Is Meat Really Nutritious or Does it Make You Sick?

Man Eating Meat

Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
Albert Einstein

Is Meat Good for You OR is Eating Meat Bad?

The facts supporting vegetarianism are overwhelming. Some health authorities feel that one day, humankind will wake up and will look back in horror at their own carnivorous and murderous habits. Animal eating is considered just one step below cannibalism.

Facts on eating animal flesh

  • In 1961, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that a vegetarian diet could prevent 90-97% of heart diseases. In 2010, President Bill Clinton stopped eating meat and dairy products to protect his heart and lost 25 pounds in the process. “I want to be able to see my grandchildren,” the Ex-President told the world.
  • Studies reveal 59% less cancer among people who eat small amounts of meat, compared to average meat-eaters. (Imagine how much better those figures would be when compared to vegetarians.)
  • Scotland has the highest rate of bowel cancer in the world and they eat 20% more meat than the English.
  • The kidneys of the meat-eater must work three times harder than the kidneys of the vegetarian.
  • Although meat needs to pass through the digestive tract quickly, it takes four times longer than grains or vegetables.
  • During World War I, Norway and Denmark could not get meat. The death rate dropped 17% and then returned to normal when they returned to their meat diets.
  • The American National Institute of Health, in a study of 50,000 vegetarians, found that they live longer, have far less heart disease, and a much lower cancer rate compared to meat-eaters.
  • In England, vegetarians pay less for life insurance.
  • Studies show that vegetarians are stronger, more agile, have greater endurance, and recover from fatigue faster than meat-eaters.
  • A Yale University study revealed that vegetarians have nearly twice the stamina of meat-eaters.
  • Cornell University announced through major newspapers in May of 1990, “Humans are natural vegetarians.” The report said: “Animal foods, in general, are not really helpful and we need to get away from eating them.” “In addition to reducing the risk of heart disease, low cholesterol also protects against colon cancer, the most common life-threatening cancer among Americans.”
  • World starvation is well connected to meat-eating habits. If Americans stopped feeding grain to cattle, the excess grain could feed 500 million people (not to mention the land that could be used to grow food instead of being used for grazing cattle). When people see those programs on TV about all the starving children, they should consider that their diets are a contributing factor.

Even milk is under the scanner:

Contrary to popular beliefs, pasteurized milk, like meat, drains the body of alkaline and electrolyte minerals. Milk that has been cooked (pasteurized) takes more calcium to digest than it gives back!

Recognize meat for what it really is: The antibiotic – and pesticide – laden corpse of a tortured animal. – Ingrid Newkirk, National Director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


  • Chemistry of Food and Nutrition, by Sherman, H., Macmillan Co., NY 1952, pg. 208.
  • The Science of Nutrition, Sherman, H., Columbia University Press, NY, 1943, pg. 177-198


Dr. Rajesh VishwanathanDr. Rajesh Vishwanathan, MBBS, became disillusioned with the impersonal and aggressive allopathic system and trained and qualified in Yoga, meditation, Naturopathy and Homeopathy. He dreams of Integrating Allopathic medicine with the Alternative systems of healing.


  1. Linda says

    How many of you know that every sip of milk you drink, with it, you are also drinking the scabs and puss from the infected duct’s of the cow??? HUH HUH???

  2. says

    Drinking milk also increase the histamines in your body. Milk is species-specific; meaning, only baby cows can benefit from the proteins and antibodies in the cow’s milk. Ha, humans are the only animals that continue to drink milk after maturing. And it’s not even our milk!!

  3. Brodie says

    After reading all your comments I feel very sad . . . It makes me want to eat meat and drink milk in order to die that much sooner. Especially the tasty scabs and bloody embryos (or whatever).

    Seriously though, I am a vegetarian and I could really care less if anyone else did or did not eat meat. Why is it that all vegetarians get on this higher then thou trip?

  4. the truth says

    How about the fact that meateaters are usually irritable people, and are generally impossible to live with?

  5. cuddlebot says

    while i respect everyones eating choices do think that people should know the facts.

    humans were not meant to drink the milk of other animals.

    we have only recently as a species developed the enzyme to break it down.

    i’m not saying that everyone should stop drinking milk, i mean, i’m a vegetarian and i drink milk. but i think that more people should be informed on the subject of what their putting into their bodies.

  6. Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan says

    Hi David,

    I think that the enzyme referred to by Bob is lactase additives. They are available from drug stores without a prescription. One form is a liquid for use with milk. A few drops are added to a quart of milk, and after 24 hours in the refrigerator, the lactose content is reduced by 70 percent. The process works faster if the milk is heated first, and adding a double amount of lactase liquid produces milk that is 90 percent lactose free. A more recent development is a lactase tablet that helps people digest solid foods that contain lactose. One to three tablets are taken just before a meal or snack.


  7. GideonBanner says

    I just want to point out that many of your facts are seem to show a correlation between eating meat and something else but how much of it is actually caused by eating meat and how much is other cultural factors. remember correlation does not mean causation a good example is that the loss pirates sailing the seas caused global warming. stating facts like these don’t necessarily mean anything. maybe vegetarians are more conscious about thier health and so exercise more creating some of these “facts”. Without scientific experimentation correlational studies cannot be taken as fact that vegetarianism has all these advantages.

  8. says

    It’s a “fact” that 1 million people die a year in America due to cardiovascular disease. It’s a “fact” that cholesterol is directly linked to the destruct of the artery wall — atherosclerosis. It’s a “fact” that atherosclerosis leads to strokes, heart attacks, and… death. It’s a “fact” that the only source of “additional” cholesterol comes from eating meat. I think the math is pretty simple.

  9. Saint Simon says

    Linda, the word you’re going for is “pus.” Not the other one. Unless you meant “puss” which is even sicker.

    Eating meat, especially at night makes it incredibly difficult to wake up the next morning. No, that’s not scientific (that I know of), it’s personal experience. Try it, you’ll like it.

    Brodie, your comment about this being a higher than thou “trip” is pretty hasty. The article wasn’t at all about changing behavior, it only highlighted the benefits to vegetarianism and the drawbacks of eating meat.

  10. GideonBanner says

    i never said that these facts could not be true or that they were not true the main point I wanted to say was the nature of the article and how it only gives corrilational data and no data showing causation. articles on subjects like the ones that you mention would show causation my problem is not necessarily with this article but the way people can rush to conclusions by reading correlational data alone you should go out and read SCIENTIFIC articles on the causation of heart conditions instead of just reading correlational studies. I have been to some bad websites lattly as i added alternative medicine to my list of stumble searches and just wanted to point out the problems in only reading correlational studies in an effort to improve better science. the original comment was mainly pointed at facts like “Scotland has the highest rate of bowel cancer in the world and they eat 20% more meat than the English. or A Yale University study revealed that vegetarians have nearly twice the stamina of meat-eaters” which came off as most prominant in my mind after reading it for the obvious faults in logic that can occure by only looking at these studies. I admit there are more causational studies mentioned above then i remembered but there are still some that i take issue with because of the nature of the information.

  11. Jayme says

    I personally do prefer vegetarian food. I feel it IS o.k. to educate people on the benefits of a vegetarian diet. I DO NOT feel its okay to shove it down people’s throats like this site is doing. I like vegetarian food for the health benefits and I like the taste better than meat. your little link about meat being feces is ridiculous and from what I read didn’t even back up their claims with what I thought to be facts. On that note, everything you eat turns into feces eventually. I agree that most of what is stated is correlations, not causes of. There’s also genetics and stress that go into those things too. I’m the only one IN my family that isn’t much of a meat eater, and still seems the people in my family have a life span longer than average. I view a diet as as much of a lifestyle factor as religion, neither should be dictated by anyone but you.

  12. Liz says

    Every pro-veg site that I stumble upon which allows viewers to comment has at least one person who says that is it “forcing its views on people” or “shoving its beliefs down peoples’ throats.”
    However, so far I have not come upon a site which does this.
    Obviously, a vegetarian-based site will want to share the negatives of eating meat and the positives of not eating it.
    It will only come off as forceful if the viewer wants it to.

  13. Françoise Duvivier says

    I am veg’ since my childhood, and i continue. When i was a child i couldn’t support to eat my friends “rabbit” or “chicken” etc … Today, i don’t eat meat because i like animals, i find our attitude towards animals, grotesque and insane.
    I would like everyone to take a journey in a slaughter house, so they’ll see.
    We struggle for the rights of men/women, we have to take care of the animals rights, too.
    Soon, there won’t have animals on the planet except those we eat, except our pets, dogs and cats, no more …
    Françoise, an animal …. and of course sorry for my poor English :-)

  14. Swimmer for Life says

    This article makes me want to eat far less meat and maybe become vegetarian.I hope I follow through and do it….

  15. Patty says

    hey, you people need to read your bibles ( oops I brought that up) certain animals are for human consumption…however BREAD is not white , RICE is NOT white, NOODLES are NOT white ….just a lil heads up , anything in moderation is not bad for you ….

  16. Free_d says

    I grew up on an 80’s smallholding with the aim of self suffiency (riding the wave of the Good Life), so a variety of meat and milk were the norm, and essential for the mindset of the time.

    Now 28, I decided to go vegetarian a year ago. Expecting a massive shift in physical and psychological sensation, I was disappointed, or at the very least non-plussed. I also stopped smoking which increased my actual food intake due to no longer suppressing my appetite with the shitty poisons. This became a Catch 22. I no longer crave crap food (having almost given up chips and chocolate aswell as meat), but I am always capable of eating, in fact, always hungry.

    Basically I guess what I’m saying is, regulate everything. Don’t start smoking. Work and play hard. Harbour good energy, then use it; you can’t lose.

    Peace and fucking. X.

  17. Emily says

    umm i love meat and i dident know all these things but umm its was i guess interesting
    ‘Love Emily xoxo

  18. Lynette says

    I ate only fruit and vegetables for the majority of a summer. I lost weight and looked great. I wish I had stuck with it. Unfortunately, a vegetarian diet contains a lot of fiber. I am a teacher and cannot run off to the bathroom whenever I need to. It’s also not as convenient as popping a Lean Quisine into the microwave. Too much salt, I know, but I usually only have 20 minutes for lunch.

  19. sizzler says

    it is my right to talk about the benifits of vegetarianism. there is no way to deny that the raising of animals for consumption destroys our environment. its my environment too and i have a right to do everything i can to protect it, even if that means making you feel uncomfortable about your own selfish, destructive decisions.

  20. Dr. James says

    It is so funny to the the meat eaters clinging to there erroneous thoughts to be able to continue to adhere to a disgusting, physically devistating and hopelessly cruel diet. It’s in the bible? In Genisis God stated that the fruits of the trees and the greens of the land are for consumption of man. It was only after God got pissed off at man that he stated the man can eat meat but only after the life’s blood had left the animal. He did not say You could kill it. So run around and follow it until it is dead and have at it. Nut. Furthermore, there is no more cruel and unusual punishment than forced on that of the factory farmed, cows, dairy cows, chickens, etc. Veal calves are chained by their necks to the floor of a cell no bigger than their bodies and feed an Iron poor diet, never getting to stand so the the meat is really tender. And lets not forget while Al Gore is on the podium vomiting his rhetoric about saying the world from global warming while eating his cheese burger. I contend that Global Warming, or Global dipping to be more accure can be completely cured in the next 20 years if we stop meat eating and factory farming immediately. Hare Krishna

  21. says

    I like the statement made by Dr James. “So run around and follow it until it is dead and have at it”. One could chase their prey over it and eat it. Sounds logical. Food is a choice!!

  22. MM says

    I am a vegetarian myself but I do not agree with *some* of the things listed here…
    – Albert Einstein is not an expert on nutrition. You don’t ask your History professor how to cure cancer, do you?
    – The study about 59% less cancer among people who ate small amounts of meat… it could be a possibility that simply eating small amounts of meat is good for you. Other factors like genetics or personal habits aren’t mentioned.
    – Humans have a set of teeth designed for an omnivorous diet–we have a perfect blend of teeth designed to tear meat and to chew plants.
    – a PETA quote? PETA is a terrible organization that has killed animals and its VP depends on pig insulin to live.
    I’m all for promoting vegetarianism, but I’m not okay when any support for an idea comes from an illogical conclusion.

  23. sianz says

    to Linda :

    gee, i suppose you didn’t know veges are grown with the feces of animals and possibly decomposition of various animals, insects? not to mention industry grade pesticides, fungicides and cancer causing steroids?

    i’m fine with scabs and pus, since your ignorance did not realised that milk has natural antibiotics and most milk are UHT.

    But to your surprise, most soil has a good healthy dose of feceal material.

    Enjoy your food ok?

    maybe you should have a big glass of STFU.

  24. Okoth says

    YEAH! Just make something up, put the name Albert Einstein under it and it is TRUE. GREAT!!!

    I feel so sorry for all those animals which were born with the purpose of being eaten one day. They must be so sad that some human being (who would kill a couple of thousand of little animals every day just by stepping on them (funny that these people don’t care about these animals)) prevent them of reaching their goal in life.

    Sorry, I have to go, the steak is almost ready…

  25. John Abbott says

    I have been a total vegetarian since 2000 and made the move for health reasons. I don’t think it would be possible for me to ever become a carnivore again knowing AND UNDERSTANDING what is done to meat in its production.

  26. Matthew Thompson says

    well i believe that being vegetarian is essentially necessary to be preventive and stop those things mentioned in the article in some parts of the world it is nearly impossible to be a complete vegetarian. And if everyone were vegetarian then the population would have to be educated as to how to eat in order for the body to function properly.

  27. says

    Alright so a couple of thoughts I had while reading these comments…

    “I love meat and we all die sometime” – bobsmelly

    We do indeed all die, I myself have been a vegetarian since the 3rd grade, and have never even given thought to the health aspect. The larger issue, I feel is a respect for life and the prevention of suffering. To disregard the widespread negative implications of eating meat simply because you enjoy the taste is somewhat self centered. The author of this article clearly argued for health reasons, and a vegetarian diet may very well be more healthy, but one thing to take from this article is that is not inherently less healthy than an omnivourus diet, as some would argue as a reason for not giving up meat.

    “If being a vegetarian is so great, why do they all crave bacon flavoured tofu?” – Meat Eating Manny.

    As above explained vegetarianism is not about taste, in most cases giving meat up is a sacrafice of taste for reasons of health or morality. If tofu can immitate the texture and taste of a meat product without the negative effects, then there really isn’t any harm. keep in mind however that not all vegetarians crave “bacon” tofu, or any other fake meat product for that matter because to some the resemplance to the actual thing is inausiating (almost like trying to eat soy vomit).

    “gee, i suppose you didn’t know veges are grown with the feces of animals and possibly decomposition of various animals, insects? not to mention industry grade pesticides, fungicides and cancer causing steroids?” – sianz

    Firstly in regards to pesticides, fungicides, and steroids, the market for organic fruits and veges is ever increasing and vegetarians are often times more conciuss of the decission to buy organic than other people are. additionaly, you may want to stop and think about the level of steroids in the meat products you consume. Steroids are used in factory farms to the extent that a chiken reaches the size of a full grown adult in only two months, its legs collapsing under the unatural gurth of the body before it is sent to slaughter. I’m affraid you would be a fool to not make the realization that there meat growth steroids are Oncogenes. Secondly, let’s take a moment to concider the nature of chemistry, in which the whole truely is greater than the sum of its parts. some of the carbon atoms in your face might have at one point in time been brontosaures sploog (pardon my french), but that is certainly no reason to be grossed out, seeing as how those carbon atoms no longer retain the properties of the thing they were at one time part of. keeping that in mind, likening the content of actual feces in meat to the content of nutrients in vegetables that were at some point part of feces. Things change after being filtered through systems, same as you wouldn’t piss into a gatorade bottle and throw it back in the fridge for consumptions later (though I doubt it could be all that much worse than gatorade to begin with…).

    “hey, you people need to read your bibles ( oops I brought that up) certain animals are for human consumption … just a lil heads up , anything in moderation is not bad for you …” – Patty

    Why bother telling you that A) not everyone subscribes to the bible or B) the bible gives contradicting statments regarding vegetariansim, but does say that mankind were vegetarians before the origional fall from grace (and that having been made in gods image we did not eat meat, implying that god would not be one to partake in the eating of animals), because when it comes to relligion people are stuborn and don’t seem to care to listen to the other side. However your statment about nothing in moderation being bad is easily contestable, while anything in excess is indeed bad for you, it doesn’t exactly work backwords. Examples being… Plutonium, H2SO4, bullet to brain, cyanide capsuls, devil worship, broken glass, boy bands, ect.

    “YEAH! Just make something up, put the name Albert Einstein under it and it is TRUE. GREAT!!!” – Okoth

    Okoth, when text is encased by these —> “your text here” and a name is given below, that is called a quote. what this means is that the text was not in fact made up, but rather an opinion expresed by the person it is atributed to (if the quote is real that is, this one being real… 99% of quotes atributed to Oscar Wilde being fake).

    Albert Einstein is not an expert on nutrition. You don’t ask your History professor how to cure cancer, do you?” & “a PETA quote? PETA is a terrible organization that has killed animals and its VP depends on pig insulin to live.” – MM

    Albert Einstein wasn’t a nutrition expert, true. but if it was something important to him I would think it is safe to assume he gave it a deal of thought, and I personaly have a great deal of respect for his thoughts, something I think he earnd through his contributions to science and his continous devotion to being a stone cold badass with a heart of gold. No one is saying to be a vegetarian simply because of his words, and there is nothing wrong with including the opinion of a man that we can (I hope) all agree was a genius. And aside from just a nutritional standpoint, Einstein was a man with a great concern for humanity and was most likely refering to the increased ability to nourish the population if the land used for raising farm animals was instead put to use growing crops. At least that’s how I’ve always read that quote. I would also agree with you that PETA is a detestable organization, but not for the same reasons you listed, PETA doesn’t kill animals because they want to, they kill animals that they cannot find homes for, and they cannot afford to keep them all at their headquarters, or to buy land to keep them on, and they do what they can by campaigning for people to have there animals fixed so that problem whont exist. Regardless of all that, even if the organization has its faults, that doesn’t affect the truth of the quote.

  28. katasuka says

    i agree that eating meat is bad. yes meat tastes good and has so much you can do with it, but its killing us all. i already know eating meat is bad, have known it for a long time. i eat very little meat. i eat maybe a pound of meat a week, usually turkey. since ive been eating less meat, ive had much more energy than before.

  29. Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan says

    Repected Rev Hyles,

    Your comments were very comprehensive and enlightening.

    Could you please tell us, if the Old Testament propagated vegetarianism?

  30. says

    To: David Michaels

    Well said! Your comment make so much sense and it would be amazing if more people were as open-minded as you.

    To: All those vegans / vegetarians who commented,

    Thank you for choosing this lifestyle. You are helping yourself, helping the planet, helping the animals, and helping the universe. Namaste (I salute you!)

  31. David Michaels says

    Great post. And that’s JUST the beginning. The more I researched meat, health, and a vegetarian/vegan diet, the more I was overwhelmed by all the evidence.

    Simply put, despite common accepted belief, the human body really isn’t designed to eat meat.

    My health, energy, stamina, endurance, and even metal/emotional health have all improved–naturally–by eating better foods. I’m even finding that eating fresh raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts is the most healthy, vitalizing, energizing diet. No contest.

    We need to educate people on this. I’m not a vegetarian because I feel sorry for the animals — I do it because the health benefits are incredible!

    And I think the animals like it better too. 😉 hehe.

    Funny thing is, I used to love meat and eat it all the time. Now I have ZERO craving for it, and I can’t stand the taste or texture if I have a little mixed in some food one time at a restaurant. I just doesn’t feel good in my body. I had no idea how unhealthy and low-energy I felt, until I started eating better foods. This level is so much better.

    But, do your own homework. Learn the facts. The research and findings are incredible.


  32. JT says

    Great blog posting, I did not know some of those facts, but I do know that meat is full of antibiotics and fed genetically engineered food, and that the animals are tortured. This is why I became a vegetarian last year. I feel so much better now that I dont eat meat, people need to just give it a try and change their habits in hopes for a healthier lifestyle.

  33. juancho says

    110% agree and adhesion to the above !! a vegetarian myself, you should also include George Bernard Shaw quote:

    animals are my friends, I do not eat my friends

    .Pb is mankind is parted into beasts on one side (vast majority) and conscious beings trying to be better on the other…

  34. Patty M says

    yea yea, lol, I knew if I brought up the Bible, Id get that sa remark about bullets n stuff . Well , its like this, you eat your way and I’ll meet mine. Life is way to short to step on this crap. we have starving people , an un wanted war , people killing within their own families..fight something that can be fought about . Live and let live. I dont shove my meat on you and yea I eat LOTS of veggies!

  35. zack says

    why are the “sources” books from the mid 20th century? In fact, most of the “facts” are rather dated… If I wanted to prove that eating is actually less healthy than starving, I could probably dig up obscure old sources and make really vague references to them to prove my point as well. Most of the points made go without cited sources. Far from a convincing arguement.

  36. c johnson says

    yeah! more people must know the physical and enviornmental impacts. the consumption of meat affects everyone. if you think you can’t live without meat, EAT LESS! YOU BODY AND MOTHER EARTH WILL THANK YOU-

  37. The Beezer says

    Meat repulses me. I do not consider it to be food at all. I am surprized that it is considered edible at all.

  38. says


    Meat repulses me NOW. But, I was brought up to believe it was food. So, I think a lot of it has to do with how we were raised and our perception/open-mindedness on the subject. My nephew recently discovered that a burger was made fromn a real cow and he was grossed out. I still believe that what we consume is our own choice. Howver, there is way too much false info and poisonouus food products being shoved down our throats. I do not believ in eating non-organic meat, nor do I believe that fritos are food. I’m concerned for people who consume things like protein bars, energy drinks and GM cereals and think they are eating healty. And that same concern goes for people who eat tampered (hormone laiden, grain fed or abused) meat

  39. J Bentlay says

    Simple. Meat is murder. If you can eat meat after watching the footage shown, no amount of arguing will persuade you. You are heartless and contrary to your opinion, this is not seen as “tough” or “emotionally sturdy” as you may wish people to think of you. More-so it shows your reluctance to think or empathise.Im sure a majority of you who are arguing against a vegetarian diet do(or have at some stage) had a pet dog/cat etc.Some cultures eat these animals as western culture eats cattle. So next time you cut into a steak, look at your dog and imagine its rover on the plate.The only difference- your pet may have been spared years of torture prior to its demise. BON APPETITE.

  40. Alan says

    Try being vegan for a month and see if you want to go back to it all. See if you want rush headlong back to shorter breath, less concentration, sluggishness, irritability, higher body weight, dullness, less energy.
    I tried being vegan and it changed my life. You really don’t have the right to rubbish veganism unless you’ve tried it. So come on, McHuman, what are you waiting for? Scared to find real food that isn’t overcooked/overpackaged/overpriced? FCK KFC. Find the real you.

  41. Jean says

    Its very foolish to continue to eat meat even though you know how bad it is for you and the enviroment…

  42. foxie says

    Great blog. I’m a tad disturbed by all the vegetarians posting that they disagree with blogs like this that “try to shove vegetarianism” down meat-eaters throats. As someone who became vegetarian way too late in my life, I wish that someone would have shoved the facts of my cruel diet in my face much, much earlier. It’s so easy to stay in a state of denial about where your meat dinner comes from… especially in a society where it’s a norm that is rarely questioned.
    We have a responsibility to try to spread our friendly and healthy diet to others if we hope to ever reach a day where torturing animals is NOT okay.

  43. Kyrstin says

    I’ve noticed that in general when people have negative comments about these types of articles, they stem only from their own feelings of guilt. If a meat-eater had no moral conflicts about his diet, he would not feel the need to so strongly defend it.

    And may I also point out that the most commonly-used reason for eating meat “but it tastes good” is simply not true. A piece of meat, cut from an animal and eaten, would be deplorable I’m sure. The meat becomes good with spices, seasonings, flavors added to it. All the same flavors that can be added to plant products.

  44. Ed Smith, Palm Springs, CA says

    Anyone who doubts the fact that a vegetarian diet is far superior personally & globally than eating meat is delusional. There are too many solid indisputable proven FACTS! Quit deluding yourself. It’s foolish to live in denial of the truth.

  45. itxy says

    eating meat affects our earth DRAMATICALLY!!!

    it doesnt matter if utr gonna die: it doesnt matter what u take with u, it matters what u leave behind!!

    im 13 years old and a vegan.

    if i can do it anyone can.

    also…milk givs u anemia.

    it has so many growth hormones as well as meat and isnt natural

  46. han says

    i think some of these people are geting a bit carried awey with their views but i think people should still eat meat but remember that we all live once and whilst you are anjoying the meat people should think about the animals life and how it was treated as meat whilst it was alive we all have souls and deserve some respect no matter what form we take

  47. ckseminole says

    I have never been a big meat eater,but I notice abig difference when I eat red meat compared to say fish. Why does red meat make me feel sluggish? My son says he has noticed the same thing.I wont touch it anymore.

  48. says


    It is a fact that meat stays in our systems about 4x longer than veggies. it takes that much more energy to break down and assimilate nutrients and expel waste from meat. On top of that, many by-products and chemicals that come along with meat account for more confusion with digestion. And on top of that… if the meat is improperly combined with starches or sugars, it will again confuse the digestive acids. Our bodies simply don’t recognize it as food. Most of the time we feel sluggish it is due to problems with digestion. All of our health begins in the gut.

    if your son must have meat occasionally — Try digestive enzymes (I like enzymedica brand), cultured veggies (like cultured salsa, kimchee or raw saurkraut) with your meat. Also try eating meat with vegetables instead of bread and see if you See a difference. if meat is only 20% of your plate, you should have a much easier time digesting it. I would even recommend eating meat in the afternoon rather than at night, that way you have more waking hours to digest.

    Please let me know if any of this helps.

    PS Some blood types, mainly A, have an easier time digesting fish. My parents and myself are Type A’s. we cannot handle beef at all. it has always been a problem for us.

  49. Paul Keane says

    Thank you for the reply.I would rather find an alternative to red meat but I have to say I dont care for beans or alot of what I see in the vegan diet.Any better alternatives?

  50. Gina says

    quinoa is a grain with awesome protein. soak the grain before cooking or soak and sprout and eat sprouts. blue green algea as a supplement has great protein. a good balance of nuts, seeds, greens, grains and vegetables (mostly vegetables) will keep u really healthy. you do not need animal protein. However, you may also want to try cage free organic egg yolk lightly cooked with veggies.

  51. says

    After watching that YouTube video posted by Dave several months ago, of the animal torture — or, better said, downright disregard for Life by those “people” — I have to admit, I might not be able to look at a steak again, or my favorite: McDonald’s $1 double cheeseburgers. That video is heartbreaking and disgusting, to say the least. I wanted to adopt that one pig and that cow hanging up. Poor guys.

    I have some wonderings now:
    1. It makes some sense to me, as the human race has long treated fellow humans in much the same way, and we all know, or should, that that’s not right. It seems as if this behavior toward animals is simply accepted, like slave-trading was accepted 200 years ago. Hmmm…

    2. Do animals have dreams and desires, like the song suggests? Do they just want to “live their lives?” Is this documented somewhere, or is it a result of us projecting our own desires onto other beings? (Which happens a lot, you know. Just check out the human divorce rate…)

    3. Is there any win-win solution? Does “humanely killing” animals solve the problem? Is this mainly an emotional issue, versus a pure vegan/meat-eating issue? Either way, if people eat meat, then animals have to die. So what’s the vegetarian group’s suggestion for a solution? Nobody eats meat?

    4. Personally, I have to kill mosquitos. They bug the tar out of me. Is that cruelty? And I don’t kill them humanely, either, when they’re sucking my blood. FUCK them. But, more seriously, where’s the line there, from a vegetarian’s perspective? At what point can a creature be killed, and when can it not?

    5. If other animals eat other animals, then is it truly a moral problem for us to do so? Does a grizzly bear think about morality when he catches a fish in his mouth, when that fish just swam upstream back to his home, for like 6 months, and lost all his skin??? Then again, I also think nature follows the energy of the human race, which as I stated earlier, hasn’t exactly been vibrating on Love’s wavelength much, over the centuries. Perhaps mankind’s further evolution will affect the way other animals interact with each other, although that may be a little deep for some folks here.

    Just questions — as this is a very interesting topic. I’d like to know the real truth here, one that “makes sense” down deep, ya’ know.

    I, for one, have never gotten sick from meat or milk, and I’m also in good athletic shape. I don’t know of anyone who’s ever gotten sick from those things. I eat and drink what I want, so I can’t really relate to the idea that milk is poisonous or meat is a slow, silent killer.

    But the thought-pattern intrigues me. There is definitely a destination for this wavelength, I’m wondering where it’s going.

    Finally, I wonder how well Vegetarians treat fellow human beings??? Do they “slaughter” co-workers, or acquaintances, with judgments and derogatory gossip? Do they “poison” people with words of discouragement? Or are vegetarians all like Dave and Gina, who embody genuine love?

  52. says

    Hi Eric,

    Once again great to read your words. I don’t think there’s one “vegetarian” perspective. I think people choose to eat the way they eat, support what they support etc. for many reasons. I respect life on a very deep level, but for me, the choice to not eat meat really stems from health reasons. I admit that as time has passed, it becomes harder to look at the butcher’s counter or all of those lobster in the tank at Whole Foods. Many people. my husband included, eat meat and say that it has no effect on them. I beg to differ. As my body healed (and continues to heal) my mind and heart are more open. My husband and I did our first detox together about 6 years ago. That had a major affect on the carnivore in him. afterwards, he craved green things :) So, it seems to me that build-up from an unhealthy diet can lead to silent symptoms like stress,etc. things that many of us think are just normal. Until we get rid of the crap and our eyes are opened even more. have you ever done a detox? I wonder what it would do to your perspective.

    I’m just one of those people who feels that everything is connected. So I am mindful of the decisions I make. I would fight for humane slaughter because I know that there are people out there who want to eat meat, and many do not realize what goes on in these slaughter houses. I know people like my parents and grandparents have no idea about slaughter.

    I just think its important as humans to do the best we can. If meat makes you happy – eat it. but know that every choice affects someone or something else, so make conscious choices. be respectful and loving to yourself and your neighbor.

  53. jean pierre giuglaris says

    I want to further gina Laverde reaction and can only applause to her consciousness of actions. We should all be concerned that any thing we say think or do is fraught with a reaction somewhere around us; this is one of the main reason why I turned vegetarian some 17 years ago : to stop animal suffering at my end, and to respect life wherever it is.

  54. Phillippa Silverlock says

    I think that people should just live and let live. I’m vegetarian but none of my family are but they have been really supportive and let me get on with it-my practically carnivore father has even complimented me on some of my vegetarian food! I think its pretty awful to label all meat eaters as slaughtering, animal abusing fiends-how would you react if someone refered to all vegetarians as pious, hippy prats? Yeah sure they eat meat, but the people I know that eat meat are concerned about how the meat and diary products they eat are produced and buy local free range products. You can’t convince everyone to give up meat but you can make them buy more ethically.

  55. says


    Yes… for sure, I completely suppport purchasing meat (raising livestock) in a more ethical humane way. A vegetarian diet may not work for everyone. But evereyone deserves the healthiest foods possible. Lets feed the animals what they thrive on, let them graze and live and, should they be slaugtered — let it be in the most humane ways possible. One prob that I have is that thee unknowing consumer is purchasing discount beef at some chain discount store…. beef that was raised with hormones and antibiotics and fed horribly etc. these facts will affect the consumer’s health in the long run. But also, I feel many people would oppose such treatment of animals if they knew the whole story. So we must continue to educate each other, educate consumers, and place higher standards on what we eat and what we buy.
    for me this includes most items you find in the average grocery store, not just meat products.
    Thanks for sharing! Keep talking!


  56. ecocub says

    Hi everyone,
    I am vegetarian for ecological reasons mainly and feel its good for us to cause the least amount of harm we as people possibly can on our planet. I think of the children of today and tomorrow aswell as the starving. I don’t place my values on others but invite others to eat less meat/have veggie days to lessen their impact on the planet.
    love and peace

  57. Rizgoth says

    Back in college I gained an enormous amount of weight. I didn’t lose it when I left college. I gained so much weight that at age 32 I was 360 pounds. I was eating a diet that was not correct for myself. I switched to a diet of only meat. I started with beef, and ended up only eating pork. I am now 180 lbs and in great health at age 35. I will never stop eating meat, because it is what helped me finally to get in shape.

    If you wish to be a veggie, you go right ahead, I have nothing against it, but to talk crap about meat the way these diet terrorist websites do is pathetic. :)

    Oh, and another thing, ever since I started eating only meat, I have never had the urge to eat sugar of any kind.


  58. Phillippa Silverlock says

    In response to foxies comment about how its ok to force vegetarianism down someones throat who doesnt belive in it because it’s a healthier or better way to live, do you feel the same way when someone tries to force a religion that’s not your own? It’s vegetarians that preach that give the rest of us a hard time. As soon as someone realises my lifestyle choice they get all defensive on me-no one wants to be given a lecture!

  59. Justine says

    Linda- about the scabs and puss- you do know milk is purified so fat and foreign materials are removed, right? -_-

  60. Justine says

    oh! btw… VEGGIES!!!!!!!! i’ve been a vegitarian since i was 2. i never had a taste for meat. plus, i think it’s kinda gross to eat meat. it’s like biting the arm or leg of your best friend! eww!

  61. Justine says

    hey, did you know that there’s a gene in our bodies that suggests we were once cannibals? creepy!

  62. meat_man says

    bunch of eco faggots, meat is brilliant, if i could id kill vegetarians and eat them to…fuckwits :)

  63. aaron younger says

    So what is the big deal about eating meat that may have feces on/in it? I eat feces all of the time. I have paid several beautiful Women to keep me in meal after meal of their excrement and i love it.

  64. Jasper Abraxxis says

    Lol, I remember these arguments well. I guess, being a ‘reformed’ vegetarian, now pretty much carnivore gives me a rare insight into both points of view.

    I am 33 years old, weigh 118 kgs and have less than 7% body fat. I work out for 2 hours every day (except Sunday :)) and have been doing this for about 6 years now. I get a regular check up every 6 months, never get sick, have a healthy cholesterol level and great energy levels.

    Until about 5 years ago I was a vegetarian.

    I weighed 83 kgs (I am 6’0″ tall), was scrawny, flabby ALWAYS sick, pale and never had any energy. I thought doing some regular exercise and bulking up a bit might help my health, so I started doing regular exercise.

    This was a mistake. My veg-only diet was not really compatible with ‘manly’ pusuits, and doing regular exercise only made me more excessively tired and sick.

    After a while I began to feel I might have something wrong with me so I visted a doctor. The first thing he said was to start eating meat and stop being one of those ridiculous vegetarians. He instructed me that humans were never meant to live off vegetable alone and that I was exposing myself to severe health risks by depriving my body of required nutrients. At first I was quite offended by this, but after easing myself into it, I found a new love of meat. It tasted far better than I remembered it ever tasting, I started to feel GOOD, had more energy and even started to put on muscle.

    I have never looked back. I originally became a vegetarian (well more a vegan actually) for ethical reasons, but now I frankly could not give a stuff about animals. As far as I am concerned, I will not give up my health for their benefit. Selfish – definately, but Im sorry, human beings about 200 steps up the life ladder than ANY animal.

    As for ignorant vegetarians pushing their ‘meat is unhealthy’ rubbish – most nutricianists agree that a MODERATE meat diet with regular exercise is the healthiest lifestyle. Vegetarians are by nature weak, pale and sickly, and speaking from experience, sad, angry and opiniated.

    If you are a vegetarians and you are in the same boat I was – do yourself a favour – try meat, you will never go back.

  65. Sue says

    Hi. I found this site first because of the PLU codes that let us know if something is organic or genetically modified. Someone commented about the other good information on this site, so I took another look. I’ve been a vegan (with periodic lapses for sweets) for over 8 years. I do it because I won’t support industries that profit from animal suffering, not for health reasons, although I want to be reasonably healthy to show people who know me that I’m not lanquishing away from lack of animal products in my diet.

    All I know from my own experience is that just prior to going vegan, I had gone in for a blood test. They found that my cholesterol was high (maybe not high enough to be put on prescription drugs), but that my triglycerides were twice as high as they should be. They wanted to do another blood test three months later after a 12 hour fast to rule out any liver issues. My cholesterol was down to a normal level, and my triglycerides were cut in half. The doctor was surprised enough to ask what I did. (It was more than the fast would have done.) And I told him I went vegan. If I could cut my cholesterol and triglycerides that much in 3 months, I’m sure that a change in diet would reduce the need of so many people in the USA (especially) being dependent on prescription drugs. (I work for a chain pharmacy, by the way. But I’d rather see people change their lifestyles, and reduce their dependence on drugs, than for the aging Baby Boomers to help my profit sharing.)

    If interested, <a href=”” here’s a blurb I posted last year on the topic of drugs..

    If the poster above me is serious, I get all the taste and protein I need from veg’n meat substitutes. I don’t need to go back to meat, even for great smoked or barbecue dishes.

  66. says

    High quality meats, raised properly and fed proper nutrition are best consumed in their raw forms. Heating any food above its oxidation point denatures and alters its compounds, which can and do become carcinogenic to the body.

    This is especially true for animal proteins. Given that our body’s digestive systems and abilities to assimilate nutrients from food come exclusively from digestive enzyme reactions, it is no wonder why raw meat is better. The pancreas must produce tremendous amounts of energy and enzymes to digest cooked meat. Whereas meat in its raw form contains all enzymes necessary for digestion. Raw meat digests itself.

    The enzyme debate in nutrition cannot be emphasized enough. Food in its unaltered state is much easier and safer for the body to digest. Consider that more energy is expended to digest cooked meat than can be taken from the cooked meat itself.

    Other benefits of eating raw meat over cooked is that of high quality saturated fats. Saturated fat does not cause heart disease despite popular medical opinion. Saturated fat that is heated above its oxidation point becomes an undigested waste product and carcinogenic. In its raw form though, saturated fat serves as a primary energy source for the body’s systems. It contains all of the necessary enzymes for safe digestion and delivery to cells.

    Cooked meat contains cancer causing hydrocarbons as well as other carcinogens that inhibit optimal health and can significantly damage and inflame tissues.

    If you think that eating raw meat is a fad, guess again. One of the most important books on nutrition ever written is “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A. Price, published in 1939. In it he documents his 10 year studies of indigenous, non industrialized cultures from around the world and found that the healthiest of these cultures consumed primarily raw animal foods including organ meats and very high amounts of saturated fat. Disease in these cultures were virtually non-existent. How many of these healthy cultures examined by Price were vegetarian? Not one. All of them included raw animal fats, proteins and raw dairy. Vegetarianism probably evolved from India, an extremely unhealthy and undernourished culture as a whole.

    Cooking meat is primarily attributed to unhealthy westernized cultures. The American Indians were considered “savages” by the white man for eating their meat raw. Yet their culture was also indigenous and quite healthy prior to their takeover.

    Since the earliest of times, raw meat served as the primary way in which man evolved. Today mostly everyone would benefit from the inclusion of at least some raw animal proteins. Many people cannot synthesize all of their nutrition from vegetables alone. One thing that is certain is that vegetarian protein sources are inadequate sources of 3 essential sulfur amino acids: methionine, taurine and cysteine. They exist in high concentrations in all animal proteins. These amino acids must be obtained from diet and cannot be synthesized by your body.

  67. says


    Cholesterol is vitally necessary for bodily functions. A low cholesterol level can be very damaging to the body. Some people actually require a very high cholesterol level in order to maintain health.

    The entire cholesterol scare is largely a hoax started by bogus studies published in the 1950’s. Cholesterol does not cause heart disease. The cholesterol scare helps doctors to push their statin drugs which put you at risk for a heart attack, while generating more profit for the pharmaceutical industry. Every cell of your body is made of cholesterol, which is made by your liver. The reference ranges that doctors use for standard blood tests are mostly ridiculous because they are averages taken from an unhealthy population of people.

    Depending on your specific metabolic influences cholesterol may need to be higher or lower. There really is no such thing as “good” or “bad” cholesterol. The word cholesterol has been so branded in our brains to be negative that we don’t even know what it really does. We just assume it is the villain. Do more investigation into this subject.

  68. Sue says

    Michael, since we are animals, we produce cholesterol, too.
    I’m not worried about it.

    As for eating raw meat, well, maybe there are some digestive advantages. But I think the risk of E-Coli, and other diseases related to uncooked meat, would be a disincentive.

    In answer to the question someone asked about why do vegetarians crave bacon-flavored tofu, I’ll say that I don’t like tofu. And if I miss bacon, it is only the smoked flavor that I miss. I can get that other ways.

  69. Sue says

    I just read your post more thoroughly. Sorry to be redundant. I tend to agree that statin’s are overprescribed(*), and that the medical industry benefits. I was incredulous when I heard the other day that some doctors think children as young as 8 should go on cholesterol-lowering drugs.

    * I also disagree, because people seem content to let the medical industry maintain their lifestyle-of-choice.

  70. says


    Ecoli and parasites do not thrive in a healthy gut. Bacteria will grow faster on cooked meat than raw meat. Your digestion will most likely improve when eating raw meat because of the fact the body must create hydrochloric acid, which stimulates digestion and absorption.

    Cooked meat that has been oxidized is inferior to eating raw meat. Meat in its raw form will be used almost entirely by your body. Before you make assumptions about what cholesterol is, you must wake up to the fact that we as Americans have been lied to about the truth of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is found in every substance and cell on the planet. It is the foundation of all hormones in your body.

    Cholesterol is produced in your liver, but it can become a problem when it oxidizes. Sugars and high glycemic carbohydrates pose more of a threat to inflammatory conditions than even oxidized cholesterol.

  71. Sue says

    Michael, why would you think a vegan would suddenly be convinced to eat raw meat because of your arguments?

    I doubt that many people (in this country) would consider it safe to eat raw meat. But be my guest, if that’s your thing.

    I don’t know what your agenda is..

    I won’t eat meat (or eggs or dairy) because of how the animals are kept confined, mistreated, transported in miserable conditions, and slaughtered by the billions in this country each year. I refuse to financially support those industries. It’s as simple as that.

  72. says


    I am not trying to convince anybody to do anything. By all means be a vegan. I was at one point. Raw meat is very healing for the body and I have seen how it can be used for medicinal purposes and how it can heal people.

    I agree with you that animals should not be abused or mistreated. Cattle should be grass fed and not fattened by grain or corn. And I believe that farms that abuse animals should be shut down. It is a massive industry, but I don’t support inhumane commercial farms.

    Of all the healthiest cultures that have ever lived, none were vegan, non were vegetarian. I think that speaks loudly. I suggest that you read the book “We Want to Live” by Aajonous Vonderplanitz. He is a nutritionist who turned from vegan to raw meat eater.

    I wish you well with your nutritional endeavors. Being a vegan make sure that you get adequate B-12, protein and saturated fat. The best vegan source of saturated fat is found in coconut oil. B-12 and some proteins can be found in nutritional yeast. Spirulina and chlorella contains a decent amino acid profile, but the B-12 in algaes cannot be utilized by the body.

    Raw fats are very important for maintaining adequate triglyceride levels in the blood and for keeping the intestinal walls intact. Many vegans I have seen suffer from dilapidated intestinal walls due to over consumption of fiber and under consumption of protein and fat. Even Karyn Calabrese of Karyn’s Raw Foods recommends fish oil for its DHA and EPA. The fatty acids from fish oil is easier synthesized than from flax.

    Also make sure that you avoid non fermented soy foods like tofu and soy milk. Non fermented soy is not a health food. Soy in its raw state contains very high amounts of phytic acid which will inhibit digestion of calcium, and other nutrients and minerals. Soy also contains nitrosamines and rancid fatty acids which are not healthy. However tempeh, miso and natto are are very healthy forms of fermented soy, because the harmful properties have been broken down with fermentation. Natto can be used as a natural blood thinner and can break down inflammation.

    Also I would limit grain intake, as grains are broken down into sugar in the GI tract. Grains should also be soaked prior to being cooked because of their phytic acid content and their ability to acidify the blood.

    Fat and protein are major energetic building blocks for the body. I fear that most doctors today know very little about nutrition and are really just legal drug dealers. The people that probably suffer the most from false nutritional hype are protein type metabolisms. Since doctors are recommending a low fat, high grain diet for people, many people who require large amounts of protein and fat suffer tremendously because of this sad mis-information. I have seen far more people suffer because of the over consumption of carbohydrates and sugar than from eating meat and fatty foods. For more on the subject of fats and bogus government studies check out:

  73. Sue says

    “I fear that most doctors today know very little about nutrition and are really just legal drug dealers.”

    I agree with this, not necessarily for the reasons you mentioned. But drugs seem to be what Americans are inclined to rely upon, to maintain their diseases. (That’s why I’m not sold on universal health care being the solution to America’s diet-related “epidemics”.)

    So, what do you think of alternative medicine?

  74. says

    Alternative medicine can mean a lot of things. Oddly enough I think of “alternative medicine” as western medicine since it has only been around for 100 years. Western medicine is the alternative to health systems that are ancient such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.

    I believe that nutritional supplements and vitamin supplements and herbs can be used as a safe alternative to drugs in many cases. And it is interesting to note that many drugs have their origins in herbs and plants. I think the most effective medicine though is proper nutrition. Eating wholesome organic foods is the best way to build health within the body.

    Of course environmental toxicity is an enormous concern that cannot be overlooked. Therapies that detoxify the body from accumulated environmental waste are very important. The governments of this world have allowed corporations to dump toxic waste into our air and water causing not only destruction to the eco system but also to our internal habitat. It is my opinion that individuals have the right to protect themselves from the powers that be. The fact that the American Dental Association has not banned the use of mercury containing silver amalgam dental fillings is horrific. Silver fillings contain nearly 50% mercury that is certainly a cause of mercury vapor out gassing and wreaking havoc within the body.

    The FDA is manipulated and swayed by the massive pharmaceutical drug industry, as is congress. The drug companies are working on bills that would make it illegal to sell vitamins without a prescription. It is these crimes against humanity that threatens our individual freedoms. The fact that these things happen under our noses and go relatively unnoticed is evidence that the tightly knit media cartels have no interest anymore in reporting anything of substance to the public. Its time for people to wake up.

  75. Sue says

    Michael, although I know next to nothing about the vast array of non-conventional treatments (to avoid confusion with Western Medicine being the alternative), I’m happy to say that we’re totally on the same page with our opinions of the medical industry, the FDA, etc.

  76. Brian says

    Just my thoughts…

    I have many associates who are, by choice, vegetarians. Some are vegan. I am neither, but that is neither here nor there.

    I found this to be a good article, falling into the “food for thought” category, but never would I consider it a scholarly piece, . I do not believe the author meant it as so.

    Statistics may be used to prove both sides of an argument, which is why healthy debate forms such a strong part of true learning.

    Many areas of the world have lower incidence of heart problems and cancers due perhaps in part to a minimal consumption of meat, but many other factors must be studied. It is true that so called “western” civilization eats far too much meat per capita than the so called “developing” world. Too much of anything is bad…try eating too much Equisitum and you will find out where I am going with this.

    It would be interesting to see what the incidence of bowel cancer is among tribes such as the Masai, who regularly drink cow blood mixed with cow milk for their needed proteins…such an obviously carnivorous meal should be killing them off like flies…

    An article I would like to see is one where both sides of the (sometimes heated) vegan/omnivore argument are presented with proper citations, sans hyperbole.

    Again, not trying to cast oil on flames just airing my views, which I believe is what the author was doing with this article.

    An interesting historical note would be to say that the most destructive and antagonistic armies in history usually fought on rice, grains, vinegar, and little meat.

  77. Sue says

    I’m no health expert, but dug out two things I remembered about Dr. McDougall’s observations from years ago. (Under “Poverty and Long Life”, about 3 “page downs”)

    But again, I’m not a vegan for my health. I just want to be healthy enough to demonstrate that animal products are not necessary in one’s diet. Mainly, I simply do not want to financially support, or add to the consumer demand that perpetuates, a powerful and exploitive industry that causes so much suffering for so many billions of animals each year.

  78. subhash hathwar says

    even after reading all these one can’t continue with non-veg.even if he continues he is for sure not human but demon.@ meat eaters,why taste only animals’ meat, try man’s meat too….. why don’t u try your kins’ meat??

  79. Sanjay Mehta says

    A major religion of India, Hinduism always teach people to avoid to consume meat as it is considered a sin in it (Hinduism). I think the thinkers of Hinduism of yester years knew the side effects of meat and they had followed the simplest way to use religion to keep away people from eating meat. New researches also have disclosed that consuming meat is harmful for health in different ways. Now people are able to recognise the words said in Hinduism against meat.

  80. amanda says

    what a great discussion, much better than the ones on youtube in response to animal cruelty videos. You people have intelligent informed opinions it’s very interesting to read. I love being vegetarian!

  81. suzanne says

    To say that eating meat is bad for you (or “everyone”) is just too simplistic. For one thing, some people’s bodies just do better with a bit of meat in their diet. What may be good for a vegan or vegetarian, may not suit an omnivore. Our earliest societies existed on mainly animal products and–lo and behold–here we are! And the sanctimonious argument that you are better than others because you don’t eat meat says more about you than other people. (Speaking of Nazi attitudes, wasn’t Hitler a vegetarian?) And then there’s the I-don’t-eat-anything-with-a-face declaration. To these folks, I would ask: And how did the studies in the 1970s proving that plants have feelings, too, affect your superior outlook on choosing not to eat meat?

    What about the effects that white sugar & white flour have in our diets that may be effecting how we process animal products? For example, in the late 90s, I thought I had developed an allergy to dairy. Yet I later discovered that when I cut out wheat products altogether, I had no trouble with dairy whatsoever!

    Another thought: Both the MacDougall diet (very low fat, whole grain vegan) and Atkins (mostly meats, natural fats, & plenty of fresh, low carb veggies) can show that their constituents enjoy lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, despite the fact that these eating plans are polar opposites–save for the fact that they both call for the elimination of all refined foods. Any discussion (or responsible, intelligent study) concerning the effect of meat on one’s diet must also include consideration of one’s intake of refined foods!

    The worst thing about eating meat–and this is no small concern–is the fact that the vast majority of us eat meat that has been processed (& plied with hormones & antibiotics due to adverse conditions) in places where animals are mistreated and live terrible lives. When young calves are raised on milk alone (for veal production) and live their short lives in cramped conditions, with diarrhea their entire lives, this says nothing good about us as a society.

    At the end of the day, we can all agree, that on this planet, everything living thing eventually dies (and often by being consumed by another creature!…Welcome to Earth.). Perhaps it is the QUALITY of life that we promote for ourselves and all other living things that is important–and not the inevitable fact of death.

  82. says

    I think that we all should not eat meat..why can’t we harvest off the animals instead? We would require very little if we all ate organic, farm eggs raw, raw milk, raw gee, we would not have to consume very much. My two girls and I eat raw..have been for about 2 years. We eat raw eggs everyday, raw coconut oil(saturated fat), we sprout our own grains and then eat them in a raw salad..We do not even own a stove, only a hot plate (by choice). We make raw deserts which are so very very tasty, our chocolate is in the raw, unferment beans and crushed beans..We are so healthy. For 30 years I have worn glasses, I no longer need them. I am reversing in age looking…I love eating raw and would not eat any more meat..we don’t need it..The saying goes in India, ” If you want to get to know what certain people are like, see how they treat their animals”.. They don’t eat meat! Also, we don’t look like concentration camp people..we get alot of protein from raw eggs, raw veggies, and not least, sprouted rye, sprouted rye puts protein in your muscles…amazing….


  83. Anonamous says

    Meat doesn’t cause cancer, if you eat it in moderation. When people pig out on meat they’re the ones that get cancer not us that eat it in normal portions.

    Beat that VEGGIE HEADS!!

  84. Debi says

    Why all these ridiculously vague bible references from some posters? There is nothing in the bible to support eating meat. We’re not even sure that Christ ate fish. But for those who insist on bringing the bible into it, how about:

    Genesis l:29 Behold I have given you herb yielding seed. To you it shall be for meat.


    Isaiah: He that slayeth an ox is as he that killeth a human.

    There are 40 or 50 more examples. Google it, if you don’t believe me. Then learn your bible before you start thumping it at those you disagree with.

    Eating meat is wrong, period. It’s murder. Factory farming has no resemblence to the “good stewardship of the earth” that God entrusted to us.