Restore Your Vision to 20/20 Naturally

Restore your vision naturally

I’ve been wearing glasses for about 14 years. About 7 years ago I started wearing contact lenses. The first few years were the worst because my vision continued to degrade each passing year as I visited the ophthalmologist and endured an hour of those tedious exams: having a gun of air being shot into your eyes, having to stare a varying distances from a chart on the wall as you stand in a cold hallway, having to sit and place your chin perfectly square on some mechanical apparatus with a thousand lenses (something out of the movie Alien) as you say “better” “worse” or “the same” to each passing letter.

However, on a brighter note, my eyes did start to improve over the past few years. I became increasingly happy as each yearly visit to the eye doctor was more and more pleasant. Why? Because when asked “Hey Doc, how are my eyes this year” and she would respond with “Actually… they haven’t gotten worse. Your vision is stable…” As you can imagine, this made me very pleased. Though my glasses were already pretty thin, I couldn’t imagine wearing anything thicker! I kid you not, everyone in my family used to wear glasses as thick as mugs! Those things were serious! I could have ignited to the moon with those bad boys!

All kidding aside, I know that many of you are battling with vision problems. And being as health conscious and aware as you are, I’d like to share a super cool and totally natural way for you to improve your vision. This is the “dirty little secret” that was discovered from a revolutionary doctor over 100 years ago. His method of restoring your vision back to 20/20 within months was so ahead of its time, that other doctors banned together and made his practice illegal!! Can you believe that?

Here’s his secret to 20/20 vision restoration -> CLICK HERE

I’d also like to talk to you about some simple things that you can do to start healing your eyes naturally today. Heck, I wouldn’t want you to be spending all those hours strenuously staring at the computer screen or killing yourself to read one page in a book because your vision isn’t holding up. Here’s what you can to:

    • Exercise your eyes by blinking rapidly for several seconds then close them tightly for another several seconds. Repeat this process a few times per day. We usually don’t consider exercising our eyes–why would we?– but it’s extremely important for our vision.
    • Palm your eyes by placing your entire palm over each eye while your fingers are resting above your forehead. Make sure to totally prevent any light from entering your eyes. Do this for about 4 – 10 minutes intervals.
    • Sun Gazing. Please be EXTREMELY careful with this method. I’m sure that your Western doctor wouldn’t recommend this, but in the East this has been practiced for ages. Starting with just 10 seconds per day, and working up to a minute, begin staring directly at the sun during early mornings and late afternoons when the sun is at its weakest points. When it’s bearable to look at it without turning. (Please do your research before practicing this method).

  • There are a lot of techniques to improve your eyesight naturally, but here’s a tested natural method that has been proven to work for over a century, designed by a Doctor that was too smart for the industry-> CLICK HERE
  • Another way to improve your vision is to lower your stress levels. Yoga and meditation are great ways to release tension throughout your body and allow you to see clearer (physically and spiritually). Find a quiet location in your home and simply sit there for 10 minutes in silence as you breathe in and out through the nose.
  • Eat foods that are high in fiber, vitamin C, D, zinc, selenium, and beta carotene. Carrots and bilberry have been shown to improve vision. Here’s some other foods to consider: corn, oranges, garlic, asparagus, onions, watermelon, grapefruit, grains. Also herbs such as ginkgo biloba will improve vision.
  • Be aware when you’re squinting which actually makes your vision worse. You’re better off blinking them rapidly then take another look.
  • Restrict or discontinue use of sun glasses. You need to allow the sun to enter your eyes with the necessary wavelengths. Obviously, you’ll need wear them at times in certain circumstances… But keep it to a minimum.
  • Never increase the size of your font and/or screen on your computer. This may sound like a simple solution, but it’s actually hurting your vision due to the lack of exercise to improve your vision.

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