What You Need to Know About Vaccinations: Are They Bad, Good, or is there a Middle Ground?

A Vaccination Vile

The vaccination controversy is very sticky. But consider these facts dispassionately. It is a well-known fact that ever since mass vaccinations of infants began, there have been endless reports of serious brain, cardiovascular and metabolic disease like diabetes. In fact, the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine has been used to induce encephalomyelitis, which is characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhage in the brain. Indiscriminate vacation has also been incriminated in the increased incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and increased cases of autism.

The Parental Dilemma:

Parents are always in a dilemma. If they do not vaccinate their children and if the children get a disease like polio, they face a lifetime of grief and guilt. There are legal issues that can also accrue. The state may take charge of the children and the parents can face imprisonment in some countries.

On the other hand, vaccination reactions take place within seven days of vaccination and the symptoms can include paralysis, convulsions, nausea, diarrhea, fever, central nervous system disorders, brain inflammation, permanent brain damage and even death of the child.

Homeopaths use Nosodes:

Nosodes belong to those classes of remedies that are prepared from disease products. Many homeopaths use nosodes to try and protect children from illness and these serve as an alternative to immunizations.

Some examples of nosodes are:

  • Pertussin made from the infected sputum of a case of whooping cough. This nosode is useful in preventing and treating whooping cough.
  • The nosode used in Measles Morbillinum.
  • In Mumps – Parotidinum.
  • In tetanus prevention – Ledum palustre.

Different homeopaths prefer different potencies but most use the 200C potency, which act as good homeopathic vaccinations.

Other homeopathic remedies for common childhood infections:


A Child Being Vaccinated

Homeopathy heals in all realms of life including the physical, mental, emotional as well as inherited or genetic weaknesses. It is possible to prevent diseases in homeopathy by giving nosodes. It is also possible to correct and prevent vaccine reactions and prevent many childhood diseases with this marvelous system of alternative therapy.

Aconitum Napellus: This is a grand remedy in the early stage of fever where the fever is associated with fear and anguish of the mind. It relieves physical and mental restlessness.

Apis Mellifica: This is a good remedy for swelling, puffiness, edema, stinging pain, soreness, and intolerance of heat, touchiness and red rosy hue of various body parts. This remedy is also useful in hives and after bee stings.

Chamomilla: This remedy is useful for children with peevishness, restlessness and who have abdominal colic. This remedy is suited for children who are extremely sensitive to pain.

Hypericum Perforatum: This remedy is useful in ameliorating the excessive pain after punctured wounds.

Ledum Palustre: This is considered to be a homeopathic anti-tetanus vaccine. This is a specific remedy for puncture wounds produced by sharp-pointed instruments or bites.

Pulsatilla: This is a great remedy for stuffy cold, where the child is weepy and temperamental.

Silicea: This is a specific remedy for ill effects of vaccinations. The child who requires silicea will lack vital heat and has prostration of the body and the mind.

Thuja Occidentalis: This is another specific remedy for ill effects of vaccinations. It counteracts any adverse skin reactions and diarrhea or brain damage after vaccinations. In addition, it has a specific antibacterial action. It is also useful in neuralgias after immunizations.

A Word of Caution:

It is better to consult a competent homeopath before taking an informed decision either for or against immunizing your children. These remedies can be taken individually or found in a formula for a broader therapeutic spectrum against vaccination reactions.

These remedies will cover the broad variety of symptoms associated with vaccination reactions, which include inflammation at the site of vaccination, , swelling, edema, hives, restlessness, sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, headaches, nervous changes, fear and anxiety.

When parents decide to use homeopathy for their children, they have the better of the two worlds. They can be free of fear of getting into legal trouble with the state and they can also give the vaccines, knowing fully well that the use of homeopathy will ward off adverse reactions.

As an allopathic physician who has learnt alternative medicine, I find it very difficult to take a stubborn stand against vaccination. I prefer the middle path. I advise my patients to judiciously immunize their children and then take homeopathic remedies to prevent vaccine reactions.

But, deep in my heart, I do believe that we should not unduly tamper with the immune system with indiscriminate vaccination. Naturally occurring diseases confer much better immunity than the immunity conferred by vaccines.

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Dr. Rajesh VishwanathanDr. Rajesh Vishwanathan, MBBS, became disillusioned with the impersonal and aggressive allopathic system and trained and qualified in Yoga, meditation, Naturopathy and Homeopathy. He dreams of Integrating Allopathic medicine with the Alternative systems of healing.


  1. says

    I blindly allowed doctors to vaccinate my child when he was a mere one day old. he continued to receive vaccinations (per doctor’s suggestion) until he was 18 months old. We prcatice natural health and always did. But I chose who I thought to be a hip doctor — someone who understands the ramifications of meds.

    I regret the shots. My son began to regress in development immediately after his 18 month shots. I have chosen not to vaccinate and my 3 year old is on a major detox. The fact is that if we raised awareness about creating healthier beings, our children would not even need the shots. But, in a toxic world — we fear the comeback of whoopping cough, polio etc.

    when u choose not to vaccinate you join a very outcast type group. and if you are not careful you can get into legal trouble too. People act as if parents who choose not to vaccinate don’t care about their kids — but in fact we care enough to reaserch the consequences.

    if any parents out there need someone to talk to about this… or just some support – I am glad to lend an ear. This is a hard decision.

    • Cheri says

      Dear Gina, I notice that the post you wrote has been a few years ago so I pray you get this. I am so worried about my son. He is just about 27 months old now. I started noticing that he too is regressing in his development. It hit me that it may be because of his vaccinations and now I’m scared to death. He is not talking at all. Well, all he says is mama and dada and some baby babble and noises. He did say a few words a very long time ago. Also he used to be able to point to different body parts when we would ask him for example I would say where is your hair and he would put his hands on his head. He knew where his feet,ears,nose,tummy and eyes were but now when I ask him he doesn’t do anything. Months ago, he would lay on the floor and play with his cars but he does not do that anymore. He doesn’t play with his toys anymore all he does is throw things. So I am wondering what happened with your son. Is he okay now? Do you have any information that would help me or any tips? I need some help fast, I am so scared for him. Will you please e mail me at cja76@comcast.net if you get this PLEASE. I hope all is well with your son and your family! Thank you, Cheri

  2. Carolyn Brophy says

    hopefully you get this. My son had a bad reaction to his month mmr. Three weeks ago he had his dpt shot and within 48 hours had fever,
    when into shock like state and then had seizure.
    I am consumed with guilt right now but I am trying
    to intervene with the damage that has done. A homeopathic person told me to start giving him
    thuja. Which I started today. I also have contacted early intervention to start him on both speech and occupational therapy. He has not been the same child since. When did you notice any regression and did you have to obtain services to help him. And most importantly how is he doing?
    What a heartwrencing thing for a parent to go through. Thomas will no longer be vaccinated.

  3. says

    Hi Carolyn. my heart goes out to you. I know exactly how u feel. The guilt is natural, but it is NOT your fault. we really don’t hear about this type of reaction.

    how long has it been? just 3 weeks? You are doing the right thing by acting quickly. But, by no means should you consider that your son has a specific illness like autism etc. you can prevent him form slipping further with the things that u are doing. There are many dietary things I can recommend and doctors whom I can recommend, but I would need to know more about your son. if you’d like… go ahead and e-mail me personally.

    meantime: check out

    my son’s regression was gradual (beginning at 12 months) and I don’t blame all of it on the shots. The shots at 18 months triggered something huge. and I do not believe that the MMR contains mercury. (check:ageofautism.com) Its just too much biological material for their little bodies to deal with. my son is 3.5 yrs old and we just finally got him into speech and OT and the public school. Up until now it has been my job to do it all. hopefully you live in a state where the school system works faster.

  4. Cathy Flagg says


    I appreciate the forum. I am a mom of a two year and trying to make the right decisions. Thus far I have chosen not to give any vaccinations. I had always thought that if I decided to do any, I would wait until two years old when she was more developed. Since she is now two, I need to start my education of this subject. Can you please tell me what legal problems there may be from no vaccination?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. says

    Hi Cathy,

    thanks for reading and sharing! By law, u are not required to vaccinate. it is only strongly suggested. so there are ways around it. usually you van get a medical exemption from your doc that states potential metal poison or threat of metal poison. Thats what I got. my son actually has metal poison. But if you use a pediatrician who believes that immunizations are not necessary, they should have the form. You can also go the religious route — which I know nothing about. but some states have religious exemptions. Each state has different rules. read carefully. I love in Illinois. make sure u get the proper forms filled out and u will be fine.

    I did hear that one judge threatened to put many parents in jail who simply neglected to get their kids vaccinated. he saw it as inconsiderate to others and as bad parenting. I will never let my boy get another vaccine unless it is COMPLETELY necessary. don’t let anyone scare u.. just educate yourself on how to build her immunity. its great that u waited because she is much stronger now. My doctor suggest waiting until they are 4. you can view his website here http://www.pathwaysmed.com. he is awesome. he does online appointments if u live out of state. I don’t know where u live.. but if u need exemption he may be able to provide u with it.

    let me know if there is anything else I can do for you


  6. JT says

    Families who choose not to immunize should be quarantined on a remote island somewhere so they don’t present a contagious risk to the sensible people of the world.

    • Brit says

      well if your a stupid parent who doesnt do research on this type of stuff and like to inject your child with diseases and tons of chemicals and get your children vaccinated then your child wont catch anything if the ones not vaccinated get something.

  7. Stan says

    “Sensible people of the world” pay attention to what is going on around them, JT. For example, sensible people years ago in the UK, when noticing that there were epidemics of smallpox where the people had been vaccinated against it, stopped taking the vaccine, and it disappeared from their areas – especially as general hygiene, cleaner water etc. increased. Morbidity rates from all manner of diseases were dropping before the advent of the vaccines for them – & even for those conditions where there was/is no vaccine. The control is mainly a feature of general health & sanitation.

    “Sensible people of the world” have noticed that in the wake of vaccines there has occurred an increasing amount of chronic illness & disease of particular kinds, ie, autoimmune and neurological. We have in short traded the childhood diseases (which basically serve a purpose, in maturing the immune system & in conferring lifelong immunity, which the mother can then pass on to her baby until its own immune system can begin to strengthen) for conditions like allergies/asthma/anaphylaxis, arthritis/arthralgia, ADD/ADHD & dyslexia & dyspraxia & ASD, CFS/ME, convulsions/seizures/epilepsy, type 1 diabetes, lupus, MS – the list goes on, and on, and appallingly on.

    Can the childhood diseases be dangerous? Yes; and vaccines have done some good; and the medical profession has been remiss in running the studies to find out the REAL risks-vs-benefits of them, because they are so wedded to their wondrous medical modality that nothing must stand in the way of the accomplishment of their goal, of herd immunity, not even the truth about the full picture. Sensible people will look at that whole picture, and make an informed consent; which they are entitled to, for any medical procedure. Information is the name of the game of progress, JT. Not censorship and outright deceit, and pressure brought about by propaganda.

    And just for the record, & on the subject of information: It’s not as if we would be at the unmitigated mercy of a return of the childhood diseases if the drug industry couldn’t come up with safer vaccines for them. Older doctors will know of the efficacy of treating measles with vitamin A/cod liver oil, eg; and a very few will know of the success of a dr in the US in treating polio with v. large doses of vitamin C. (A fact that got buried in the advent of a – patentable -vaccine for it. Which proved to be contaminated with a cancer-causing virus from the monkey kidney cells it was cultured on; and the forms of which in our day & age cause the polio virus to be spread in the environment through waste water, thus causing epidemics in its own right.) And there’s colloidal silver for the diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus triad of DPT infame. (Did you know that the pertussis vaccine was the favored adjuvant for studying allergic encephalomyelitis in animals, JT?) The list of natural anti-bacterials and -virals goes on – courtesy of open-minded people who have continued to research in these areas, and not just rely on the allopathic school of medicine to come up with drugs and vaccines to treat conditions, some of which are caused by their own products.

    Sensible people of the world will pay attention to all these sorts of matters, JT. Including questioning the wisdom of putting into vaccines the neurotoxic likes of mercury, aluminum, MSG/glutamate, formaldehyde, aspartame – and increasing the vaccine schedule without due regard to the possibility of needing to study the potential effects of such an overload of such cumulative substances.

    Sensible people of the world, JT? I’ll tell you who the sensible people of the world are. They are the likes of the parents of ASD-affected children who have decided to question the authority of those medical people in positions of responsibility over the lives of their children, and do their own investigations into this appalling increase of this terrible affliction. Which has coincided with the increase of the v. schedule in the last decade or so.

    Am I saying that vaccines alone are the cause of the ASD explosion? No. There would seem to be a number of potential causes. One of which is the increase in EMF pollution in society. And another of which is mercury pollution in general. And another of which is genetic in origin. But why the amount of genetic polymorphism going on? Something is wrong in our advanced, western society that we need to take a closer look at. Or a number of such triggers. But one of them is vaccines. And we would not be sensible people if we did not look at that factor. And do something about it.

    Are you willing to help in that research, JT? Or do you just want to lob grenades at concerned parents- distraught parents; determined parents – from the sidelines?

  8. Veronica says

    Well said, Stan. To JT, I want to say, what are you so afraid of? If your children and you are vaccinated, aren’t then you “protected” from all those diseases? What is the risk then posed to you and your children by those not vaccinated? Oh…no…that’s right, I know remember that in a co-worker’s children’s school, there was an outbreak of varicella, her kids, all vaccinated, got sick…the neighbor’s kids, one of those that according to you JT should be quarantined, did not. I guess it’s the other way around….those vaccinated have their immune systems so screwed up that are the ones catching all the diseases and making everybody else around sick.

  9. emily says

    i’m pregnant with my first child, and am now faced with the decision of whether to get my baby vaccinated. i have not had any vaccinations as my mum decided she didn’t want me to have them, though she is/was quite “alternative” in many ways and i am alot less so, my partner comes from alot more of a “normal” vupbringing and his parents didn’t think twice about giving him the vaccines, but now we face the dillemma of what to do for our own child. though i know it is a very individual choice i am just interested to hear other peoples thouyghts on the subject, as i want to make a fully informed decision either way. i think that one of the main issues/concerns for me is that i don’t wanmt to be outcasted if i choose not to immunise my baby, but i’m interested as to if it is really neccesary more than anything? i simply think it is wrong that so many parents these days don’t fully know what they are doing to their children and blindly let doctors do whatever they want without asking any questions or thinking twice. any body elses thoughts, oppinions or information on the matter would be greatly appreciated as i am so confused!!!!!

  10. eablinksum says

    Hello I am a future med school student and have read up many interesting things on this big dilemma. In reality there are some chemicals that are injected into vaccinations but just like there is a positive in gaining immunization by inoculating yourself, there are also negatives. What people fail to understand is that there is always a percentage error for any drug, immunization or anything ever build if you put it to that perspective. What occur in any drug trial is that some drugs will not just work for some people compared to others. This is also the same for vaccinations. Even though we all are genetically identical to a certain point, we still differ. . Yes vaccinations have side effects, but also not inoculating your child you pose a risk of getting him terminally sick. When a medical physician worries of pandemics such as whooping cough or polio, it is because there is a high chance that your children can become infected. If you people want to see the symptoms of polio or whooping cough than you might think a bit longer. I have seen people with these diseases in other countries, and trust me there is nothing good in watching these people suffer. If you want a perfect example compare third world countries to ourselves and see who have the higher risk in developing these diseases. Yes I understand that there are many other variables that play a role in how people become sick. Ultimately, My advice to anyone is to think this well through and do not let anyone pressure you into anything. If I were a parent I would inoculate my child and also use homeopathic remedies as an alternate.

  11. Cara says

    I am thinking about having kids in a few years. My Father is a Naturopath and I couldn’t be vaccinated when I was born due to being a prem baby of 10 weeks and other things.
    My partner is from a medical side and believes in them. I don’t want them but to keep the calm or to I find very very good facts he WILL believe ( if anyone can send?) what ones should I get done?

    Thanks heaps.

  12. Adam says

    I just want to know the statistics…

    How many vaccinated children develop problems in regards to the vaccination.

    How many children who do not get vaccinated develop diseases that they are not protected against.

    Why cant they just not use thimersol or mercury in the vaccinations? I dont undestand….

    e-mail answers to theelemental08@hotmail.com


  13. Lilly says

    I totally agree with this article, there has to be balance in all things. Vacines don’t nessicarily mean you won’t catch the disease but they do mean your body knows how to fight it and the severe effects are lessened by having it. A friend of mine got her son innoculated against measles and he got it but it didn’t kill him. If he hadn’t been inoculated he most certainly would have died. I agree with the person who wants to see the stats. Hpwever all we can do is make the best desicions moment to moment for our children armed withthe best knowledge that we have to hand at the time. Guilt is a eastef emotion. I didn’t have the whoopiing cough jab when I was a baby, had whooping cough and it caused a SpLD called Dyspraxia. So a small rrisk of Autism, if it’s not an illusory correlation, is one that I am prepared to risk for my children rather than the worst excesses of preventable childhood illness. I have nothing against parents who choose not to inoculate, they’re doing what they beleive is best for their child just as I’m doing for mine

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