Natural Antibiotics that Fight Infection

Natural Antibiotics

Many of us no longer want to jump on the antibiotic bandwagon each time we get a sore throat or infection. These apprehensions are well-founded considering the more recent occurrences of Candida and fungal infections that are thought to be caused by antibiotics, and the fact that diseases seem to be getting smarter each day. When bad bacteria are surviving through multiple Penicillin prescriptions, we’ve got to look elsewhere for answers . That’s where natural remedies and natural antibiotics come into play. Here’s a natural guide to natural antibiotics.

Prescription Antibiotics Have Their Place

Your medical doctor may have good reason for prescribing a round of antibiotics. They are meant to kill off all bacteria. So, when taken for a bad infection – they should rid your body of the illness.

However, misuse and overuse of meds causes our bodies to have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. This means that we lose our natural ability to fight disease. By not allowing ourselves sufficient healing time after an infection, our immunity becomes weaker. Unfortunately, in traditional medicine, this usually leads to an increase of antibiotic prescriptions.

If you recognize the maddening cycle of poor health that can be caused by overuse of antibiotics, consider these natural remedies:

Think of Food as Natural Alternative Medicine

Food can heal or harm — depending on the amount used, form it is taken in and what it is combined with. Some major problems with natural remedies are that most people have no idea as to the amounts they need to take for a cure; they expect instant results, or they only put half efforts into healing.

The Wonders of Garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. However, you need to consume lots of it in order to realize its benefits. You can hold raw garlic under your tongue or drink its juice for a more effective way of assimilating the healing properties. Cooking with garlic does help maintain health – however, the herb loses potency when cooked. You may be better off purchasing garlic pills, which contain only active ingredients, when you are ill.

Read The Labels

It is important that supplements are pure. Added preservatives add to your pain, by making it harder for your body to recognize the medicinal qualities. Unlike drugs, garlic’s antibacterial/antifungal properties only kill off bad organisms – leaving your body more capable of naturally eliminating bad bacteria. You can use garlic on a daily basis to help prevent illness and may need more when you are sick. In the case of serious infections, you may need to combine garlic with prescriptions or other natural remedies. Overdose is unlikely because the body will generally take what it needs and get rid of the rest. However, as with any medicine, overdose is possible.

When using garlic as an alternative method, expect to sweat and possibly get teary eyes or a runny nose. If over-used, you can experience serious skin problems and eye pain.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver, a tasteless liquid, can be taken in place of an antibiotic and is especially helpful for upper respiratory ailments. Dosage is key. If you want to take this instead of an antibiotic, you need to begin at the onset of an illness and take the max dosage without skipping a dose. Colloidal Silver will kill both good and bad bacterium — which means you need to keep adding disease fighting good bacteria to your diet.

Many people have great results using CS routinely. However, in extreme cases, over-use can cause the skin to turn grey. CS is made from pure silver and was used in the U.S. to effectively fight bacterial infections until the late 1940’s. You can get a good bottle for about $25 at a health food store, and you should be able to get info on the best brands from store managers or your holistic health practitioner.

Remember: product impurities may cause adverse side effects.

Other Natural Alternatives

Cooking Materials?

Lemon, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cumin, Cayenne Pepper and Onions are all cleansing and purifying foods that will help detox most illnesses. You can cook with them and eat them as much as you want.

What about Echinacea?

Echinacea is a flower/herbal immune booster. For starters, try it in the form of a tea. Stay clear of teas that include citric acid, which may inhibit the medicinal properties.

Patience Heals

For the most part, natural remedies seem to take longer to cure you than prescription drugs. This is because prescriptions also tend to hide symptoms. Our bodies ALWAYS need TIME to heal. When taking antibiotics, it is possible for your pain to disappear while your infection is thriving. In a worst case scenario, your infection can morph and bury itself deep within you.

Natural medicine allows infection to leave your body quicker – which means that you may feel sicker longer. Detoxing bad infections is very painful. Allow yourself plenty of rest and proper hydration while healing.

The Best of Both Worlds

Most of us choose to combine modern medicine with home remedies. You can detox and further heal your body after a round of antibiotics by adding probiotics and going on an alkaline diet. Of course, doubling up on the garlic and healing herbs is a great help during this period.


Gina LaverdeGina Laverde is a Chicago-based writer and researcher whose expertise in natural health stems from her experiences with Body Ecology Diet, Blood Type Diet and homeopathic remedies. Gina believes that we’re in the midst of a serious world health crisis, and that the key to survival lies within our guts.


    • kim says

      What is the best natural antibiotic for an abcessed tooth? I’ve been taking ibuprofen and hot-packing it with teabags, the pain went away but my cheek is all swollen so I know there is still an infection in there…

      • Jose Amormino says

        Raw garlic in a cup of warm vegetable soujp has helped me in the past few days. Also, raw honey in a cup of herb tea.
        Coloidal silver, golden seal powder.
        I stopped taking ibupropen as it gave me a headace.
        Also, as antiinflammatories I’d try, kava kave root, turmeric.
        Today, someone toldme to try coconut oil in the moth as an antiseptic.

      • Stacie says

        I had an abcessed tooth recently and what helps me is garlic supplements. Several times a day. Also if you are in pain with it try putting clove oil on a cotton ball and packing against the tooth or the abcess. You do not need alot, it is very strong and too much can cause a burning sensation. I also recommend gargling with salt water. i also gargle with hydrogen peroxide. Most people recommend diluting it with water, but I generally dont. Also a splash of Organic apple cider vinegar in water will help boost immunity and has many other benefits as well. With any infection I also high dose on Vit C and take a zinc supplement. I hope this helps!

  1. says

    The information on garlic is very, very true. I’ve used garlic (raw, diced and swallowed) even after an infection has begun. And it works very quickly to help alkalize the body which will allow it to ward off the infection very quickly if one does not eat, but drinks only liquids for one day or more.

    I also believe that it purifies the blood. Too much however is nonproductive, so in moderate doses, I highly recommend it as an antibiotic. I’ve had raw cloves juiced, which some may prefer, but I personally like to cube and swallow rather than drink the juice.

  2. Personal Trainer says

    Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food said the father of modern medicine Hippocrates.

    This is so true and the world is so vast with so many plants it will be difficult. Especially with drug companies making so much money on marginally effective treatments for many health problems.

    Do they really want to find cures and natural remedies that are proven to work?

    This is promising and a cool article.

  3. Kristin says

    Oil of Oregano, helped me combat a staph infection I have been fighting for the past six months. I used 4 drops under my tongue 2x a day, along with 2 oregano capsules 2x a day. It cleared up the infection without the nasty antibiotic side effects.

  4. says

    Oil of oregeno!! Ah yes!!! that stuff is so potent I couldn’t even get my homeopath to advice it. I tried it about 6 months ago and it worked wonders. its very potent. in order to give it to my son, I put it on my palms and simply held my pals over his.. not even touching — and it worked.

    • Amy says

      Sorry, but that’s called a confirmation bias, as in he recovered and you are choosing to attribute his recovery to this oil you held NEAR him. He got better for whatever reason (body overcame infection, other meds worked etc) but he did not get better because you held oil near him- thats just ridiculous.

      • Cohen says

        Do you really think you’re doing the world even the slightest bit of good by attacking this person’s account? If you weren’t so closed minded you’d know that the healing power of energy and energy manipulation is incredibly strong. Obviously western medicine ignores and discredits this, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible

      • au natural mom says

        @ Amy… If you don’t believe natural remedies can work, then why are on this page??

        Don’t bash this mother for choosing Not to further stricken her chid’s body with pharmaceutical meds- There are some moms out there, like myself, who are willing to do the research to give the very best option to their child…

        It KILLS me when nay-sayers have to be So Skeptical when it comes to All Natural Alternatives but will watch an infomercial about a pill that can cause 1lightheadedness 2diarrhea 3 liver problems… but will take that no problem..Au Natural4me!

        • James says

          @ ‘Aunatural mom’. People come to sites like this because they are in need of help. Placibos and faith healing not only don’t help, but they can and do make matters worse.
          If the person providing the information is so insecure that they can’t handle being questioned, then they probably are full of it to begin with.

        • Huh? says

          How did she attack homeopathic remedies? That’s a significant jump and false attribution based on your own bias, not hers.

          All she said was holding the oil NEAR him but not actually using it was not the cause of any recovery. It absolutely is confirmation bias.

          Are you trying to talk about natural remedies here? Because if so, they actually have to be applied to work. The comment about holding the oil near her son is beyond homeopathy and into the real of the pseudo-spiritual / energy working.

  5. nikki says

    hi- i find sambucol to be really good for boosting the immune system, it literally disarms the virus. i have a question, i have just got over a bad case of toncilitis (which am really prone to) with the help of anti-biotics, but am looking for an alternative that will really work?

    • Joe says

      You people are half nuts…and obviously know NOTHING of biology…a VIRUS and a Bacterial infection are two distinctly different things…and if even one of these killed a virus, you’d be a zillionare, not a millionare, not a billionare,not a trillionare but a damn ZILLIONARE…your nuts.

      • Cohen says

        The point isn’t that it kills the virus, the point is that some of these substances strengthen the immune system, which then fights it off. You sir, are a dumbass

      • Jacki says

        First of all, no-one is claiming any of these things “kill” anything. Quite the opposite. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about biology knows the body can fight infection & viruses given the right circumstances. These foods help provide the right circumstances, they don’t “kill” anything – the body does what it needs to do to combat the problem. It’s not rocket science and it’s not even new. Its the basis of medicine including modern Western treatments.. And no no-one would be ‘zillionaires’ in any case, because there’s nothing to sell. LMAO Other than at your local grocery store. THAT’S why pharmaceutical companies like to take basic stuff like this and turn it into “pills” and “drugs” that they can then sell for megabucks. Do a little thinking & research before making insulting comments otherwise you end up looking like a bit of an idiot. Cheers. :)

      • Darlene says

        Joe, WRONG !! its natural so it can not be patented , pharma wants nothing to do with it because it will not make them money.

      • Rita says

        You’re the one that is half nuts. You no knowledge of the built in intelligence of the body. Especially given the right environment such as through the right foods and natural remedies for healing to take place. There are so many things that have been cured through natural medicine where western medicine fails because they focus on covering up or cutting out…they focus on parts and not the system as a whole and it is a whole system. YOU obviously know nothing of biology nor do you know that natural cures are not accepted by the FDA or pharmaceutical companies because they will not benefit from healthy people nor any inexpensive natural cures. It is a threat to them and so they will brainwash people like you to think its impossible and dangerous. Get off this page idiot.

      • James says

        Joe – You need an economics lesson. Things that are abundant are not profitable. If someone discovered that eating grass cured cancer no one would become rich from it. In fact, this is the very reason why we are lied to about health. You also need a spelling lesson.

    • Linda says

      Whenever I feel a sore throat coming on I gargle for about 5 minutes with warm salt water, 2 drops of teatree oil and 2 drops of oregano oil. It is gone by the next morning.

    • kat says

      i went to the ER with pressure my abdomen, chills fever nausea, lightheadness, It went on and on for months, if I was working I would of lost my job, because it was like having the flu every other day,. The test began , Barium swallow with follow through, cat scan, endoscopy ultrasound, colonscopy, std check blood check lymes disease check, fructose malabsorption test, anemia, ALCAT pregency check, another CT scan,.parasite check, I was sure I was on my out of this world. Well 11 month later multiple organism found in the urine oh I have an that time my left kidney had a dull ache let me guess the infection had gone into my left kidney, What did I have I was diagnosed with SIBO and bladder infection my liver was slighty inflamed. The problem with ER Dr is that they could not comprehend how I lasted so long,…it is because s everyday all day I would take natural antibiotics to make it through in fact every meal every drink everything evolved around trying to kill what was making me sooo sick, Sea salt and lemon juice was amazing I ate 500 calories a day because I felt pressure in my abdomen if I ate too much it was killer it was like a major bloating feeling. I drank tons of water high doses of vitamin C and natural cranberry juice no sugar . plus I’m a vegetarian . This is what I think dumb founded the dr because they are used to seeing people that have bad diet, my diet is tons of natural medicinal types of food and they could not figure out what was going on so they offered anti depressants to take the edge off!!!!! But finally they
      test showed bladder/ kidney infection and guess what the dr broke down and actually gave me antibiotics at that point it had been ELEVEN months of absolute hell.Before that my dr gave me cipro but it gave me tendonitis inflammation.
      SO GET DIAGNOSED A PARASITE IS DIFFERENT THEN A VIRUS IS DIFFERENT THEN A BACTERIA IS DIFFERENT THAT AN ALLERGY the problem is that it takes soooooooooo long and that old fashion tube of blood at the lab for every single test is absolutely insane,. There has to be a better easier cheaper way and whoever invents it will be a trillionaire! I think on tube of blood for every test and they run againist a a 1000’s of things all in a computer program if your dr does not have it going on leave him and find one that does my dr thought I had stomach acid and flora issue, So I found smarter critical thinking dr and it paid off.

  6. says

    To conquer tonsilitis, look for the underlying cause. I.e., why do you have constant drainage into the throat? Allergies? Asthma? Colds? Solve those and you solve the tonsilitis problem. With me it was allergies. I find 2 Oregano Oil capsules a day work better than Rx allergy meds and don’t raise my BP either! You can also try raw, local honey to get your body used to local pollens if that’s what you are allergic to. Good luck!

  7. says

    Hi, My husband has will not go to a doctor. For over a year at various times he will sneeze on and off for an hour or two. He coughs and his nose will run constantly. I’ve tried giving him garlic, echinacea/goldenseal, even benadryl, claritin, zertex, Nothing seems to help. It will get better for a few days then start in again. If it is an allergy we can’t figure out what. His check hurts from all the coughing. Any suggestions. Nancy

    • Rav says


      Your husband need to see a doctor right away. It sounds like your husband has Brocaitis. If you stay longer it can become very dangerous. See a doctor immediately. Broncoitis go down and then come back up, the reason why your husband feels better for few days and then back to being sick again. Go see a specialist right away please. There is no time to heal it with natural cures, it sounds like it has already gone bad, the reason why he needs to see a doctor.

  8. says

    Have you tried Oil of Oregano? It is a natural antihistimine AND antibiotic. I have lots of different allergies, would have breakthrough symptoms when taking 2 different allergy medicines, but I don’t need them anymore with the Oregano Oil capsules. Don’t get the liquid though, it tastes nasty. All you need is one capsule, two x a day with meals. It also helps with colds.

  9. gina says

    Oil of oregano is VERY strong and beneficial. For allergy related illness I also like olive leaf extract. Look at east park research they sell something called de-lenolate which is pure olive leaf extract. this is antiviral, fungal, and bacterial. but it does not kill good bacteria. I have used it for allergic reactions recently (allergic to Christmas tree) and got IMMEDIATE results. so u can also use it in place of something like Benedrryl… although I do not know if they market it that way. Hope this helps!


  10. says

    Thanks for the information concerning natural antibiotics. I would like to pass on a tip about a natural antivirul and its usage for herpes. Personal experience, unfortunately, has taught me that the outbreaks can be short and very infrequent when drinking lemon-grass tea. I went from maybe 3 or 4 episodes a year to maybe 1 by drinking one cup a day. Look at the ingredients and make sure Lemon grass is near the top of the is sorted by highest quanity first.

  11. Doug says

    I had a urinary tract infection and took major amounts of ginger root (juiced) and it seemed to kick the infection but if I had gotten a prescription i would have had to take it for 10 days. Do I need to match this lengh of time when using natural cures?

  12. NorthernTracey says

    MMS will kill all known pathogens, germs, virus’s, fungi, parasites in the body. It even cures malaria!!

    • James says

      another solution to finndig honey is looking for your neighborhood beekeepers! Duh! I can name you five people I mutually know who are beekeepers. ask your family, friends, coworkers where they get their honey and I bet you at least one of them will give you the phone number/address of their beekeeper. beekeepers harvest honey from their precious bees. it’s the best way to get your honey!

  13. Dennis Elston says

    At the first symptom of a Cold, i get sevral cups of “Steaming Hot Fluid”, anything, be it coffee, tea, or plain water; To (Sip) in sipping we draw the Steam into the lungs &(Hydrates them), an EMT/Nurse, said to add a touch of Vinegar: which changes the Ph in the Throat

    Together Heat:Kills germs, Ph change makes it non-condusive for germs to grow, +suppose a healthy immune system helps.

    Has to be done ASAP, harder to fight an infection that reaches the Lungs. If you do drink lots of water, Do add a Pinch of Salt, to keep an balance in the Body between hydration/dehydration.

  14. says

    I’d also like to add that Honey is considered a strong natural antibiotic. It can be used to treat burns (providing antibacterial protection, and helping the skin retain moisture), as well as cuts and open wounds.
    A small amount of lemon juice with a pinch of salt also works great for a sore throat. Its amazing how many natural antibiotics there are around us that we simply don’t use.

  15. jibril says

    black seed oil is also great when it comes to fighting infections,i have an infection that im dealing w and the docs cant see anything wrong,lower back pain and urinate alot. took balck seed and vitamin c. slowed down the process. i think it takes it time to heal. but i think its working from the two weeks ive been doing this. black seed is a really great choice.

  16. Maria Pollari says

    Jibril – have you had your kidneys checked? Lower back pain and frequent urination sounds like a kidney infection to me, and that can be serious. In any case, good luck with your symptoms and take care!

  17. says

    This is a great article. I just wanted to mention that colloidal silver can be toxic and some people are allergic to it. A better choice is ionic zinc. It has all the same benefits but is much safer to use.

  18. MRSA Infection says

    Fortunately, we have access to many natural antibiotics like the ones mentioned above. And, many do not suppress your immune system like antibiotics do. It’s important to note that many superbug infections going around like MRSA, VRE, etc need a very proactive approach, and you should be watched over by a physician or preferably an Naturopathic Doctor (ND).

    There are a few formulations for medicinal strength herbal products I’ve found when I researched for my latest book “MRSA Secrets Revealed”. It covers all natural approaches to MRSA Treatment and Staph Infection Treatment , and includes resources to medicinal strength herbs. It’s also important to determine the root cause of recurring or hard to stop infections. This guide book is the most comprehensive resource to date that helps people step-by-step stop their MRSA or Staph infection and resolve the underlying cause (where most treatment approaches fail).

    Without addressing it the underlying cause, these dangerous infections are very tough to remove in the long term.

    Michelle Moore
    Microbiologist, Author and Researcher

  19. CC says

    this is a great article all natural way to keep us strong and healthy, why not try this all natural supplement that come exactly from the plant stem cells, it not only acts as an antibiotic, but it also detoxify, heals and regenerate our cells. It’s called “Plant Stem Cells” you and even ask your local physicians abt it.

  20. Sara says

    I loved the tips. Thank you for this wonderful article. I just have one question, say you have the early signs of an STD like Gonorrhea or Siphilis, you would still recommend healing it the natural way? I have never liked taking prescribed antibiotics, I want to try something natural. If someone could please answer my question about the STD’s, I think i MIGHT have one, and I wouldn’t want it to progress any further if i do.


  21. Jalal Khan says

    Welcome to My Dear All Website Doctors and Friends

    Oil of oregano is VERY strong and beneficial. For allergy related illness I also like olive leaf extract. Look at east park research they sell something called de-lenolate which is pure olive leaf extract. this is antiviral, fungal, and bacterial. but it does not kill good bacteria.I appreciate all the help given by this web sight.Especialy
    in this day and age when medical care is so expensive and dr.s seem to just want to fill you full of chemicals.I’m sure that our brother luke (in the Brithadasha)used these
    very same principles in his practice of helping people.After all ,it is GOD who created all things ,he always gives his people what they need to live
    God Beles you

  22. says

    I’m way into natural remedies, but I still haven’t found any natural remedies for skin infections.
    I have a friend who has serious problems with skin infection due to weight loss, and excess skin.
    He has had tons of antibiotics, and because I’m into natural remedies I want to learn more to help.
    Any specific ideas for skin infections. He’s working out more in order to lose the excess skin, which
    is an obvious solution. Please help.

    • Anthony says

      Hi Kathryn- Tea Tree Oil works wonders with any type of skin infection. It has great anti-fungal properties. I’ve been using it to treat athlete’s foot for years, as well as minor rashes on myself and our children. It has a wonderful eucalyptus-peppermint scent. Both Amazon and have a great selection of Tea Tree Oil soaps, shampoos, sprays, or just plain Tea Tree Oil. Good luck!

    • Jeandie says

      Answer to Kathryn Sias: About skin infection. My husband had Psoriasis so bad he would have bleeding sores all over his body. For 10 yuears the Skin Drs. gave him the deadly drug methytrexate ( it “shuts down your immune system”) It got rid of the psoriasis, but he still has reaccuring pneumonia. I am searching desperatly for some natural antibacterial/infection fighter for him, as he has been on antibiotics for over 2 1/2 years mostly.
      I did just happen to find “dead sea salt from Isreal. It has many minerals in it and has healed his skin altogether. no more scales and red bumps and bleeding. He bathes in it every other night and uses up to 5 cups in our large tub.

  23. Rick Perry says

    Hello, I have real bad toothaches that I believe are causes by infection do to cavities and can’t afford to go see a dentist.. What would be best to help get rid of the infection and the pain I have been dealing with everyday?

    • Rich says

      Rick I used Echinacea and Goldenseal extract with two ounces of water. Gargled twice in the morning and 3 to 5 thousand milligrams of Vitamin C to reduce swelling and bad bacteria. Its four months later but hope you get this

    • Toothache dude says

      Rub some toothpaste on the sore spot slowly with your finger a few times. The floride makes more penetration that way than when used with a toothbrush and can help harden the soft spots in the tooth to reduce the sensitivity. It can clear up many tooth pains in just a few days and might let you hang on until you can get to the dentist for a repair if you have a crack.

  24. Megan says

    Hi Rick,

    Not sure if you’re still with us but oregano oil works wonders for tooth and gum infections as it’s a natural antibiotic with amazing healing properties (very strong though) I buy mine from but I’m in Australia so you may get yours somewhere else for faster shipping.

    Best of luck mate!

  25. twi says

    do not use colloidal silver it is very dangerous i have a pt whos skin is as gray as a dead person. it has several of serious side effect. just because something is Natural does not mean its safe.

  26. ann says

    hey there
    in some cases of mild skin infections st.johns wort {oil} is brilliant.
    not sure if it works as well on extreme cases.
    works wonders on minor to even more serious burns.
    I spilled a kettle of water on my legs as a kid and my parents used st.johns wort-oil as soon as possible before doc arrived. I have no visible scaring .
    It speeds up great on insect bits, small cuts and grazes.

    hope this helped.

  27. B Stag says

    Hello all, bit of a problem here..I woke up a few days ago with a swollen jaw and I’m pretty sure its a tooth problem. No money for the dentist at the moment, and I’ve tried salt water and hydrogen peroxide but the problem still persists. Any ideas? Jaw is pretty swollen and painful to the touch.

    • Jo says

      clove oil and oil of garlic, keep area warm, cold makes the pain worse, get some sensitivity toothpaste and rub on the tooth, hope this helps

  28. Carlos Alfaro says

    I was at work dealing with runny nose and sneezing. On my break went and bought a garlic head and put some of it under my tong an hour later felt much better, even better this morning. I plan to take more. just for the record.

  29. Kata says

    Colloidal silver is definitely NOT something to be mentioned lightly. In very small amounts, it’s beneficial, but as mentioned, it can turn your skin silvery-blue (the same way that an undeveloped photograph blackens when exposed to light) if you take too much. And taking in too much of most any metal is not a good idea. This one needs to come with a warning.

  30. britni says


    I am a swimming instructor and lifeguard so im in the water about ten hours every day. I regularly get swimmer’s ear, and thus im finally convinced to wear ear plugs while working. I have had swimmer’s ear enough times to know the second it starts, even if im on the job. As a future reference, what should i use as a natural antibiotic for swimmer’s ear if i am too late with the vinegar/alcohol mixture?

    • MimiLee says

      I got rid of an ear infection one time by crushing a couple cloves of garlic into a couple tablespoons of olive oil, then straining it to make garlic oil. Drop a few drops of this into your ear while lying on your side before bed. (Be careful not to get it on your pillow, and make sure you can take a shower in the morning!). This will completely get rid of the infection without antibiotics!

  31. Jen says

    Echinacea doesn’t work. They’ve done dozens of studies, and again and again they get the same answer – for preventing colds and flus or “boosting your immune system”, echinacea doesn’t work any better than a placebo. Echinacea is a scam, these companies that sell it just want your money. Do your research and don’t buy it, cos it’s nothing but a ripoff.

    • Annie says

      Echinacea is not a scam. It has never been traditionally used for colds, flu or immunity. This is a claim made by people who know nothing about herbal medicine or are misinformed. It is useful for acute infection where typically there is blood poisoning involved like in snake bites, sepsis etc. It is a stimulant and moves stagnant blood. It is also a good lymphatic stimulant; and good for extreme exhaustion. This is why it does not work that well for common colds and flu.

  32. Grapefruit seed extracts says

    We have been selling grapefruit seed extract for 12 years now! We have had a total of 5 returns due to customers not liking the taste!!! From customer feedback we understand that our product does work as advertised.

  33. Danny from Brooklyn says

    Hey all, appreciate you guys posting this information. I don’t really do much to keep myself healthy, but I’m trying to start. …actually, I guess I have to start because I’ve been having some freaky health problems lately. I have a hard pea-sized lump behind my ear, which I’ve been told is a reaction from my lymph nodes to fight off an infection…I suppose I’m cool with hearing that they’re going to work, but I know-I just know that this infection is actually my wisdom tooth…which at this point is a series of sharp pieces surrounded by tooth decay….I know that’s gross, and I’m sorry for painting such a vivid picture, but you must understand, however nasty it sounds, just imagine how wonderful it feels.

    Anyway, I don’t know whether or not I’ll go to see a doctor, because I generally don’t trust doctors and I have no medical insurance, but either way, I want to know what I can do to give my immune system an extra kick to at least start winning the battle against this infection. I did something really stupid (I tried to lance it with an exacto knife….I never said I was smart), and now….well I just want to sleep easier knowing I’m doing more good than harm.

  34. Maria Byrne says

    I keep getting cold sores. Is there anything I can do to prevent them. I take lycine but it doesn’t seem to help, any suggestions . ??

  35. says

    know what sorce you are buying your Colloidal silver from and it will not turn you blue, Oil of Oregano is wonderful and is excellent for and is one of the most powerfuland versatile oils, contains strong immune-enhancing and antioxidant properties. there are other essential oils that work excellent for the cold or respiratory area. we don’t need to run to the doctor or use prescription drugs there are other more beneficial remedies. contact me if you want to learn other options

  36. Wolfman says

    Hi all,

    I currently have an abcess, and to be honest, have overdosed to a ridiculous degree on ibuprofen due to the ever-expanding nature of the infection. Nice to know garlic will help, as I love the stuff, and I only need to calm it down for work for the next week, after that, my dentist should remove the damned tooth…

  37. Jess says


    I had a sist cut out of my forehead a yearan a half ago, an have been battling infection on an off since then. Ive been prescribed so many different antibiotics over this time an do not want to take anymore. Im willing to try anything natural if there is something you can suggest?!

  38. Janet says

    I like to give a Thank You, to all of you that extended your help in helpping me as well as all others reading these articles.

  39. Linda says

    I just want to say I have used colloidal silver for almost 20 yrs now and I use it when I need it but never have had any problems with it, if you don’t drink it like a beverage it will be fine I take about a tsp to tbsp 3 times daily when I am sick or feeling sick. Also, if you make your own colloidal silver then you have to be really careful but if you buy sovereign silver or a commercial product you should have no problem. I also use oregano oil and it is great, works really well also.

  40. BALAJI says


    I am from India, try Ayurvedic medicines which is very natural & beilives in eleiminating any infection / pain from root cause. Ayurvedic doesn’t beielive in treating symptons, but it targets rootcause provided sutiable lifestyle is followed with yoga, exercise & diet.

    Try ( In slow fire ) the following tea.
    Boiled Neem water.
    Boiled Guava Leaves water.
    Boiled Fenugreek seeds water .
    Boiled corroaineder seed water …………
    Boiled Dry Ginger water……

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