healthy bowel movements.

2. Seek Alternatives

Use your imagination and creativity to trick your taste buds. Stop that sugar craving while providing something healthy and sweet enough rather than any bakery items, candies or desserts. Adjust your diet by replacing the sweets and even artificial sweeteners with complex carbs including whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The natural sugar in them gives your body the sugar it requires in a healthier way. Natural cranberry jam, peanut butter with chocolate, dried fruits, raisins, peaches, grapes and mangoes are some of the best alternatives for your desiring taste buds.

3. Eat More Protein

A high Protein diet has the quality to keep you full for longer periods. Protein satisfies your cravings and keeps your blood sugar levels steadier. It also slows down the absorption of glucose into blood stream that helps in restraining the food and sugar cravings.

4. Drink More Water

Drinking water aids in controlling your sugar cravings. Water helps in digesting the food and flush out the toxins out of the body. Whenever you long for something sweet, drink a glass of water instead. It will surely help.

5. Regular Exercising

Doing exercise on a daily basis prevents addictions and ailments more than any other technique. It will not only aid in your feeling better but will also help maintain the overall health and enhance your strength. A simple walk, jog, cycling or swimming session can do marvels for your health. Stop sugar cravings through moving and diverting your mind.


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