Rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening and Healthy Mouth

A Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Bottle, Pearly White Teeth and Apples

Homemade hydrogen peroxide mouthwash?

Want to naturally whiten your teeth? I was hanging out with a friend over the weekend and he started telling me — almost out of the blue — about how awesome hydrogen peroxide was for your mouth and teeth, giving him a pearly bright smile. Oh yes! I remember how the conversation started. I was telling him how I spent $500 last month at the dentist to fill 2 cavities.

He’s been using hydrogen peroxide for a while now, rinsing with it about 2 times per day to strengthen and whiten his teeth, as an alternative to expensive teeth whitening procedures. He said that the peroxide actually fortifies cavities (essentially, repairing them) and hardens the enamel on your teeth to prevent cavities from forming.

It’s funny, because a few months ago, I heard a few actors in a movie talking about how hydrogen peroxide is good to gargle with to help fight mouth infections and sore throats.

So, after my friend’s advice and remembering the movie… I decided to look further into the hydrogen peroxide issue today. And from what I found, it’s true.

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses (H2O2)

Hydrogen peroxide (3% hydrogen peroxide) helps with the following:

  • Strengthens teeth
  • Fight mouth bacteria
  • Heal canker sores
  • Soak and wash vegetables/fruits in to kill bacteria and neutralize chemicals
  • Brush teeth with for extra protection
  • Soak toothbrush in for a few seconds to disinfect (daily)

Of course, don’t be surprised if your dentist tells you this is bullshit . Why? Because they don’t want you taking care of your own teeth with “your own” natural remedies. They want you to have cavities and they want your teeth to be black as dirt. Why? Because that makes them more money.

Here’s what you do to whiten teeth naturally with hydrogen peroxide

  1. Clean your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it
  2. Rinse 30 seconds to 1 minute with 3% hydrogen peroxide
  3. Brush your teeth in up and down motion

You’ll have to experiment with the hydrogen peroxide usage. Some people use it a few times a week, some people use it 2 times a day. Some people rinse for 30 seconds and others hold it in their mouth for 10 minutes. I’m going to start off with aforementioned guidelines once a day and see how it goes. Cheers to that new bright smile! Here’s a teeth whitening kit you may like.

Here’s some additional information and techniques on natural teeth whitening.

Other Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is commonly found in households where people use it for little things like disinfecting small wounds etc. You may find it at your local drug store where it is sold for home use in a diluted form containing between 3-10 percent of Hydrogen Peroxide. The other uses of Hydrogen Peroxide include an antiseptic gargle, bleach for clothes and removing wax from the ears.

Update: 7/5/2009 – I recently read that hydrogen peroxide can weaken the filling in your cavities. I suggest looking into the usage more before using with cavity fillings. Also, please never use a higher concentration solution of Hydrogen Peroxide for any kind of oral use as it can be dangerous at that strength (less than 10% is okay).


David AskaripourDavid Askaripour, a prominent blogger based in New York, writes on the subject of natural healing among other things. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Television Talk Shows, books and local news channels.


  1. says

    know what else strengthens teeth? xylitol (sweet extract from birch tree). we use it in shakes etc… it is also an ingredient in many toothpastes.

    I’ve never had a cavity. Lucky me!

  2. says

    hey dan, i’m not so sure 30% solution is the best for you. i read that at 30%,you run the risk of the peroxide having the opposite effect — stripping the enamel. i’ll have to do more research, but i’m sticking to 3% for now.

  3. Marek says

    Xylitol has also been shown as a great way to fight ear infections in children, it’s used as a sweetener in sugar free gum, it’s commonly found in strawberries and I think raspberries. Some people think that it promotes the growth of microbial cultures which compete with the ones like S. mutans which causes plaque and cavities.

  4. Tish says

    My mother always had us brush with Hydrogen Peroxide when we were going up. If your mouth is really unclean it will foam all over the place. It eventually gets bearable (the taste). But your mouth does feel extra clean afterwards.

    You can also by a mouthwash (can’t think of the name right now) but it’s similar to hydrogen peroxide, but it has a minty taste…start with that (it’s still nasty) but at least it’s got some mint flavor.

  5. Personal Trainer says

    This is good advice. Straight peroxide is best. The products sold over the counter contain sodium lauryl sulfate which with repeated use causes mouth irritations such as canker sores, ouch!

    • Charles Labianco says

      To Personal Trainer 6/28
      You will probably never read this because the date is now 1/1/2010
      But Canker sores are caused by a virus.
      If Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is contained in the drugstore type of H2O2, that is because it is a stabilizer against reacting with metals.
      Use Food Grade: I have a good source.
      Email me. clabianco@gmail.com

  6. Judy says

    you do need to be careful with excessive use of h2o2 since it can lead to oral cancers. It is ok for occassional rinsing or swishing if you have sores but not for daily use.It can also damage the enamel if over used. If your enamel starts to look chalky you may want too lay off of it for awhile and use a fluoride rinse to strengthen the damaged enamel

  7. Beth says

    I have had my wisdom teeth coming in for awhile now and I have had at least 2 terrible gum infections where the gums overlap the wisdom teeth. I was swishing with salt water and started an antibiotic which all worked but took almost a week. Within the last couple of days I had another infection and read on my bottle of peroxide to use as an oral rinse. I have been using it the past 2 days and the results are amazing. The pain and swelling is already down considerably!!! I am a believer!

  8. John says

    I gargle and rinse with a combination of Scope and hydrogen peroxide. The taste is much more palatable than using peroxide alone. FYI, the best way to prevent cavities is to minimize consumption of sugared drinks, gum, and hard candy. Sugar remains on the teeth for 15-20 minutes. If you sip sugared drinks once or twice an hour, your teeth remain coated with sugar for long periods, which is perfect breeding bacteria in your mouth. If you must consume sugar throughout the day, rinse afterward each time. Just plain water will go a long way toward preventing bacterial growth and subsequent cavities.

    • Michaela says

      Actually, it’s been medically proven that sugar has the ability to incapacitate microorganisms. In a 20% sugar solution, bacteria will perish. Tooth cavities are not caused by bacteria in the mouth. Tooth cavities are dependent on the density of the tooth, which is in correlation with the calcium-phosphorus ratio from the bloodstream. Sugar consumption causes an imbalance of this ratio, which impedes remineralization of the tooth, which will lead to cavities.

      • Tim says

        That is a very informative reply but bottom line you have just agreed with the guy.

        After all soaking your mouth with sugar, sugar being a carb that would be the only macro that has the ability to be digested in the mouth might not be a smart idea since the person has already consumed enough sugar through diet to cause the calcium/phosp balance to go out of wack to begin with.

  9. says

    This is a great article. I’m a dental Assitant and I am going to start rinsing with peroxide and recommending it to my patients. However brushing in small circles is a more effective way to remove plaque rather than up and down. Why would you accuse dentists of wanting their patients teeth to have cavities and be black as dirt? You are obvioulsy tainted by a bad expierence, but you shouldn’t ruin it for other people. Thanks for your research.

  10. Alane says

    This is awesome. I had heard different things about hydrogen peroxide, both good and bad. I’ll go buy the 3% hydrogen peroxide at the dollar store tomorrow. It sounds like a great an inexpensive way for me, a coffee drinker and smoker, to prevent future stains.

    Yeah yeah, I know smoking is bad, but it’s my choice. I know the risks.

  11. says

    Thanks for all the great comments and input everyone — keep ’em coming! Maybe I’ll do another article on this subject soon. Green Tea! That’s the secret to great teeth. Drink plenty of it and don’t drink soda, sugary ice-tea, etc..

  12. says

    Hey Alane. Thanks so much for your comment! Yeah, go get some! It’s great stuff for your teeth. And, hey, if you smoke… just make sure to get plenty of antioxidants in your system — green tea is amazing for that. You may like this article on coffee

  13. san diego dentist says

    Hey David, great post. I am going to recommend this to lot of my patients. I love your analysis and I am fine as long as it does not hurt. Thank you very much.

  14. brenda says

    I also have just started using hydrogen peroxide as an oral rinse and for other uses too. It kills bad breath instantly!
    I want to point out that if you can find it, you should look for the food grade peroxide as this is much safer and does not contain the chemical stabilizers that the regular grades contain. You don’t want to ingest any of those other chemicals. If you get 35% solution you should definitely dilute it down to 3% before use. 35% undiluted is hazardous on contact and could be fatal if swallowed full strength.

  15. brenda says

    It should also be noted that if you have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, you should NOT use H2O2 as it will leach the metal out and this is quite toxic.

  16. jeff says

    I am a dentist and can honestly say Peroxide is only a good product for SHORT TERM use for canker sores or minor infection. It is an acid!! It can be very irritating to the mucosa and can actually remove enamel, NOT stregthen it. It is an oxidizing agent and will kill bacteria…as well as your own tissue. It is toxic at 35% and should only be used at 3%. Chlorihexidine is the best antiseptic mouthrinse for periodontal conditions and this should only be used for a few months. The best mouthrinse for daily use is Listerine or Crest Oral Health…they both have antimicrobial properties and are safe for daily use. Hydrogen peroxide is a great disinfectant…you can use it to disinfect cutting boards and houshold surfaces, or even your toothbrush.

    • Marc says

      I have used H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) 3% or 6% for YEARS!!!! over 10 years and it DOES NOT CAUSE ANY SORES… and IT DOES NOT CAUSE ANY BAD THINGS…
      My teeth are FINE :)

      • Pam says

        I was plagued with canker sores all my life, (now 61). I’ve tried everything anyone has suggested (yogurt, zinc, Vit. B, salt, pickling spices, on and on) Nothing any doctor or dentist ever prescribed or suggested worked. (I do remember a hygienest suggesting I change my toothpaste as for some people the mere change got rid of their canker sores. It did but only for awhile.) I also started using toothpaste without the LSL ingredient in it. Sensodyne doesn’t have it in, most toothpastes do, it’s what causes all the foaming action. (Or so a doctor told me.) I was at my wits end and very depressed as they were coming back to back and it was usually more than one at a time and they woould get huge! I couldn’t kiss my husband and suffered if I ate strawberries or grapes and coffee! Then…. my husband shared with me that he had read rinsing your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide helped with canker sores….. Right there, under my nose all these years…… I am so thrilled to tell you it worked! At first my mouth foamed up so much I could hardly keep it in long. Immediately I felt relief from the pain. Within one day the size was reduced and after 4 days they were completely gone. I kept it up for a couple weeks as they tried to come back. Now, I rarely rinse with it but as soon as I feel one coming I do and “BAM” it’s gone! For me, it was nothing short of a miracle. Fellow sufferers will understand the depression one can experience when there is no break from canker sores!

        • zapperbunny says

          Since I was a kid I have loved fresh citrus, not juice so much, but I eat lemons like apples, peel and all, I eat most of the peel of an orange and I eat pink grapefruit during the winter when it is in season. W
          hen in high school I suffered terrible from canker sores and could not drink coffee (my favorite) or eat citrus :( or anything with vinegar, another favorite.
          After dong much research I found the cure for canker sores due to too much ingestion of fresh citrus is because of too much fresh vitamin C! The CURE is to take vitamin C tablets! Who knew!? It takes a few day to kick in but it does and they go away and I am usually good for at least another 6 months. Now I usually take Vitamin C in a tablet form but because at the time I am ingesting it fresh I thought I did not need it, ha! turns out I did need it, to keep away the canker sores. Give it a shot, can’t hurt, lol.

  17. says

    well will hydrogen peroxide help get rid of gingivitis cause i heard it did, I use hydrogen peroxide a mouthful of 3% sometimes three times usulally once a day and use the paste also with colgate toothpaste my teeth are fine and my gums are alright

  18. randy says

    I know someone that has been using peroxide twice daily as a prebrush mouthwash for years and has dazzling white teeth. they do not have any damage to their teeth enamel.

  19. mansoor says

    I’m thinking of buying hydrogen peroxide tmro. I will mix it with water then rinse because it isn’t as toxic. My teeth are great, but I’d like to have that white shine. I’m an aspiring dental student and have completed a great deal of research on this topic, and now I’m ready to become a guinea pig myself. Science tells us to limit higher quantities, such as the presented method above. It is definitely way too toxic to rinse in your mouth at ^10%! The dentist above is correct, and the reason they don’t want you to do it is bc it’s detrimental to your health, not just the oral region but eventually your GI parts. That’s why it’s best to mix with another fluid such as water.

    Remember, moderation is best!
    Thank you for discussing this topic.

  20. Mike says

    DO NOT USE 30% THIRTY PER CENT solution of hydrogen peroxide in mouth for rinse. This is very dangerous. Three percent solution is recomended.

  21. says

    Man, I would really like to try this, but after read the comments about mercury amalgam fillings, I don’t think I’m gonna… However, I did more research into those fillings, and I think I’m gonna try and get them removed.

  22. Ash says

    Yes peroxide works great!! My grandfather cleans his teeth with it for years and he have all his teeth and there all white!! Im jealous!!lol

  23. says

    Does anyone no why dentist have stopped using the hand scaling tool to remove plaque? Right after seeing a dentist a normally have to redo his/her work and students a SUNY SB also fail to do anything below the gum line. There should be some studies done to see what it actually does but for me it always has helped not hurt. Ozone is another oxidizing agent which is doing wonders for teeth. Also started putting H2O2 below the gum line and that worked as well. I have the poorest enamel coded teeth in the world and I only had one cavity the last trip to the dentist in 5 years down from a record 13 cavities in the follow 5 years and 13 cavities was big money. So there you have it. I am richer in so many ways. Thanks Dave for posting my findings and ideas.

  24. gayle says

    My dentist told me to not us peroxide because it kills both good and bad bacteria in your mouth and your want the good to kill germs. Honestly I don’t believe hardly any doctor or dentist in todays world because of so much greed. Isnt that a shame!

  25. brenda says

    Not sure about what your dentist said, my dentist said nothing about good vs bad bacteria in the mouth or H2O2 being bad in the mouth. I would think you would still have lots of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, wouldn’t this be more important here than in the mouth? The body has trillions of bacteria. I know what you mean about not knowing whether to believe physicians though, I have the exact same doubts. I do think peroxide is one of those things that they don’t really want to promote in spite of it’s wonderful uses. I use it almost daily as a sanitizer also, and to remove pesticides/chemical residues from fruits and veggies. It kills e.coli!! It is also very economical…. cheaper than most household cleaners.

    • zapperbunny says

      About not believing doctors, the more I speak to them the more I think they are uneducated! They live on their title: Doctor, and we are supposed to blindly follow them. I got sticky eye and was looking for ways to get rid of it. I would get a coating of eye goo on both my upper and bottom lids…it was NOT water soluble, when I got out of a long bath it was actually worse! The best I could do was take tweezers, grab an end and PEEL it off, the consistency was like plastic! If I did not do this little chunks would fall into my eyes during the day and blind me and hurt, and I worked at a computer all day. I told my doctor I was rinsing my eyes with boric acid several times a day and he said: “Do not use this! It is acid and that’s why it burns!” (I never said it burns, it does not burn), AND if you look on the label of every eyewash, drop or lens cleaner on the market that is the first ingredient on the label! I have known this for many years, 40 to be exact, and I researched the hell out of it before using it. Turns out the bldg. I was working in was dirtier than I had thought and though I was not allergy prone the dust was horrendous…I started taking antihistamines twice a day and any eyes cleared up. This after I went to him and an eye doctor the next day…all they could do was tell me to take a VERY expensive eye drop ($26.00 for 1/4 oz.) with the first ingredient as BORIC ACID! Pleeeeeze.

  26. Mr Clean says

    If you mix about 2-3 Tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide with 2 Tsp baking soda it makes a toothpase like substance that’s easy to brush with. It noticibly whitens your teeth. Just brush, let it sit for around 2 min., then rinse and brush with flouride toothpaste.

  27. BOB c says

    I started using 3% hy.peroxide a couple weeks ago. I noticed my teeth were whiter thr first use. Still not sure of any bad affects at this time.Dont swallow it of course. Treat it as you would any mouthwash or toothepaste in that regard. Dont get to agressive with it [brushing] because it may become painfull. I buy my 3% h.p. at the dollar store for about $1.00. I have recently been putting a dab of AIM toothpaste and a dab of ultrabrite on my brush just after I have taken a small swig of hy-peroxide, and then begin to brush with a SOFT tooth brush. Its a great indicator of bacterial areas on your teeth. It continues to bubble even after spitting and rinsing. Some mornings a lot . Usually after eating a lot of sweet stuff the night before. I even use it to brush w/out paste for a clean and smell free mouth. GREAT STUFF.

  28. NAN says

    Can anybody tell me if using Hydrogen Peroxide for pre-brushing can cause damage to bonded teeth? My two upper front teeth were bonded to hide the mismatched color from fillings in between them. I would only use a 3% food grade.

    There are several uses for Hydrogen Peroxide. Two you may not be aware of:
    1. A fungal affliction called “Black Hairy Tongue”. Two years ago I used to drink a lot of cranberry juice and even after brushing both teeth and tongue I experienced a constant ‘fruity’ taste in my mouth. Took a good look at my tongue in the mirror and found a dark discoloration towards the back. Had no idea what it was and had never heard of “Black Hairy Tongue” before. Googled ‘dark discoloration of tongue’ and there it was.
    Cure: 1 part Peroxide to 3 parts water. Brush tongue, gargle with left-over and spit out.
    In only 3 days my tongue looked its usual pink self.

    2. Early stage Kennel Cough. Mix 3 drops of the 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide with 2 teaspoons of honey for each 8 oz. glass of water and pour in the dog(s) water bowl.

  29. George West says

    Bad Advice!!!!

    I asked an oral surgeon about this. A true scientist that has practiced around the world. I thought it might be a good addition to the water in my Water Pik. Nope! If you have even one cancer cell in your gum tissue, hydrogen peroxide will make it spread.

    As for disinfecting, hydrogen peroxide is NOT a disinfectant. It is an evacuation agent. It is no longer recommended as a first aid treatment for cuts unless you are trying to get dirt out.

    Iodine, an old dentists remedy for gum problems, is now making a comeback. Several drops in an ounce of water and swish for a minute. Be sure its monoatomic or near that, especially if you are going to swallow it. There is your disinfectant if you want one. But it shouldn’t be necessary unless you have a temporary condition. If you have permanent infection, see a periodontist. Don’t expect that kind of infection to hurt either. Teeth and gums are an open system so infection doesn’t build and swell. It just quietly drains and leaks. Medical and dental policies usually cover this. Many people have it and don’t know. A constant weird taste and occasional gum bleeding may be your only clue.

    As for an evacuation agent, don’t use hydrogen peroxide. Use a Water Pik with the Pick Pocket attachment. I would estimate that one half of every dental dollar spent in the US could be saved if people just used this device for 2 minutes every night. This device creates hydro pressure inside the socket and blows out every particle. You can floss and brush until you think until your mouth is sanitary. Then use the Water Pik over a white sink so you can see the debris. You will be amazed. Don’t feel secure because you are maintaining the surface of your teeth. Below the gum line is where the big problems will arise.

  30. says

    Hydro for deep pockets

    “The VitaPick gently bathes the pockets with powerful natural antiseptics such as salt solution and hydrogen peroxide.”

    Sounds like iodine and hydrogen peroxide.

  31. Vicki says

    I always use h2o2 for gum problems and find it helps in a few days. I had a friend that was upset about seeing her dentist for what she called a “tooth” abcess and the dentist wanted to cut off some of her gum. I told her to try h2h2 it might help. Within three days she was cured and cancelled her appointment. As far as what it may do to teeth… Let’s look at scientific research:

    “A SEM evaluation of a 6% hydrogen peroxide tooth whitening gel on dental materials in vitro.”
    Author(s):Schemehorn B; González-Cabezas C; Joiner A

    Source:Journal Of Dentistry [J Dent] 2004; Vol. 32 Suppl 1, pp. 35-9.

    RESULTS: There were no observable differences at 200x and 2000x magnifications between the control and peroxide gel treated sides on any of the materials tested. CONCLUSIONS: There were no significant effects of the 6% hydrogen peroxide gel on the surface morphology of any of the dental materials tested.

    “Effects of tooth whitening and orange juice on surface properties of dental enamel.”
    Author(s):Ren YF; Amin A; Malmstrom H

    Source:Journal Of Dentistry [J Dent] 2009 Jun; Vol. 37 (6), pp. 424-31. Date of Electronic Publication: 2009 Feb 23.
    Publication Type:Comparative Study; Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t

    RESULTS: Enamel surface hardness decreased by 84% after orange juice immersion but no statistically significant changes were observed in the whitening and control groups. Surface topography changed significantly only in the orange juice group as shown by increased Sa (1.2 microm vs. 2.0 microm), Sz (7.7 microm vs. 10.2 microm) and Sdr (2.8% vs. 6.0%). No such changes were observed in the whitening and control groups. CONCLUSION: In comparison to orange juice challenges, the effects of 6% H2O2 on surface enamel are insignificant. Orange juice erosion markedly decreased hardness and increased roughness of enamel.

  32. Derick says

    I was recommended by my dentist, whilst living in Kuwait to rinse with hydrogen peroixde daily. Bee doing so for almost 3 years, and could not be happier with my oral hygiene status and white smile.

  33. John says

    I started using hydrogen peroxide by rinsing it in my mouth for 30 seconds for my first time, I notice white stuff near gum area, is that a good thing or bad? My mouth does feel cleaner and see why people loves this stuff, I just wanted to see if this was temp or not, thanks for any help!

  34. John says

    My white spots went away, I will keep an eye on them, I think it was just my gums first reacting to the peroixde for first time. Unless someone has an better explanation then mine =]

  35. Dan Plesse says

    I moved on and stopped using this product hydrogen completely and started using a newer idea that I believe is better. To the best of my knowledge this new improvement is more natural then hydrogen and I believe everyone should shift over to the new idea at once. The shift is to the thyme seed because it is the main active ingredient in Listerine and because (Thymus vulgaris) is made up of 20-54% thymol. The idea is to create a thymol based toothpaste that has different proof levels of thymol i.e 50 proof pure thymol toothpaste is just an product idea. The other idea is to combine many sanitizers and thymol into one super product. Right now thymol is watered down to .06% in Listerine. My solution was I take a bunch of thyme seeds and pure it into a bottle of Trader Joe’s Hand Sanitizer and use it as a brush sanitizer and every once in awhile I add it to toothpaste seeds and all. Naturally the yellow fuzz monster does not return, so that’s good.

    • Manny says

      More natural than hydrogen? Do you know what the chemical symbol of hydrogen is? H.
      Thats right.. H… because it is its own element. Actually, it’s the most common Element in the universe. H – constitutes roughly 75% of the mass of the entire universe. There is no more natural a substance in this world or any other that is more natural than hydrogen.

  36. me says

    the correct concentration for a hydrogen peroxide rinse is %1.5 …. read the label on you bottle …. directions say to mix the %3 h202 with an equal part of water for use as a mouth rinse (making it a %1.5 h202 solution). using concentrated hydrogen peroxide can irritate you mouth, throat, etc. always dilute it!

  37. says

    The thought of using hydrogen peroxide in my mouth just fills me with total fear. Much better to practice a proper cleaning routine day and night and make sure your kids understand why it is important to do so!
    .-= Waterpik Parts´s last blog ..Bissell Steam Cleaners =-.

  38. Hyperia says

    I wouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide as a regular part of an oral care routine. It can negatively effect the skin of your mouth:


    Gum disease and cavities are caused by a contagious bacterial infection. Repeated daily exposures to xylitol will kill this bacteria. Listerine twice a day is also good as is a rinse called Closys (you can get it at Walgreens). Closys can also whiten your teeth if you use it regularly.

      • Fereda says

        Fluoride is actually a really really good thing for your teeth im a dental assistant student i know. fluoride is a mineral that will strengthen your teeth which is why it is in toothpaste and many other oral products and when u go to the dentist they will almost always give u a fluoride solution to put in your mouth it is ur best friend when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy.

          • Mikhail says

            Fluoride is actually used by the teeth, and there is not really enough of it in toothpaste to cause serious problems unless you eat (yes, eat) two+ tubes a day. I’d suggest carefully reading the things you intend to use to attack western medicine.

            Of course, if you’re stupid enough to swallow mass quantities of fluoride (as opposed to using it to clean your teeth with and then spit out), then you deserve fluoride poisoning.

            Hydrogen peroxide can be used to whiten teeth, but it doesn’t really do much for bacterial infections on its own.

            • Scott says

              You seem to forget the ability of the gum’s to absorb fluoride. Even if your not swallowing it you still will be giving your self more then you every would want. I suggest non-fluoride toothpaste. Besides even if you never get fluoride poisoning it is still harmful to the body. Many human and animal studies will support that. It’s believed to be harmful to the brain and can actually cause fluorosis. It’s a wonder anyone uses it.

            • Manny says

              my head almost exploded when i read that initial comment.. so i Just wanted to add this to your argument. “Fluoride is
              considered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as “one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century”

              if u fill a glass with fluoride and drink it your are an absolute moron. Hydrogen(the most natural element in the universe – and 2/3 of the chemical makeup of pure water) is also poisonous to the human body if you are idiotic enough to drink it in its pure undiluted state.

        • In Seattle says

          Fereda, How sure are you that fluoride is an element? I think you’ll find it isn’t. To all others, dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water. Using undiluted will dessicate your gums.

          • Jess says

            I think what you all are referring to is SYSTEMIC flouride. Yes, SYSTEMICALLY (as in throughout the body, or ingested) flouride can be harmful. However the method for which it is used dentally is topical. Topical applications such as mouthrinses or foams at your dentist office have not been known to cause poisoning UNLESS INGESTED. Topically on the teeth strengthens enamel and can actually repair some incipient cavity lesions. It is especially important in children as their teeth are still developing and TOPICAL applications can help strong healthy teeth come in.

            • barlesinger says

              The American Dental Association has *NEVER* come out in favor of the use of fluoride on teeth, in rinses, in water or in little pills. All these 0practices, and especially water fluoridation have always been very contentious ideas to the ADA.


              SODIUM FLUORIDE is a rat poison and it is also damaging to the body as a whole. It is the fluoride used all over the world. It is also the wrong one. Calcium fluoride is the one that strengthens bones and teeth and it is used by natural medicine docs for the purpose (because they take biochemistry and listen in class).

              That said SODIUM FLUORIDE is actually PRESCRIBED as a treatment in little pills by dentists and docs all over the USA to harden kids teeth in areas that have soft water (or where rain water is common for drinking). This has killed a whole lot of little kids, by giving them bone cancer. Look it up.

              SODIUM FLUORIDE is also added (for no good reason) to WATER SUPPLIES in the USA and it causes a whole lot of health problems. IN fact hundreds of wells put in by UNICEF in India had to be capped forever, due to high levels of fluoride, which have the kids cancer and twisted leg bones. Contractors were paid by the meter, and bypassed safe water for water further down. It was a well documented international scandle.


              AGAIN there are two major fluoride salts, and the one used by dentists and added to water supplies is the WRONG ONE – sodium fluoride. The stuff commonly used for (supposed) tooth health is actually a toxic waste and a rat poison and has similar effects on the brain to lithium. Sodium fluoride, which comes from the the aluminum and uranium mining industry. Look it up on google. They sell it off to water districts, put it into mouth wash and toothpaste and also little white pills to EAT. They do this in order not to have to dispose of it (very expensive)…except…that sodium fluoride is also used as RAT POISON.

              The habit of selling off toxic waste as a “value added” instead of properly disposing of it; is very common: Heavy metal waste is so,d exactly the same stuff, as fertilizer for farmer fields (and it poisons their fields). Artificial vanilla (vanillin) is made from the dioxin rich waste of the paper and pulp industry.

              Now it is true that fluoride, used in very small TOPICAL quantities, with a PROFESSIONAL application where the gums are first coated to protect them body, does have an enamel hardening effect… from topical fluoride. However sodium fluoride is still very poisonous no matter who uses it or how and it does not leave the body easily. It builds up in the body over time and does damage.

        • Gordon says

          :) …….. that’s the expected response from those educated in the industry. My sister is a Hygenist and says the same thing. It is obvious that the natural remedies are not taught so they are refuted. When it comes to ‘fluoride’ ……. I run the opposite direction ….. don’t ever believe what you are told about it … period.

        • Joshua says

          Fluoride is a poison, that’s why toothpaste labels warn not to ingest it. Too much fluoride can have dramatic results. I wouldn’t be surprised if dentists use fluoride to make your teeth weaker just to get more money out of you. I don’t trust so called medics or dentists. Their all out there to make a buck. Sure they don’t want you using home remedies, because they would be out of jobs. All the dentists on here knock using any form of home remedies. They make sure to tell you to check with your dentist or to only whiten your teeth by a professional. I’ve brushed my teeth twice a day all my life, yet still have had more cavities then i should of ever had. Just makes you wonder, how do you still get bad teeth when you practice so called good “oral hygiene”. It’s all a fraud, a scam, a business. Their in it together.

        • Darren says

          Flouride is in rat poison.
          It is in your water, toothpast and anti depressants. absorbed threw taking showers (your skin) and drinking water. Just read the poisen label on your toothpast.
          How can this be intake regulated? a two year old vs a 40 year old.
          Now why does Europe who bands this in 95% of the drinking water have less cavities than our kids…..Hello

    • NathanPyndleton67 says

      Hydrogen peroxide is PERFECTLY SAFE to use orally! I have used it and it works great! Here’s how:
      1. Brush teeth as usual
      2. Rinse with water
      3. Put .5 – 1 oz peroxide in your mouth and GENTLY swish for 1 minute, allowing it to sit on your gumline
      4. Spit out peroxide
      5. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water.

      You have just killed bacteria and strengthened your teeth. Now, stay away from junk food and you wil never have to worry about cavities or gum disease again!

      Dentists use peroxide to whiten your teeth, too. Now you can do it yourself for 85 cents!

      • Sarah says

        I agree with Nathan. I used to have gingivitis and NYU Dentistry recommended I use perioxide as a rinse to reduce bleeding and swelling. I did that for several months and I never had gingivitis again!!! It also made my teeth very white.

      • Janis Owens says

        I have used peroxide as a mouth rinse for some time since other “mouth products” took off the lining in my mouth (including Colgate toothpaste.) This didn’t seem safe to me so I went (back) to peroxide. However it took off the lining in my mouth as well although I had used it in the past with no problems. It recommended diluting it half and half so that is what I now do and have had no further problems. I also gargle with it as a preventative measure-and of course use it on wounds and such.

    • gary says

      I have used peroxide for about 6 years.dosen’t whiten my teeth but kills a lot of germs, (good and bad).So I wouldn’t over do it. I use it once a day reduce with one part mint mouth wash and nine parts peroxide. Don’t have that funny taste.

    • Sarah says

      It is very safe. It worked for me. I don’t suggest you keep it in your mouth for too much for too long each time you use it, your gums and tongue feel like its burning. A small capful is sufficient. See my comment above, under Nathan’s.

  39. D says

    Too many articles about the same bull crap. What about the baking soda with peroxide, etc? How about providing some evidence on your own teeth and showing some progress before blowing the trumpets??

    How do I know about peroxide because I tried it, and wrecks your gum.

    Too many eat arse posting the same bull crap….oh, and I’m no dentist either…you just make the world worse than it already is with your lies.

    • david says

      to the i’m no dentist perhaps you should have washed your mouth with a bit stronger solution of Hydrogen Peroxide then maybe the rubbish and filth coming from it would not be there. I use Hydrogen Peroxide on my teeth and have had no problems.

      • D says

        ?? Well that makes sense….your no dentist but an expert in rubbish and filth who recommends anything higher than Hydrogen peroxide (3% hydrogen peroxide)?? Maybe you can show us your teeth from stein and to whitening. Please don’t tell us how its done but show some evidence day by day.

        If I hear another expert with no real evidence or footage……UM….SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!

    • dan plesse says

      The Hydrogen Peroxide study experiment which I passed onto David in2009 was only a single
      experiment out of hundreds and since that time I have stopped using hydrogen altogether. I started using antibacterial agents to fight tooth decay and got better but not complete protection. I am currently testing a green gunpowder tea direct eating of leaves not drinking as a weight loss program and I am on day 5 with that. The idea combines garlic too and lots of water and outdoor running and biking. I will bike until sundown and try to reduce eating via 1. too much at each sitting 2. fewer meals and so far so good. Remember correlation does not imply causation so be careful and be well. By Dan Plesse. experimenter.

    • mary says

      Silly comment.. Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years and years to whiten teeth.And as a mouth wash..Because years ago there were no mouthwashes and toothpastes like they have today..
      It is perfectly safe and will whiten teeth.. It will not harm your gums .It actually helps get rid of harmful bacteria..
      You shouldn’t swallow it.. Of course ~! Why would you want to?
      Rinsing your mouth out with water afterwards gets rid of the taste..
      If your not into buying a $1.00 bottle and would like to spend $50. Or more to whiten your teeth elsewhere..Fine..
      But I sure don’t….
      And I sure trust hydrogen peroxide more than I do harsher bleaching chemicals ..

      • dan plesse says

        Thanks Mary,

        After my last comment I actually returned to Hydrogen peroxide but only at 3% and in combination
        with tooth paste. The green gunpowder tea experiment was a no go.


      • jessica says

        mary, i agree we shouldn’t swallow hydrogen peroxide. however, if your dog should swallow something dangerous like a pill not meant for them, you can make them swallow 1 tablespoon of it and in a few minutes the pill will come up in a foamy mess caused by the peroxide! the dog wont be happy but WILL live!

        I have used hydrogen peroxide for years to whiten my teeth and am very happy with the results!

    • fay says

      Wow, D! Is the world ending for you or what?…To all -If you eat alot of crap then it fallows that it won’t whiten your teeth, it does sting a little when you rinse because it is killing bacteria. If it is hurting your gums after use dilute it or use something else but most anything else you use will have some side effect too. Your best bet is to eat fruits and vegetables and sparingly breads and grains. If not, deal with the consequences.

  40. Cob says

    You dont know anything about h2o2 dont you? It releases free radicals which are very active, and they can cause a lot of stuff in your mouth. Including cancer. By the way, desinfencting your mouth too much is also bad. I`m pretty sure you havent heard about dysbacteriosis.. Good luck with hurting yourselves.

    • jerry t says


      Ever put hydrogen peroxide on a cut? It will bubble as it disinfects the wound. I was told by my dentist that I should have my teeth whitened at his office for about $500. I said I read that dp works just a well. He answered that it did but it took much longer. Let’s see $500 vs. a few bottles of hp at $1….the winner is Hydrogen Peroxide by a long shot. Now I use it daily and have whitened my teeth several levels.

      • crystal says

        My moms dr told her using peroxide on a cut is a sure way to end up with a scar because it will eat at living tissue, not just disinfect

    • ron says

      Wrong again. Hydrogen Peroxide hyper-oxygenates by virtue of its chemical make-up. They use it in homeopathic medicine cancer hospitals like Hospital Santa Monica. Reason being is that cancer cells don’t like oxygen and don’t survive well in a oxygenated environment. You sound quite hypocondriacle. Your preocupation with and or reference to dysbacteriosis is a CLEAR sign of that. You’re not going to hurt yourself with h2o2 as a mouth wash when used with some common sence. You’ll find that unless you have some kind of sensetivity to it (Just dilute it 50/50 with water), its actually helpful. Talk all the smack you want but ” Dems da Factts” ! LOL Have Fun………..

  41. Bill says

    I’m gonna try it. My dentist told me once to use it when my filling was infected. It worked well for that and as long as I rinse real well I’m convinced my mouth will soon fill up with lots more bacteria so fearing dysbacteriosis just seems silly. But hey, I’m not a doctor I just play one in my mind…

    • dan says

      Its working better mixing it with toothpaste I think. I remember aspartame having a warning label and now that warning label is gone and its in all the candy. Checkout Wendell Potter: Health-Care Exec Turns Whistle-Blower and Mike Harari on 9/11.

  42. Christina Thompson says

    Has anyone used peroxide that has fillings? I would like to try it but I have a few fillings, and I don’t want to weaken them. I’m just wondering how it has worked out for others with fillings. Thanks!

    • Janis Owens says

      Yup, got a major mouthfull! About every 20 years or so I might lose the one in my front tooth but otherwise I don’t recall losing any. Ya, I’m an “old horse”…

    • Rick says

      Check the web. Peroxide will significantly increase the release of mercury in your amalgam fillings. It wont happen overnight but if you use this stuff on a regular basis, the mercury will accumulate in your system and can cause a number of health problems.
      Be careful with this stuff if you have dental amalgams.

  43. jenny says

    i started using it and it has worked great for me. i have never been to a dentist (i am 16), but i had problems with my gums. (skin would just come off them and i could wipe it off with my finger) but after seeing this website and using peroxide i have had no more problems and my theeth are whiter! its pretty awesome!

    • Jim says

      I think if your 16 you didnt have a problem in the first place. Dont know to many 16 years old with less then white teeth to begin with.

      • Grant says

        hay i have braces and drink a lot of soda and have green theeth and im 16 where u live africa jim iv use proxide four a whole 3 years a whole wapping 3 years and it took away my infections and now i lowering my gum line which i need and also i had a whitening problem and my dentist said to lower you gum line and help lower yo gum line swish 3% hp and this will in the long run fix you problem (this was when im 14) and it did only reason my theeth are no so good no is because iv stoped useing it because im out of it only reason people dont like useing this product is because it kills good and bad cell… dont go kissing every one and skip brusing you theeth and rinsing and you will do just fine.

  44. rosie sparks says

    so i used hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth. it did work but my gums also got damaged. did this happen to anyone else or just me?? and should i see a dentist about my gums??

    • Sarah says

      Did you leave the peroxide in your mouth for a long time? And how long ago did you stop using it? I had gingivitis as a teen as well. I used a small capful each time I brushed, 3 time a day. Held it in my mouth for a couple of minutes, then rinsed with water. I noticed that when I used too much perioxide and kept it in for too long, my gums would get white and look discolored but all that healed in time. I did this for several months until my gums healed (25 years ago) and I haven’t suffered from gingivitis again.

    • mary patchell says

      all of a sudden my teeth and gums hurt. i can only figure it is from my use of baking soda for all my brushings and hydrogen peroxide almost every day. i’m rinsing my mouth with salt water to relieve the pain.

  45. Jackie says

    I used Hydrogen Peroxide while undergoing chemo to help prevent and heal sores in my mouth. My oncologist and dentist both suggested that I do this once or twice a day. It worked to heal my mouth and I have continued using it after I brush at night. There are some theories floating around that dental bacteria causes cancer, so I have adopted this ritual as a preventive measure.

  46. says

    My dentist (>30 yrs experience) recommends to this day peroxide for keeping gums healthy.

    Only disadvantage is it seriously leaves your mouth tasting like crap, however a light brushing or clean water rinse is enough to take care of that problem.

    • Jessica says

      I have seriously swollen gums due to medication. Does anyone have any experience using peroxide to prevent this and infection while taking Dilantin (Phenytoin)? I cannot afford the dental treatments that I would need to cure this. I have been to a gum specialist just for a consultation and there is no way I can afford those treatments. .

      • Jess says

        Unfortunately overgrown gums can be a side effect of Dilantin. As a dental hygienist I have seen this many times. HP can be used for infections in the mouth but will not cure the swollen gums. However caution should be used when using HP as well. While it is good for infection, don’t rinse too long. Maybe 20-30 seconds and only a small capful. Using it too often can also cause Black Hairy tongue where the papilla on your tongue become overgrown and turn brown/black.

    • Verve says

      I just bought some 3% H202 from our local hairdressing supplies shop, to whiten and disinfect the mouth. They also have 6%, 10%, containers, etc, right up to 18%, after which it is too strong for the hairdressing industry. My question is: If I buy 6% H202 and dilute it 100%, will this bring the concentration down to 3%. The lass in the shop suggested that the suppliers say this is not an accurate way of bringing the concentration from 6% down to 3%. Could anyone clarify this please.

  47. Brandy Watford says

    Test the power of HP! Place a washcloth in a sink… close the drain …add water and 2 oz. of HP …see what happens.. Clue…. something that your soap didn’t do! Try it.

  48. JJJ says

    i’ve been using peroxide as a mouthwash once a night for about a minute, for 4 months now and have had no problems whatsoever. no canker sores either which is why i started using it in the first place. my teeth are also definitely whiter.

  49. Raw raj says

    I started to search for hydrogen peroxide after I found 2 “approved” tooth whitening products that uses H2O2 as a whitening agent.
    A 7 day pack that includes some “unique” application popper costs around 100$
    Apart from Alcohol and some thickening and “spreading” agents(which are dangerous for health BTW) all it had was H2O2
    So I decided to check if people were using food grade H2O2.
    So to all those who are saying it does not work(either they used too much or their gums are already damaged from the chemicals that exists in todays general dental products and ofcourse their diet) are TROLLS for sure.(or dentists or maybe paid “commenters” yes they exist there are agencies who give such services around a year ago GMO companies were found guilty of using such services to “argue” on websites that were exposes the dangers of GMO food and to spread lies about its benefits in regards to “yield”.)

    H2O2 can be damages to already damaged gums. What I wanted to share here was how these 100$ products(and another that was around 12$) work.
    They have method like a brush(or more advance “pop and cap” B.S.) that applies the H2O2 only to the teeth.
    So maybe if people are having problem with gums then they can apply the product with a brush also mix it with some glycerine to thicken (as these products use glycerine too) and only apply to the teeth and keep for a longer time.
    You can rinse your mouth for just 30 seconds to avoid any issues with gums after that. Rinsing for 30 seconds should be safe for anyone.(and yeah sort out your diet eating a whole food plant based diet would do wonders not only for your “inflamed” gums, as a plant based diet is highly anti-inflammatory)
    Thank you for this article and thanks to those who took time to post the comments and their experiences, I can save 99$(or atleast 11$) and buy the 1$ bottle of H2O2 and whiten by teeth at home.

    • orange says

      Thanks for the glycerine idea! Exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to make a peroxide paste that I could smear on my teeth – something that would stay in place. A mixture of peroxide and baking soda does not work, as it slides off the teeth. I will be experimenting with the glycerine.

  50. Bryan says

    does it help with Streph throat? Im on antibiotics for strep throat now, Ive been using it too., figured it couldn’t hurt gargling with the stuff

  51. Breanna says

    Hi! I’ve read through all the comments and I’m just wondering because my boyfriend told me that doing this kills your teeth, is that true?

    • Ella says

      To “kill” a tooth (as you say), you’d really need to damage the nerve. If HP got to your tooth nerve, you had more problems than needing whiter teeth.

  52. Thomas says

    It’s not fair to call hydrogen peroxide ‘natural’, produced by the electrolysis of sulfuric acid and ammonium bisulfate. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes in nature to oxygen gas and water.

    Hydrogen peroxide do have important and good uses, as a bleaching agent and as an antiseptic. But ethanol, chlorhexidine and sodium hypochlorite is recommended over hydrogen peroxide – but do not make your teeth whiter.

  53. Whitey says

    Please be careful – my mouth was still kind of nasty after a sinus infection so I used 3% to rinse my mouth out TWO WEEKS AGO. My toungue is still white, like WHITE, feels constantly like I just ate salt – and it is a tad cotton-mouthy as well.

    It looks so creepy… I only rinsed for about a minute. Be careful folks, I would dilute this stuff. Ugh.

  54. Janelle Davis says

    So I just tried rinsing with hydrogen peroxide and wasn’t bad. If by the time I wake up in the morning and there’s no problem, I’m going to start using it daily. It didn’t taste bad, either…really it had no taste.I’m 21 and I’ve been a smoker for a few years and my teeth turned yellow and so I’m trying to find something that will help whiten my teeth. I hope this works.

  55. says

    I’ve been rinsing with P for weeks now and find that I can see the difference. I also cannot use toothpaste as I have a salisolate sensativity (plant based products) so I use baking soda instead. Not sure if the combo of these two is making my teeth whiter or not but pleased with the results for sure.

    I see comments escalating over who’s right and who’s wrong…really? We are all different and being so, know that one solution works for me and may not for you. Try it and if you’re not happy with the outcome, stop doing it and try something else. Say that you did and don’t badmouth others because it failed for you. Most of us left the 3rd grade years ago and are chosing our battles.

    • Sean says

      Well said, Tammerjack! After reading everything down to your comment, YOURS impressed me the most and is SO TRUE!! I couldn’t have made this point any better!

    • SkepticRina says

      I love Hydrogen Peroxide. My mouth and teeth feel so much cleaner and healthier and yes, whiter. I add peppermint or cinnamon extract in 3% HP and it tastes so much better when rinsing for a minute. Try it. It totally works.

    • Ben says

      This is a safe and effective method for whitening the teeth. All other comments saying this is dangerous should be disregarded as I have done this for years with no problems. Just mix 1 part peroxide with 1 part water and rinse for 1 minute or more. Also, try to avoid swallowing it.

  56. Marc says

    At the end of the day….the most important thing to remember about fluoride is that it is a waste product, produced by various different industries. you are essentially cleaning your teeth with crap.
    no it wont kill you if you rub it over your gums, but still…should you really clean your teeth with a waste product?

  57. Dan says

    Belive it or not, cocoa powder can rebuild enamel. It contains a unidentified white crystaline substance that rehardens teeth. Also try ashes of the grapevine. The microscopic charcoal polishes and removes stains.

  58. Clareee says

    I am 16 and I have been using Peroxide for about a week, twice a day. My only intention is to whiten. I use a q-tip and dip it into Hydrogen peroxide and rub it all over my front teeth, til they are foamy. It works great for me. It barely touches my gums and you can’t taste it after rinsing.

  59. Matt says

    H202 is safe, but I would suggest using trays to not overexpose the tissue.

    Peroxide is unstable and reverts to water and oxygen. Oxygen is very much like Flourine, a halogen. They aggressively bond with most other elements (needs 2+ to become balanced charge). This is why both elements react with calcium the way they do. Also means they destroy cells in the same reactive manner.

    Your own microbes are there for a reason, and the colony could die if too many are killed off with peroxide. That means any other “invading” microbe or bacteria can move on in.

  60. michelle says

    My boyfriend swears by the stuff,so I started using it and my mouth pain is gone,my teeth are way whiter,and I love to smile more! So everyone who wants to try it should,and people who don’t want to try it,then don’t,don’t say it doesn’t work.

  61. Mike says

    I have used H2O2 for over 30 years. Never had a cavity in my life. My teeth are awesome. Flouride is poison period. There is nothing wrong with H2O2 at all. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to make $$$.

    Source: Myself

  62. Marge says

    I’ve been doing oil pulling to fix my gum problems and remove the plaques on my teeth. I take a spoonful of olive oil and swish it in my mouth. It works by trapping the bacteria in the oil. Kinda like cleaning the car engine with oil. I spit it out after 15 minutes. It is a cheap method and my gums look pinker now.

  63. Rick says

    DO NOT USE H2O2 AS AN ORAL RINSE IF YOU HAVE MERCURY DENTAL AMALGAMS. I had used 3% drug store H2O2 as an oral rinse for over a year.
    Took me a long time to associate the onset of a number of health problems with mercury toxicity from the use of H2O2. It’s been a month since I’ve stopped using H2O2 as a mouth wash. Symptoms are very slowly reversing. Be careful with this stuff if you have dental amalgams.

  64. Toothy says

    I’m in my 60s with excellent teeth. I brush at least once a day, floss every other day, and rise out with hydrogen peroxide occasionally. Please note that you do not have to use HP every day. Eat well, practice good hygiene, and your teeth will last long a good long while.

    Keep smiling! :)

  65. Dervis says

    I do not think other ways than the peroxide would be the best way to whiten your teeth. I have been using peroxide while I has a surgery from my back teeth. Doctors also suggest. But you have to be careful and should not use without a control of a professional doctor. Yesterday I was going around the internet and I saw a website where I found some reviews about peroxide out there. So I suggest you to find best one available in your country.

  66. Stevo says

    What is a lethal dose of Fluoride? 5 grams.
    It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water a day according to the FDA.
    But how much fluoride is in the city water? Minimum is 0.7 ppm or 0.7 mg/L
    NOTE: If you don’t flush heavy metals out of your body frequently then they stay.
    How long does it take to reach a deadly dose, if you were drinking city water at 2 liters per day? Daily intake 1.4 mg for every 2 liters. 5 grams divided by 1.4 milligrams is about 3,572 days! or 4 years, 6 months, and about 24 days. And if that isn’t bad Skeletal Fluorosis is just around the corner.
    What are the long-term effects of ingesting fluoride on our bones?
    Human Skeletal Fluorosis
    Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water
    Documentation for Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health Concentrations
    Fluoride and Drinking Water – NLM Journal Abstracts
    Patents on Fluoride Rat Poison & Insecticides
    Fluoride is Poison | Brainwash Update
    Fluoride: What You and Your Family Need to Know
    Chinese Industrial Fluoride Suppliers Openly list Sodium Fluoride as ‘Insecticide’ and ‘Adhesive Preservative’ in Addition to Water Treatment Chemical
    Video of Fluoride Killing Brain Cells 100% Proof Fluoride is Toxic

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